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[meta] Paused Debugger Overlay


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User Story

When being paused, I want to see a status in-content, so that I am always aware and don't get confused.
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Depends on: 1354679
Depends on: 1565375, 1568693, 1568694
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Alias: dbg-overlay

It looks like the overlay initially got implemented in bug 1354679, right?

I've added this to the experimental features in Firefox MDN page.

Once this is fully implemented and shipping, it should be documented in a subpage of


Keywords: dev-doc-needed

:sebo: Thank you! To clarify, the overlay landed and is preffed on in Nightly, DevEdition, and all channels. The remaining pref was for implementing the buttons which just landed today, which will make the pref void as well.

Depends on: 1580394
Depends on: 1580624

:digitarald Thanks for the info and for updating the related page!

Depends on: 1579768

I believe that this feature is a misguided attempt to alert people when debugging that the main browser screen is non-responsive due to the debugging activities. However, debugging often requires examination of the main browser screen at different points during the debugging session, and obscuring the main browser screen with an overlay and text box makes that difficult or impossible (depending on the geometry of the text box, and what gets overlaid).

I highly question whether someone that is running the debugger really needs the overlay, because the DevTools window clearly indicates that the debugger is paused by the color of the Debugger icon. When the main screen is non-responsive, a quick look at the DevTools window tells why.

However, if some strongly feel the need for an indication in the main screen, it should either be made optional, or there should be a way to remove the overlay easily and completely, at least for a configurable time period, so the main screen can be examined in detail and without obstruction.

I was totally blind-sided by the sudden appearance of this overlay in the DevEd release, and find it extremely annoying.

Depends on: 1581568
Depends on: 1728290
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