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[meta] Australis - Investigate broken tests


(Firefox :: General, defect)

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(Reporter: mconley, Assigned: Gijs)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [Australis:M8][Australis:P1][fixed-in-ux])

The UX branch has had a bunch of Australis-related landings on it, and we don't show test results for them.

Jamun gets UX merged in periodically, and we *do* have test results there - and the results aren't great. Lots of orange.

We need to fix those tests if this all has a hope of landing on mozilla-central. This is a metabug to track that work.
Whiteboard: [Australis:M4]
Depends on: 868612
Keywords: meta
No longer blocks: 770135
Whiteboard: [Australis:M4] → [Australis:M5]
Depends on: 872582
Depends on: 872578
Depends on: 872575
Depends on: 872587
Depends on: 872589
Depends on: 872730
Depends on: 873008
Depends on: 873519
Depends on: 873534
Depends on: 874051
Depends on: 874070
Depends on: 874371
Depends on: 874584
Depends on: 874601
Depends on: 874819
Bumping to M6 - we didn't get all tests passing during M5, but we're close! We'll likely get closer (if not all the way) in M6.
Whiteboard: [Australis:M5] → [Australis:M6]
Depends on: 879215
Whiteboard: [Australis:M6] → [Australis:M7]
Assignee: nobody → gijskruitbosch+bugs
Depends on: 882585
Removing the items from M7 that do not block landing on m-c.
Whiteboard: [Australis:M7] → [Australis:M?]
Depends on: 885012
Depends on: 885015
Whiteboard: [Australis:M?] → [Australis:M?][Australis:P1]
This blocks landing.
Whiteboard: [Australis:M?][Australis:P1] → [Australis:M8][Australis:P1]
Depends on: 886281
I'm going to call this. There's one test that failed as a one-off a week ago which can remain open for a bit to see if it'd reoccur, but it seems to have gone quiet again. Otherwise all the deps are FIXED/WFM. So I think this is landable as far as tests are concerned, and hence this can be closed.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: [Australis:M8][Australis:P1] → [Australis:M8][Australis:P1][fixed-in-ux]
Depends on: 897410
Depends on: 917280
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