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[Windows] Widget Animation


(Core :: Widget: Win32, defect)

Windows Vista
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(Reporter: robarnold, Assigned: robarnold)


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(Keywords: polish, Whiteboard: [polish-hard][polish-interactive][polish-p1])

Many widgets animate as they change states (scrollbars, buttons, checkboxes/radio buttons, combo boxes, tree arrows, etc...). Currently, the widget code does not do any animation.

The changes will not be small, but they are important.
Flags: in-litmus?
Same is true for GTK+ widgets as well, but I am not sure if the changes are doable at all.
Depends on: 444007
this bug is eligible for bug 462080
Keywords: polish
Whiteboard: [polish-hard][polish-interactive]
Whiteboard: [polish-hard][polish-interactive] → [polish-hard][polish-interactive][polish-high-visibility]
would it be something like a new -moz-background-fade or something like that? (that would be really cool, and attractive to web developers). On a side note, smil could probably do this...
No longer blocks: vista-theme
This bug's priority relative to the set of other polish bugs is:
P1 - Polish issue that appears in the main window, or is something that the user may encounter several times a day.

hard to give this bug a UI location given that widgets are everywhere, clearly a P1 polish issue.
Whiteboard: [polish-hard][polish-interactive][polish-high-visibility] → [polish-hard][polish-interactive][polish-p1]
Summary: Widget Animation on Vista → [Windows] Widget Animation
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Blocks: 542862
No longer depends on: 542862
Duplicate of this bug: 597703
Hello? This bug is dead?
I think this bug is very important.
No longer blocks: 542862
No longer blocks: 333484
Closed: 2 years ago
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