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[meta] Console Editor M1


(DevTools :: Console, enhancement)

71 Branch


(relnote-firefox 71+)

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relnote-firefox --- 71+


(Reporter: nchevobbe, Unassigned)


(Blocks 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: dev-doc-needed, meta)

No description provided.
Depends on: 1519312
Depends on: 1519313
Depends on: 1519314
Depends on: 1519315
Depends on: 1519104
Depends on: 1520727
Depends on: 1521452
No longer depends on: 1520727
Depends on: 1554877
Depends on: 1554857
Depends on: 1519105
Depends on: 1557632
Depends on: 1558203
Depends on: 1558248
Alias: console-multiline-editor-m1
Summary: [META] Console Editor M1 → [meta] Console Editor M1
Depends on: 1565962
Depends on: 1565963
No longer depends on: 1558203
Depends on: 1558201
Depends on: 1558198
Depends on: 1567370
Depends on: 1465149
Depends on: 1565380
Depends on: 1558417
Depends on: 1572592
No longer depends on: 1572592
Depends on: 1574629
Depends on: 1576568
Depends on: 1577074

Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: Multiline editor mode for Console is a often-requested feature and differentiator
[Affects Firefox for Android]: No
[Suggested wording]: Iterate quickly on JavaScript snippets in DevTools' Console with the new multi-line editor input. It combines the benefits of IDEs to authoring code with the workflow of repeatably executing code in the context of the page.
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]:

relnote-firefox: --- → ?
Version: 65 Branch → 70 Branch

fyi, this is adding a bigger new feature and shortcuts that needs docs.

Flags: needinfo?(cmills)

(In reply to :Harald Kirschner :digitarald from comment #2)

fyi, this is adding a bigger new feature and shortcuts that needs docs.

Thanks Harald. I've recorded it in here in the MDN content roadmap: I've put it under Fx71 for now, but will update if needs be.

Flags: needinfo?(cmills)
Version: 70 Branch → 71 Branch
Severity: normal → S3

all blockers closed

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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