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[Bluetooth][PTS][Meta] Bluetooth PTS monthly test (Aug. 2013)


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Gonk (Firefox OS)
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Please RD provides PICS configuration file, then QA will start to perform the PTS test. Final test result report also will be uploaded here for tracking.
Flags: needinfo?(echou)
Assignee: nobody → echou
QA Contact: hlu
Summary: [PTS][Meta] Bluetooth PTS monthly test (Aug.) → [Bluetooth][PTS][Meta] Bluetooth PTS monthly test (Aug. 2013)
Attached file PICS files for v1.1 (obsolete) —
Attach PICS files for v1.1, including HFP, HSP, OPP, and IOPT. Please help test on the latest unagi release PVT build:

*** Note for HFP there are two known failed cases mentioned in bug 905558.
Flags: needinfo?(echou)
Hi Ben,
   Thanks for your support to provide PICS file. But it fails to import the file in my PTS, it should be downward incompatibility issue. Please kindly provide PICS file for PTS v4.8.0.7.
Flags: needinfo?(btian)
Flags: needinfo?(btian)
Attached file HFP pics
Attachment #791103 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached file HSP pics
Attached file OPP pics (obsolete) —
Thanks, Ben!

Redirect to QA Hubert.
Assignee: echou → hlu
Depends on: 906717
Depends on: 906991
Depends on: 907027
Depends on: 907030
Depends on: 907032
Attached file OPP pics v2
Update OPP pics to skip some server test cases.
Attachment #791201 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Depends on: 907043
Depends on: 905558
Depends on: 907070
Depends on: 907128
Attach the test report of bluetooth monthly test.
Note that QA needs hack or other method for following HFP test cases:
  OOR - requires no bt, network ok (runaway)
  TRS - requires no network, bt ok
  PSI - requires battery change
Depends on: 907122
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cool, thanks! I think that all depending bugs are now verified to. Change it to Verified Fixed.
cool, thanks! I think that all depending bugs are now verified too. Change it to Verified Fixed.
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