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[meta] PAC: Proxy Auto Config problems - Mozilla 0.9 and later


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(Reporter: benc, Unassigned)


(Depends on 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: helpwanted, meta, relnote)

PAC has become too popular for the normal bug handling, so I am declaring new
ground rules:

If you have a PAC problem and you are not using mozilla 0.9 or later, do not
report your problem, upgrade to Mozilla 0.9 or later.

If you have a PAC problem with Mozilla 0.9, please see the bug digest I will be
adding below. If it does not seem to match, please post a brief description of
what is wrong. We will either send you to a bug, or create a new bug.

If you have a problem that is already in a bug and you want it fixed, VOTE.
If you have a problem that is already in a bug and you want to rant, post in
then netlib newsgroup.

(If you don't know why I'm saying this, read 53080 and send me a brief summary
of the discussion by email).
Blocks: wpad
qa to me.

80363 - MacOS fails.
QA Contact: tever → benc
Starting with nightly 05112001, mozilla will not start if set to use a proxy pac
file. 05102001 works fine. It appears to get stuck just after loading the
proxy.pac file.

0514200108 segfaults after loading the proxy.pac file. If you set to manual
mozilla loads fine. Setting back to proxy.pac after mozilla loads doesn't crash
but mozilla ignores any authenication response from proxy server. No request for
authentication is presented, just an error saying that authentication is required.

clean profile behavior the same.

*** Bug 80664 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
shouldn't the severity be put to blocker since i can't get the ui of mozilla see 
bug 80664

Please move your report to a new bug, and look at the aforementioned bug. We'll
work it from there.
-->PAC bugs to Jussi
Assignee: neeti → jpm
Depends on: 80664
Bug 79371 is the bug for crashes or startup failures. 
Depends on: 79371
No longer depends on: 79371
Depends on: 79371
Depends on: 84647, 85656, 86846, 86856
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 65034, 79246, 79502, 80363, 84773, 84798
Depends on: 87272
Depends on: 79244
Depends on: 79057
Depends on: 80885
Depends on: 78436
QA Contact: benc → pacqa
Serge, can you take a look at these PAC issues? Thanks - Jussi-Pekka
Assignee: jpm → serge
Depends on: 89443
Depends on: 82992
I cannot get a normal file to work as a PAC script. I was using this feature in
Netscape 4 to configure the proxies in the various places I access with my laptop.
I try to fill in file:///d:/proxy.pac, which works in the browser (it shows me
the file), but which has no success ase the autoproxy URL.
I am using moz 0.9.2, under Win2K.RFE: How about an error message if the PAC can
not be found?
I've asked to file a separate bug on this.

FWIW, loading PAC via a file:// has worked for me, at least on Linux, though an
alert on failure might be useful.
Depends on: 90308
When I try to use my company's PAC script, I get this error in the JavaScript

Error: PrefConfig is not defined
Source File:
Line: 211

The first three lines of the PAC script are:

* Generated by Netscape Configuration Editor*/

with (PrefConfig) {
I've split this off into bug 91121.
Depends on: 91121
Our company's PAC has *never* worked with Mozilla, and I've only just worked out
why. It basically looks like this:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
		return "DIRECT";
	else if(shExpMatch(host, "*"))
		return "PROXY webproxy";
	else if(shExpMatch(host, "*"))
		return "DIRECT";
		return "PROXY webproxy";

Mozilla just spins every time it should be hiting the proxy. But it looks fine,
and works under NN4 and IE4/5. Only after reading the PAC spec linked to in bug
91121 did I work out that the "PROXY webproxy" should strictly speaking be
"PROXY webproxy:80" even though 80 is the default HTTP port. I've made this
change to a local copy and it fixes the problem under 0.9.2.

So, either this requires a new bug for backwards/sidewards compatability, or it
needs documenting so the rest of the world can catch up. I don't think the
latter will make Mozilla many friends in the corporate world. :)
I've spun this off as bug 91630.
Depends on: 91630
+ relnote - need to give detailed write up for NS6.1 RTM train.
Keywords: relnote

I tried to write a draft from the dependecy tree, but it got too messy. I'm
going to tag and relnote each bug locally.

