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[meta] HTML 5 accessibility




12 years ago
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12 years ago
This is a tracking bug for issues related to implementing next generation features for HTML.

This is targeted for after Gecko 1.9 / Firefox 3.


12 years ago
Alias: html5a11y
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12 years ago
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9 years ago
A few thoughts about the general implementation of accessible widgets:

Let me use the date input as an example.

In what way does date widgets help me, being non disabled? By visualizing the calendar I can pick "Tuesday next week" without having to calculate the actual date.

Could a date widget be equally easy to use for a blind person, i.e. would it accept someone typing - or saying (speech recognition) - natural phrases like "the first Sunday in July" or "two days after Thanksgiving"?

Perhaps there is a better place to discuss this. Please advice if that is the case. I just wanted to broaden the thinking about what truly accessible HTML5 forms really mean.
"two days after birthday of my wife" ;) sounds fantastic and I find this can be really friendly. But I learn towards it shouldn't be part of core but it can be done as an extension.

Marco, what do you think?
Summary: Web Forms 2.0 / HTML 5 accessibility meta bug → [meta] HTML 5 accessibility
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7 months ago
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