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Tracker for Bugs and Feature Requests PluginCheck.current


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(Depends on 9 open bugs, )


All bugs attached to this tracker should only effect the current plugin check service and should not include bugs/features that affect both the current and new plugin check.

Bugs and feature requests for the new plugin check is tracked separately.
Depends on: 985968
Depends on: 988005
Depends on: 861407
No longer depends on: 861407
Depends on: 861407
Depends on: 968726
Depends on: 837966
Duplicate of this bug: 821279
Please note, do not comment on this bug directly, add you comments to the specific bug you are discussing.
Depends on: 565398
Depends on: 589055
Depends on: 978505
Depends on: 589064
Depends on: 589075
Depends on: 594677
Depends on: 629997
Depends on: 662360
Depends on: 662856
Depends on: 734674
Depends on: 734675
Depends on: 752466
Depends on: 829959
Depends on: 991565
Depends on: 850992
Depends on: 882309
Depends on: 993337
No longer depends on: 882309
Closing this as there is a new bug to track this work. One bug, less clutter:
Closed: 6 years ago
QA Contact: cbook
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
No longer depends on: 968726
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