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Story - Add support for the new mochitest metro chrome test suite


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Metro browser mochitests should be running on inbound, try and mc fairly soon. We'll need to add a new moniker for these tests ('mc' for metro chrome?), which should initially be hidden so we can sort out random orange issues. The tests that run are browser chrome tests that run in the metro browser.

We're currently working out some config issues on Cedar in bug 864418. Initial log results can be viewed here -
Summary: Add support for the new mochitest metro chrome test suite → Story - Add support for the new mochitest metro chrome test suite
Whiteboard: feature=story c=testing u=developer p=0
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Add support for mochitest metro chrome;

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::: js/Data.js
@@ +563,5 @@
>          /dxr/i.test(name) ? "DXR Index Build" :
>          /build$/i.test(name) ? "Build" :
>          // ** Unit tests **
>          /mochitest-other/i.test(name) ? "Mochitest Other" :
> +        /metro-immersive/i.test(name) ? "Mochitest Metro Browser Chrome" :

The naming you've used seems fine to me. I can't really say if the above line is correct or not as I have no clue what it does. :)
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Sorry I should have said the r? was more for the naming (rest is just copy pasta of the horrid horrid nested ternaries).
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In production :-)
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Thanks for the quick turn around!
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wrong bug, this is for tinderbox push log.
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