Closed Bug 1141248 (bb-to-tc) Opened 8 years ago Closed 4 years ago

Buildbot -> TaskCluster transition


(Release Engineering :: General, defect)

Not set


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(Reporter: catlee, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Once stuff is up and running in TC, we can shut it off in BB.
Depends on: 1141292
Depends on: 1080265
No longer depends on: 1141292
Depends on: 1143052
Depends on: 1141292
Depends on: 1143054
Depends on: 1143056
No longer depends on: 1080265
Depends on: 1143766
Depends on: 1146604
Depends on: 1147155
We have this list of test builders without build builders.
Is this intentional?

b2g_emulator-jb_vm cedar opt test mochitest-1
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test cppunit
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test crashtest-1
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test crashtest-2
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test crashtest-3
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test jsreftest-1
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test jsreftest-2
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test jsreftest-3
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test marionette
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test marionette-webapi
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-1
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-2
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-3
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-4
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-5
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-6
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-7
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-8
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-9
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test mochitest-chrome
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-1
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-10
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-11
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-12
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-13
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-14
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-15
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-16
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-17
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-18
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-19
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-2
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-20
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-3
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-4
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-5
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-6
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-7
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-8
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test reftest-9
b2g_emulator-kk_vm cedar opt test xpcshell
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm alder opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm ash opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm b2g-inbound opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-ui-test-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test gaia-unit-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cedar opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm cypress opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm fx-team opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm jamun opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm maple opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-central opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm mozilla-inbound opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm pine opt test reftest-sanity-oop
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try debug test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try debug test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try debug test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-build
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-build-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-10
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-4
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-5
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-6
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-7
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-8
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-js-integration-9
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-linter
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-ui-test-accessibility
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-2
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-ui-test-functional-3
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-ui-test-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test gaia-unit
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test mochitest-oop-1
b2g_ubuntu64_vm try opt test reftest-sanity-oop
I now generate this list every night in case you need to referene it in the future:

I run it in mozci with:
python mozilla_ci_tools/scripts/misc/
Is it OK to disable the trunk test jobs on buildbot? (comment 1).
Yes, but please do that in the appropriate bug - bug 1146604.

This bug is just for tracking.
Summary: Buildbot -> Task Cluster transition → Buildbot -> TaskCluster transition
Depends on: tc-linux64-debug
Depends on: 1171190
Depends on: 1171193
Depends on: 1171592
Depends on: 1171601
Depends on: 1171615
Depends on: 1171616
Depends on: 1171618
Depends on: 1171632
Depends on: 1171736
Depends on: 1171738
Depends on: 1171741
Depends on: 1171743
Depends on: 1171745
Depends on: 1171787
Blocks: 1136954
Depends on: 1174206
Depends on: 1175561
Depends on: 1180775
Alias: kill-the-beast
Depends on: 1150630
Depends on: 1184503
Alias: kill-the-beast → bb-to-tc
Depends on: 1231618
Depends on: 1243020
Depends on: 1227883
Depends on: 1243024
Depends on: 1243025
Duplicate of this bug: 1101169
Depends on: 1206201
Depends on: 1270544
No longer depends on: 1227883
Depends on: 1312000
Depends on: 1316158
Depends on: 1319932
Depends on: 1319933
Depends on: 1334500
Depends on: 1354219
Component: General Automation → General
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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