I'll see if the doc writer will post their first draft in this bug if possible.
Depends on: 92970
*** Bug 92970 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Depends on: 93845
Depends on: 79251
No longer blocks: wpad
Depends on: 78176
Depends on: 79242, 89928, 97605, 97607
Depends on: 105335
Depends on: 111445
Depends on: 98234
I reported a bug way back when (27802) about complex PAC files failing to work
in Mozilla. Obviously that was an understatement since at the time they didn't
work at all :)

I've been researching it again and finally came across:


But ... the instructions at the bottom of that page don't seem to work. I don't
know if it is an issue with the document, my implementation of the instructions,
or maybe 0.9.8 broke the instructions. Guidance on where I should go now would
be appreciated as this is my last barrier to giving up Netscape 4.78 (I've given
up on Roaming profiles, which was my other "last barrier").

Steps taken:

1) Installed Mozilla 0.9.8 (Win32 on a Windows 2000 laptop)

2) Read the instructions from:

  with the following modifications:
----- originally -----
   2) Copy mozilla/netwerk/base/src/nsProxyAutoConfig.js to
mozilla/dist/bin/components (this step may not be needed if the file is already
installed there!)

   3)Edit the nsProxyAutoConfig.js file in mozilla/dist/bin/components directory
and remove the sample implementation towards the end of the file starting with
the line-

//Sample implementation ...
----- modifications -----

  ... I didn't have a mozilla/dist/bin/nsProxyAutoConfig.js ... I did have
c:\program files\\Mozilla\components\nsProxyAutoConfig.js ... I
assumed they were equatable?

  ... there was no '//Sample implementation ...' in the nsProxyAutoConfig.js
file, so I simply appended my 'FindProxyForURL(url, host)' (text of this
included at the bottom of this entry) function at the bottom of this file.
----- -----

3) As instructed I selected the PAC option under preferrences/advances/proxies

4) restarted Mozilla multiple times, made sure that each time I had truly closed
Mozilla (I'm using quickstart, so I closed the quickstarted process manually).

5) I never saw the '...Registering Proxy Auto Config' message, but then again
unlike under Linux I don't have a nice console to view this on, so it may be



a) how can I check under Win32 to see if it has registered the file on loading?

b) should this work on Win32?

c) where should I look next?


An example of my PAC file (trimmed down to the needed pieces, it's actually more
complicated and I can post the whole bit if it will help ... this version also
works in Netscape 4.78 so it's a functional example):

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
// direct to VPN if using subdomain, otherwise use the proxy
  if (shExpMatch(host.toLowerCase(), "*.(central|corp|west)(|")) {
    return "DIRECT;";
  } else {
	return "PROXY;";

jahf, those instructions are horribly out of date. They were interim
instructions until real PAC support landed in Summer 2001. If your version of
Mozilla is less than six months old you need only choose Edit/Preferences from
the menu, then expand Advanced, and choose Proxies (just like in NS 4.x) and
configure things there. Please report any bugs you find in a new bug report.

HEY! Please anyone with write privs receiving this, make those
instructions disappear. Better that users stumble on NS 4.x PAC instructions
from Google (which will work) than that they read Gagan's hacking tips and rip
open Mozilla's guts with a text editor.
Bug 128271. I don't know who will own that, I can provide draft content and
technical editing there.
to default owner
Assignee: serge → new-network-bugs
taking back PAC...
QA Contact: pacqa → benc
Temporarily "futuring" all PAC&SOCKS bugs to clear new-networking queue.

I will review later. (I promise)

If you object, and can make a case for a mozilla 1.0 fix, please reset milestone
to  "--" or email me.
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Here's a list of open PAC bugs not included in the depends-on list above.  I 
don't know if you want to add them in or not.

bug 79248
bug 83984
bug 96149
bug 100022
bug 112935
bug 128270
bug 138362
bug 139772
In an effort to see where we stand on PAC issues with regards to the MACH V 
release, I have compiled a list of all open PAC bugs and classified them by 

IMO, the only ones that should even be considered for the pending MACH V release 
are the first two.  One is a documentation issue and does not affect the product 
build.  The other is a serious lacking in the product.  However the patch is 
non-trivial and has a high risk associated with it.  Therefore it should not be 
taken at this time.

