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FILTERS: If Action includes adding a TAG, the filter does not work on incoming mail - must be run manually (when "allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual messages"=ON)


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I have a handful of filters (out of hundreds) for which the msgFilterRules data is (e.g.):
action="Copy to folder"
action="Mark flagged"
condition="OR (\"List-Id\",is, OR (\"List-Id\",ends with,<>)"

action="Copy to folder"
action="Mark flagged"
condition="OR (from,is, OR (from,ends with,<>)"

For all of them, the action does not occur during normal POP download.  It is necessary to go through my filter list and execute "Run Now" on these filters.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Define some filters to move messages, some to copy messages, some to add a Tag.
2. Download some mail that would trigger all the cases.
3. Observe that moves work, tags do not.  
4. I'm not sure about copy except that it fails when combined with Tag.

This has been present for about 6 weeks.
Related/Dupe of bug 369745?
Some possibly new info on this:
If I enable filter logging, some -- but not all -- of these filters fire during download.  That rather sounds like an incorrectly terminated 'if'.
FWIW, there is no log entry for setting the tag, even when it does take place.
More on this when I get a chance to clip things from the msgFilter file and from the log, one may hope for tomorrow.  Of course, until the broken build environment for Linux-trunk is fixed, my tests aren't going to look at anything new.
Re comment#1: Bug 369745 appears to be an IMAP issue, my mail is POP.  Also, it is not that the tags get lost (or not only that), the whole filter action doesn't take place.
Bug 359814 reports a similar problem for POP, which in turn may be dupe of 
bug 366503, now fixed for 2.0.  Is this bug still present with current builds (that is, later than Feb 26)?  If it's been fixed, please mark this bug as a dupe of that 366503.
Re: comment #4:
I looked over Bug #366503.  Not really the same issue.  Tag coloring is, indeed, a problem.  However this bug reports an issue in which a FILTER is not setting the tag at all -- or is otherwise simply not executing all of the filter actions.
Also, note that my installation is Linux.  Until whoever finally bites the bullet and puts out the fire that has burned "crazyhorse" to the ground, I can't tell about any trunk build newer than 2/06.
Attachment shows one filter that fails both in 2007-02-01-03-trunk (Linux) and 2007-03-23-03-trunk; but fails differently in the two cases.

In the 2007-02-01-03-trunk build, if filterlog is not enabled, the filter actions all fail. If filterlog is enabled, the tag is set as asked for -- and is correctly colored, BTW.  It appears the filter works correctly except that the AddTag action isn't logged.

In the 2007-03-23-03-trunk build, with logging enabled, the log shows one more action.  However, now AddTag is not happening.
I am experiencing the same thing with TB 2.0.  I did not experience this with
TB 1.5, but now after upgrading to 2.0, when I receive mail, it is not colored
as described by the filters.  Additionally, if I go to Tools > Run Filters on
Folder, this does nothing either, I actually have to physically open the
Message Filters and run them each from there.  This is a very frustrating bug,
as with the amount of mail I receive, the color coding that 1.5 allowed was a
godsend (I was really looking forward to 2.0's ability to use more colors than
1.5 can).  Is there any news on getting this corrected?


I am using Pop3
TB 2.0 default theme (I may end up going back to 1.5)
If you enable "allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual messages" option, see Bug 377541.
Duplicate of this bug: 379063
If you rebuild the index, it looks like the tag is applied - so we're writing the tag into the message; it's just not making it into the db for some reason...I'll investigate further.
Ever confirmed: true
Blocks: 378635
Attached patch proposed fixSplinter Review
see the comment as to what's going on...this is a relatively safe fix, I think, isolated to changing tags...

The problem is a regression as far as the user is concerned, because tags replaced labels, though it's not really a regression in the code per se...

I'd like to get this into if possible.
Assignee: mscott → bienvenu
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fixed on trunk
Closed: 13 years ago
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proposed fix

approved for, a=dveditz for release-drivers if you land today
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fixed on 1.8.1 branch
Keywords: fixed1.8.1.4
Duplicate of this bug: 377541
Duplicate of this bug: 379302
Duplicate of this bug: 380282
Sorry for lengthy summary but adding "quarantine" to summary for ease of search and future DUPing, based on DUPed bugs and comment in patch.
Summary: FILTERS: If Action includes adding a TAG, the filter does not work on incoming mail - must be run manually → FILTERS: If Action includes adding a TAG, the filter does not work on incoming mail - must be run manually (when "allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual messages"=ON)
Duplicate of this bug: 383375
Verified on version (20070608) (Mac OS X) changing verified keyword for branch
Keywords: verified1.8.1.4
I'm not sure if this bug should be reopened or not, but filter actions of "Add Star" and "Tag as xxx" are still not working on my system on incoming POP mail.  "Move to Folder" seems to work.

I'm running version (20070604) of Thunderbird, under Windows Vista.
Duplicate of this bug: 369745
I have the same or similar issue. I did not play around to test other configurations, but on my Thunderbird 3.1.6 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; de; rv: Gecko/20101027 Lightning/1.0b2 Thunderbird/3.1.6] I have filters on a GMail IMAP account to add tags and they only run when run manually. However, "Allow antivirus clients..." is DISABLED. Is this a new bug or just this one not completely fixed?
I have encountered the same problem that has been described here. 
I verified the antivirus clients option but even with it set to 'off' it still wont work.

Any help or solution to that issue?

Am running Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110414 Lightning/1.0b2 Thunderbird/3.1.10.

Thanks a lot!
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