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[meta] Clear Recent History / Forget button blind spots


(Toolkit :: Data Sanitization, task, P3)





(Reporter: dao, Unassigned)


(Depends on 14 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta, privacy)


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Tracking bug for cases where Clear Recent History and the Forget button underperform, i.e. leave data behind that shouldn't be left behind. Theoretically this can be split into three categories:

1. site-specific data with or without timestamp left behind when clearing "everything" (no time range)

2. site-specific data with timestamp left behind when clearing a time range covering that timestamp

3. site-specific data without timestamp left behind when clearing a time range covering the time when that data was added, meaning that we're not leaking that the user definitely visited the site at that time, but we're still leaking that the user visited the site at all, which likely goes against the user's intent especially when the site was never visited before the selected time range

This bug explicitly does not track cases where data clearing is overzealous (e.g. bug 771630).
Depends on: 527667
Depends on: 518343
Depends on: 901952
Depends on: 973422
Depends on: 463553
Depends on: 481882
Depends on: 607908
Depends on: 652002
Depends on: 652003
Depends on: 1047098
I prioritized the bugs currently tracked with the priority field. As a rule of thumb, I prioritized data persisted by web sites (e.g. indexedDB) higher than manually stored data that web sites can't directly access (e.g. cookie exceptions), and the lowest priority went to more obscure transient data and caches that go away automatically after some certain time or after a restart.
Depends on: 1252998
Depends on: 1253003
Depends on: 1253005
Depends on: 1253008
Depends on: 1253009
Depends on: 1253027
Depends on: 1253031
Depends on: 1401542
Depends on: 1367607
I believe the most concise and intuitive GUI for maintaining persistent user data is to enhance the Privacy settings section by creating a new item for each kind of persistence mechanism, resembling the Cookies privacy settings (see my attachments for visualization).
Version (a) adds a new paragraph to the Privacy settings section for LocalStorage and a new paragraph for IndexedDB.

Version (b) adds a tab strip - providing a tab for Cookies, LocalStorage, and IndexedDB. All sharing the same set of input elements within their tabs, respectively.
See Also: → 1422365
Depends on: 862465
Component: General → Data Sanitization
Priority: -- → P3
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Summary: Clear Recent History / Forget button blind spots → [meta] Clear Recent History / Forget button blind spots
Depends on: 802220
No longer depends on: 1253008
Depends on: 475686
No longer depends on: 475686
Depends on: 1541450
Depends on: 1541885
Depends on: 1546296
Depends on: 1546295
See Also: → 1550317
Depends on: 606403
Depends on: 1547015
Depends on: 1560865
Depends on: 1578113
Depends on: 1565998
Depends on: 1585694
Depends on: 446261
Depends on: 1629658
Depends on: 1628240
Depends on: 1646651
Depends on: 1673234
Depends on: 1704110
Depends on: 1717015
Severity: normal → S3
Depends on: 1803174
Depends on: 1848270
See Also: → clear-data-revamp
Depends on: 1860033
Depends on: 1860069
Depends on: 603239
Type: defect → task
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