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[meta] Implement WebXR "vr-complete" milestone


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This is a meta bug to track implementation of the "WebXR 1.0" API.  Please set this as a dependency for any bugs that relate to the implementation, testing, and shipping of WebXR 1.0.

The next generation Web API for VR, AR, and MR devices to supersede WebVR has been tentatively named "WebXR 1.0".  This was previously referred to as "WebVR 2.0".

New features should be added to the WebXR API; however, the existing WebVR API will continue to be supported for existing content.

The WebXR API will be first implemented behind a pref, which will be disabled by default.  Disabling or enabling this pref will not affect the functionality of the existing WebVR 1.1 API which will continue to be supported.

Until the spec has been finalized, it will remain disabled by default and breaking changes are expected to land.
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Duplicate of this bug: webvr_2.0
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The WebXR spec has reached the VR-Complete milestone.

I'll be updating this patch to match the VR-Complete spec version for landing. I'll break the patch into smaller pieces for easier landing.

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Does this include implementation on Firefox Reality for websites accessed via Oculus Quest, Go, and Rift?

(In reply to Jono Brandel from comment #4)

Does this include implementation on Firefox Reality for websites accessed via Oculus Quest, Go, and Rift?

Indeed, this implementation is shared with desktop Firefox, Firefox Reality, and mobile Firefox Reality. WebXR will be landing for all supported platforms simultaneously.

So cool! Thanks. I'll be keeping an eye out.

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The WebXR API has reached the "VR Complete" milestone. This milestone represents the first iteration of the WebXR spec that is ready for implementation and shipping in browsers. AR and some other non-core functionality will follow in additional milestones. This bug will track the implementation of this "VR Complete" milestone -- I have updated the title to reflect this.

Summary: [meta] Implement WebXR 1.0 → [meta] Implement WebXR "vr-complete" milestone
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