Open Bug 336306 (maca11y) Opened 14 years ago Updated 8 months ago

Improve Accessibility on Mac OS X


(Core :: Disability Access APIs, defect)

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(Reporter: hwaara, Assigned: hwaara)


(Depends on 6 open bugs)


(Keywords: access)

This is a tracking bug for the major bugs that would improve accessibility on OS X.
Depends on: 157209, 182126, 301451, 328153
Assignee: aaronleventhal → hwaara
For cross-reference, bug 342989 is the meta for implementing Mac a11y.
Depends on: 499927
Depends on: 499931
Duplicate of this bug: 560136
Duplicate of this bug: 577178
Depends on: 708106
Depends on: 650366
Depends on: 551957
Depends on: 718624
No longer depends on: 718624
Depends on: 738460
Depends on: 738459
No longer depends on: 738459
No longer depends on: 738460
Depends on: 759736
Depends on: 761763
Depends on: 761574
Depends on: 835338
Depends on: 980480
Depends on: 1124681
Depends on: 1137714
No longer depends on: 1137714
Depends on: 1215858
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