documentation issue:

128270  update documentation and remove gagan's notes 

major bugs

 84798   Failover does not work. 

minor bugs

 78176 new-network-bugs@..  SOCKS return value is not version specific 
 78436     PAC files need to be displayed (not loaded) 
 79244 new-network-bugs@..  myIPAddress() 
 79248  mail folders disappear w/ PAC failures 
 83984 new-network-bugs@..  autoproxy (PAC) should not load at startup 
 86846 new-network-bugs@..  Cannot display alert() in autproxy config file 
 90308   notify user when PAC can't be loaded (bad url, etc) 
 91121 new-network-bugs@..  "PrefConfig is not defined" 
 96149   Full URL of proxy required in Moz but not in N4.7
 97605   PAC execution should not block the UI thread 
100022 new-network-bugs@..  connectn to page refused on startup when PAC enabled
112935   reload btn obeys proxy settings rather than DIRECT
139772   HTTP auth support 


 79242   isInNet function needs to support new addressing
 89928 new-network-bugs@..  PAC overhaul (use PAC for everything)
 97607 new-network-bugs@..  PAC2: directive for HTTP version
138362 new-network-bugs@..  using PAC for ad-blocking ('s file) 
Absent any marketing feedback, I vote for fixing failover and calling it a day. 

If you want to actually make it workable, you need to do a compatability review
of the functional calls with 4xp. The lack of robust error handling makes
working in this area (esp. testing) quite horrible and time consuming.

If you want to make it usable, there are several major UI problems that need to
be fixed, maybe someone who does a lot of UI could be brought in for quick fixes.

As for QA, who's group do you work for. I don't know if QA officially considers
this a networking feature anymore.
Development on this is now owned by the Navigator team, though I'm not aware
that any change in QA ownership goes along with it.
I vote for implementing it correctly, along the lines of Netscape 4.7x
functionality.  Clear out the underbrush, knock it out.
Keywords: helpwanted
Depends on: 155567
I vote for implementing it correctly, along the lines of Netscape 4.7x
functionality.  Clear out the underbrush, knock it out.

In a related incident to comment #13:

Our proxy.pac file is loaded as:
http://internal.server/path/proxy.pac (pretty generic)

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (dnsDomainIs(host,"internal")) {
        return "DIRECT";
    } else

     if (isInNet(myIpAddress(),"","")) {
        return "PROXY proxy1.internal:3128; PROXY proxy2.internal:3128; DIRECT";
     } else
       return "DIRECT";

In this file I respect the specs with host:port.

Mozilla 1.2b behaviour:
always uses DIRECT.

(we have a PAC failover bug, so please put the technical discussion in bug 84798)
I have a similar problem with Mozilla 1.3(Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 
5.0; en-US; rv:1.3) Gecko/20030312)
At first a part of my proxy.pac file:
function FindProxyForURL (url, host)
   if ( shExpMatch(url,"http:*") || shExpMatch(url,"ftp:*"))
     return "PROXY; PROXY; DIRECT";
Instead the xxx are the real IP of my company ;-) .
If the first proxy is up, Mozilla works well. If the first proxy is down, the 
second proxy should answer. But with Mozilla 1.3 it dosn't work 
(displays "Operation timed out when atempting to contact"). With 
Netcape 7.x and MS Expl6 it works. Both proxy works correctly.
Everytime when first proxy is down. 
Any first hint? 
Comment #31 says Netscape 7.x works with proxy failover. 
Isn't Netscape 7 still based on Mozilla? Then they fixed this in their branch 
(which I'm sure it's older then Mozilla-1.3) while Mozilla still has this bug...
To my knowledge, this doesn't work in Mozilla 1.0.0 nor Netscape 7.

I just tested it again and verified w/ a network trace.
Blocks: 224447
Blocks: 235853
Blocks: 188332
No longer blocks: 235853
Depends on: 235853
Target Milestone: Future → mozilla1.7final
I really found a workaround for this problem:

Use your wpad.pac file like this:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
   if (isResolvable(host)
       <... your stuff ...>
   } else
      return "DIRECT";

This works for me... 

Depends on: 242352
tracking bug that is no longer up to date
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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