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[tracking] green up Windows 10 tests on Taskcluster


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Depends on: 1326420
Depends on: 1326425
Depends on: 1326434
Depends on: 1332945
Depends on: 1352128
Depends on: 1352137
Depends on: 1352185
No longer depends on: 1352185
Depends on: 1261188
Summary: [tracking] green up win 10 tests on taskcluster → [tracking] green up Windows 10 tests on Taskcluster
Depends on: 1343580
There are several Win10 platform issues that make it hard to determine other root issues.
Once we get the black screen, small screen resolution, audio and printer issues fixed we can re-evaluate where we stand with Windows 10 test jobs on TaskCluster.

Here's my latest try push [1]

For anyone looking at this in the future:
* Here's the patch I've used to enable more Windows 10 jobs [1]
* Here's the try syntax - try: -b od -p win64 -u all -t none
* After you push to try cancel the Buildbot jobs to remove noise from your push
* Here's a blog post explaining how the process works [3]

Depends on: 1313374
Note the black screen issue is solved, and uncovered some problems - see to see how to run try pushes that take proper screenshots, while we wait for the fix to be rolled out globally (basically until some other code lands, you need to use a beta worker type).
Depends on: 1358301
No longer depends on: 1296345
Depends on: 1362070
Depends on: 1317747
Blocks: 1293783
Depends on: 1366288
Depends on: 1371588
Depends on: 1373178
Depends on: 1373551
Depends on: 1382988
No longer depends on: 1382988
Depends on: 1382988
No longer blocking tier1 windows on this (because we enabled a bunch of win8 via BBB)
No longer blocks: 1293783
Depends on: 1388356
Depends on: 1309606
Depends on: 1388483
Depends on: 1388512
Depends on: 1388715
Depends on: 1388722
Depends on: 1390858
Depends on: 1391264
No longer depends on: 1390858
Depends on: 1402068
Joel, is this tracker still useful. No remaining dependencies have been touched in the last 5 months (as far as I can tell)
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lets close this out.
Closed: 5 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 1449915
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