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tracking bug for position: (absolute|fixed) && gfx scrollbars [POS]


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect, P3)






(Reporter: jrgmorrison, Assigned: jrgmorrison)



(Keywords: css2, meta)

There are a number of bugs for this combination(s). This bug is initially just 
to gather them up -- I'll either consolidate them or use this as a tracking bug.
Will set qa to jrgm.
qa -> jrgm
QA Contact: chrisd → jrgm
Eric, here's an interim list of the bugs that deal with CSS position: and 
gfx scrollbars. I'll be reviewing and possibly closing out some of these 
as (essentially) dups. 

Ian, do you know of any others of this type?
Keywords: css2
John: Not off hand. I'll bear this bug in mind.

[moved bugs to dependencies to ease tracking]
Depends on: 21476, 23806, 28505, 36812, 37699, 38609
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 38131
No longer depends on: 38609
Depends on: 22677
No longer depends on: 37699
Here's the summary of the four GFX scrollbars && CSS position:
bugs (they're not quite dups).

  bug #21476 -- {position:ABSOLUTE; overflow:SCROLL|AUTO;} && GFX
    => scrollbars don't work correctly (various problems)
  bug #28505 -- {position:FIXED; overflow:SCROLL|AUTO;} && GFX
    => scrollbars don't work correctly (various)

  bug #23806 -- {position:FIXED; overflow:SCROLL|AUTO;} && GFX
    => border styles are not applied to DIV

  bug #38131 -- The css property 'right:' is interpreted as relative to 
  the right hand edge of the window (viewport) when using GFX scrollbars, 
  but should be relative to the left hand margin of the vertical scrollbar.
bug 38131 is now duped as bug 5195
Depends on: 5195
Great. Thanks for collecting all these. This will help a lot.
Target Milestone: --- → M17
Depends on: 40494
adding 36921, currently assigned to kevin
Depends on: 39621
Depends on: 29459
Depends on: 41763
Depends on: 43635
Ugh. Adding a couple of remaining anomalies (post-Eric's recent fix) 
to the list. bug 44192, bug 44298, bug 44297
Depends on: 44192, 44297, 44298
Summary: tracking bug for position: (absolute|fixed) && gfx scrollbars → tracking bug for position: (absolute|fixed) && gfx scrollbars [POS]
Target Milestone: M17 → ---
I think bug 46257 is pertinent to this issue. It seems that the problem it
describes is only exhibited when the element to be scrolled is absolutely
should bug 45597 be on this list?
Depends on: 45597, 46257
Depends on: 63663, 128418, 154230
or bug 47960 ?
Depends on: [Abs/RelPos:top>0]
No longer depends on: [Abs/RelPos:top>0]
QA Contact: jrgmorrison → style-system
All dependencies have been fixed, so this is too.
Closed: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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