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[meta] APZ in QuantumRender


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This is a metabug to track the work needed to get APZ up and running in QuantumRender builds.
Alias: wr-apz
I have a patch queue that in theory pushes scroll metadata and hit testing information over to APZ. I'll split it into a separate bug but linking it here for now:
We'll need a WR update including csets 2a21b1a and 48a098f for APZ.
Depends on: 1363683
I'd like to turn this on sooner rather than later, even though I haven't fixed all the reftests yet. I've opened bugs for the remaining reftest failures and there's not that many. I'll continue working on them. Given that there's some large-ish changes coming down the pipe (not just upstream WR, but also ethan's no-layers changes) I'd like to make sure we have APZ coverage in automation and can catch regressions easily. I also think it would be worthwhile getting people using APZ in WR so we can catch problems faster.
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So the try push is green enough. But running the build locally doesn't produce great results. Loading simple pages is fine but CNN takes a long time and seems to eat my CPU. I'll need to investigate.
Turned out the issues in comment 5 were because I was running a debug build. Opt builds seem to behave much more normally.
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Bug 1339474 - Enable APZ in QuantumRender builds.
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Enable APZ in QuantumRender builds. r=jrmuizel
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