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Create RC logo & button


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In prep for Firefox 4 RC, we'll need to update the Beta logo and button on the website and other collateral.  Mike put this together in the past
Assigning this to Lee...should be pretty simple.

Mayumi, we'll need a bit more info on the following:
- when do you need this?
- how will this be used? web only? 
- what exactly do we need? full logo? button file? (kind of depends on the answer to the above question)

Also, my suggestion is that we brand this as "RC" rather than "release candidate" on the logo. I don't think everyone will know what that means, but I think it's clear enough that this is a little different than just plain Firefox 4. It will also be a lot less visually awkward. What do you think?
Assignee: jslater → ltom
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Timing: end of next week?  
Usage: THis will be used on the website to replace the beta button and logo in the beta website and could be used in things like Facebook promos but I don't foresee any offline usage 
- I'll need guidance from you on what we need since i'm not sure what file types are needed for the web stuff.  I'm fine with "RC" since honestly I don't think that's anymore recognized than "Release Candidate"
Ok, thanks. Lee, does that give you enough to go on? To be clear, this involves updating the button on the new site, not the example one shown in comment #0.
examples of the button would be on and on
I'm semi-clear... We want a button similar to:

- is this a download button? 
- should there be any other text on it besides, "Firefox 4 RC"?
- any preference of it's size and color?
What we really want is a logo that then be applied to the button. I think it's probably as simple as taking the Firefox 4 wordmark and skillfully applying a superscript "RC" to it.

Then, use that logo for the download button & other uses that come up. To answer your questions in comment #5, it should replace the button like on and generally have that info. But, if you note on we've eliminated the file size info from the download button, and could do the same here.
Attached image Firefox RC button 01
Something like this?
Yes, but we definitely need the 4 in there!
Attached image Firefox 4 RC button
here's another button...
Logo looks good to me. Mayumi? Mike?

It's helpful seeing it on the button, but I think ultimately all we really need is the logo file...WebDev ought to be able to update the various buttons as needed based on that.
looks good to me, added Mike who wasn't cc:d on the bug
Attached file Firefox 4 RC logo
Here's the logo file:
Thanks Lee. I'm resolving this bug (can reopen if Mike has any big concerns)...PMMs, I'm assuming you guys will file the appropriate "get this on the website" bugs when the time comes?

In other words, we'll be standing by for direction on next steps.
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Hey Guys--

We really need a transparent version of this logo as a PNG.   We currently have an .ai version, but I can't convert it to PNG and keep it transparent for some reason.  Help here would be great!
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Attached image Fx4 RC png
Let me know if you need this larger in size.
Thanks Lee, we need it a bit bigger. 

That looks to be 141x29 and we need 279x70. 

Almost there!

Attached image Fx4 RC png 279x70
Here you go:

Logo looks great. Thanks!
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I'm not sure how I missed this before, but the previous title has the firefox logo in it:

I'm thinking you all want to keep that in there.
Hey guys,

The new logo needs the firefox logo in it. Here is the old one:

And here is the new one:
Resolution: FIXED → ---
stay tuned, i'll get this to you asap
Attached image Fx4_RC w/ logo 279x70
new PNG attached here:
Awesome, thanks Lee!
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For what it's worth, I just tested my changes in the context of some other work on the header. This new header has the firefox logo in the header, so we actually don't want to include it, sorry!

Here is the final version:
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