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Bcc: and Cc: fall back to To: in compose window when double clicking a contact in the address sidebar


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Build Identifier: Thunderbird 0.9 20041103

When you select Bcc: (or any other not To:) in the compose window and then
double click the contact in the address book you want to send a blind carbon
copy to, the field Bcc: falls back to To:

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. New message
2. Change To: field to Bcc: (or any other)
3. Open address-book in sidebar (if not already open)
4. Double-click a contact

Actual Results:  
The field you selected as Bcc: goes back to To: and the contact is associated
with it.

Expected Results:  
The field should have stayed as Bcc:. The contact should have been associated to
the last empty Bcc: field.
yep. this one is very annoying. it's better practice to use bcc when sending to
many people, therefore the time i have to spend changing all the entries back to
bcc is very annoying. please fix!
same thing here!!
The Bug also appears when you use mailaddys via drag and drop.
See also bug 252665.
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Bcc: falls back to To: in compose window when double clicking a contact in the address book → Bcc: falls back to To: in compose window when double clicking a contact in the address sidebar
In 'mail/components/addrbook/content/abContactsPanel.js',

function contactsListDoubleClick(event)
  // ok, go ahead and add the entry

This tells us that double-clicking basically adds selected addresses as
recipient type 'To'. And the function call comes to awAddRecipient() in

The function adds address into empty slot, if any. However, recipient type is
also overwritten with the one from arguement, which is 'addr_to' in this case.
This is cause of the bug. To prevent it, recipient type should be kept if
address is added into empty slot.
*** Bug 313826 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Happens to all settings - all change to To: (replyto, etc)

Fixing this would help with Bug 226468
Summary: Bcc: falls back to To: in compose window when double clicking a contact in the address sidebar → Bcc: and Cc: fall back to To: in compose window when double clicking a contact in the address sidebar
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patch to keep recipient type when address is added into empty slot

Hi Scott,

Would you review my patch and commit it if there is no problem?
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Since this is a mail only change, isn't bienvenu's r sufficient? (someone correct me if I'm wrong)
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patch to keep recipient type when address is added into empty slot

unfortunately this breaks the Add to CC and the add to To buttons in the contacts sidebar.

If I change the header to "bcc" then click on "Add to CC" from the contacts sidebar, it gets added as a bcc address instead of a cc address. :(
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QA Contact: message-compose
Duplicate of this bug: 379009
Duplicate of this bug: 399504
Assignee: mscott → nobody
version 3.0a2 (2008072418) [and]
this is still here. Thing is that double click in contact sidebar in compose is mostly the same with the button "add to to" or respective contextual menu. So that is where the change should go (or not).

This is a normal behavior considering that add to to, add to cc, add to bcc are changing the respective to, cc .. to their case. So I would call it rather minor UI confusion.
Duplicate of this bug: 350448
Duplicate of this bug: 554849
is Bug 535719 similar ?
Duplicate of this bug: 535719
I agree with the initial report: if a user voluntary change the recipient type to "BCC:" and then double click on an address or a list, that means he wants to BCC an email to somebody. I insist it is very annoying to make the error inadvertently as I experienced it. 

The default behavior should be that the doubleclick add an address without changing the type.

Other way to avoid the mistake: having a "fading comment" (sorry, I forgot the standard name) that warns that a doubleclick will add a "To:" entry.
I use the click right to select the address and it gives you the choice.
The bug I'm looking for is the one that doesn't let me send messages to my lists, I get error 204-418 or error 416. Anybody know about that ?
Thank you, Craig
If I:

1) set the address field to BCC, then
2) drag a bunch of addresses into the email

The BCC for the next entry defaults to "To:" 

I think this is a variation on what the original poster at the top of this page was referring to. That was posted in 2004. A fix for this issue would be nice!
OMG! This bug is still here?? I don't even use thunderbird anymore. Is this bug still valid?
It most definitely is.

Even using the "Use Bcc Instead" Add-on doesn't fix it.

Use Bcc Instead makes Bcc default, but of course, once adding a contact by double clicking on it changes the option back to "To".

Insanely infuriating!
I am the author of the Use Bcc Instead addon and was only made aware of this issue by a user today. I don't know why this hard-coding to create the new, blank entry as "To:" exists. But I have the ability to address this in my addon. I have two possible solutions:

(a) Choose the addressing mode for the new entry to be the same as that for the recipient(s) just added.

(b) Always choose the addressing mode for the new entry to be the same as that specified in the addon's option panel for "Start New or Forwarded messages Addressing With:"

I suppose I could introduce a new addon option that allows the addon use to choose between a and b above. Any thoughts?
Of course, the double-click's semantics is to always use "To:", same as pressing the To: button on the contact's sidebar. So my proposed change would not affect those items, only the blank line that is created after the new recipient(s) are added using To:. I suppose there may be a way to change the semantics of the double-click as well. But this would be limited to using my addon's option for "Start New or Forwarded messages Addressing With:"
My addon can now intercept the double-click and will replace the hard-coded "To:" with whatever addressing mode the user has set in the addon's options for "Start New or Forwarded messages Addressing With:"
David White, could you fix the bug inside core TB ?
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I am afraid I lack the knowledge to fix this inside the core. I am pretty much only an addon guy (a hack). It would be great, however, if someone more adept than I would address this.
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OK, let's try it.
Assignee: nobody → acelists
Looks same as SeaMonkey bug 193134.
See Also: → 193134
See Also: → 436623
See Also: → 650745
Per bug 650745 comment 17 and bug 650745 comment 19, there's a broken design for the default action of adding contacts:

(In reply to Thomas D.'s bug 650745 comment 19)
> * Double-click on a contact adds it as a TO-recipient, implying that
> "Add-to-TO" is the default action. 
> * The keyboard equivalent of double-click default action, plain ENTER on a
> selected and focused contact, unexpectedly does *nothing*.
> * Worse, on double-click we even stubbornly keep adding TO-recipients when
> user has explicitly changed the recipient type to BCC (Bug 271917).

This bug 271917 seeks to adjust the default action for double-clicking to consider the choice of recipient type made in the first free slot after filled recipient slots. This will remain an issue even when we get rid of single-address slots (pending bug).

I wish that while we are here, we could also clean up the keyboard equivalent for default action, plain Enter on contact(s), to be consistent with mouse double-click. However, there's a caveat that we might want to prevent inadvertent adding of recipients, and thoughtless mass-adding of TO-recipients (vs. BCC).

Tentative thoughts:

1) It looks like the solution to this bug requires dynamically changing the double-click default depending on the type of the first empty slot. Imo we need to clearly indicate in contacts sidebar the recipient type which will result from double-clicking. Perhaps the easiest indication would be to make one of the buttons the default button (as in other dialogues, contacts side bar is effectively a dialogue), indicated by bold button border. Then as we dynamically change the default type, the default button indication on contacts side bar would change accordingly.

2) Notwithstanding further reflection and the above-mentioned caveats, I suspect that we'll want and need plain Enter to consistently trigger whatever the current mouse double-click default action is.

3) To address the caveats, perhaps when adding recipients, especially more than one of type "TO", we could show a yellow bubble (like FF "Save Password" bubble when you log into pages), perhaps something like this:

You've just added 5 recipients of type "To". [OK][Undo]   [x]
Change recipient type to [BCC |v]

Just brainstorming, this needs further thought.
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