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[tracker] Simplify and clean up postgresql schema


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Our current database schema is huge and has a lot of obsolete data. The deprecation rampage removed the need for many tables, stored procedures and matviews. 

We want to audit our database to figure out exactly which elements we actually use at the moment, remove the rest, and then see if it's possible to simplify it even further.
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Update on this project--we still want to do the following things:

1. Drop ADI and all the related things from Socorro. This covers some stored procedures, a bunch of tables, and some crontabber jobs.

2. Write a new product/version/build info acquiring system that's based on Buildhub and retire ftpscraper. This will let us remove a swatch of stored procedures and tables.

3. Move whatever's left from alembic/sqlalchemy land to Django land.

At that point, the webapp owns the database and we can use Django's tools to manage it. This will let us drop a ton of code. We'll be in a much better spot going forward.
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Summary: [tracker] Simplify postgresql database schema → [tracker] Simplify and clean up postgresql schema
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We should still rewrite crontabber, but otherwise this is done. Marking as FIXED.
Closed: 4 years ago
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