Get Messages for newsgroup temporarily displays total(?) message count



14 years ago
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14 years ago
found using 2004110105-0.9 tbird on linux fc2. if I hit Get Messages for a
newsgroup, the article count displayed in the folder pane seems incorrect.

1. created a news account to
2. subscribed to netscape.public.mozilla.test group
3. downloaded headers: selected the "download 500 headers" option
4. noted that ~440 messages were downloaded
5. selected n.p.m.test, and hit Ctrl+T (or click the Get Mail button in toolbar).

expected: the new message count in the folderpane next to the newsgroup should
either remain unchanged (no new articles) or increment a little bit (if there
are new articles).

actual results: the count jumps to 808. is that referring to the *total*
articles available, even though only ~440 were downloaded? it's a bit deceptive.

Comment 1

14 years ago
if I click an unread article, though, the message count goes back down to around
~440 (decrementing by one of course).
QA Contact: front-end
See dependency tree of meta Bug 71728. 
DUP of one of Bug 24592, Bug 34406, Bug 41457, Bug 79130, Bug 108650, Bug 202341.
Sorry but I don't know which bug is correct one to DUP.
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