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GTK3 not completely compatible with Linux Gnome Global Dark Theme. Input field text is white and inner scroll bars are dark.


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Steps to reproduce:

Load any webpage that has it's own div scrollbars or form input fields

Actual results:

Input text is white - very hard to read. Scrollbars are dark - out of place with anything but a dark website.

Expected results:

Scroll bars and on page text styles should not overridden by Firefox
Blocks: gtk3
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Product: Firefox → Core
Shouldn't this be an Evangelism bug?

Fix the sites, I don't see why there needs to be yet another quirks mode.
Speaking of which AMO still have some of these issues, should bugs be filed on Bugzilla, or GitHub for that?
It appears to be all form elements that take on the OS colours. Combo-boxes, buttons, input fields etc.

"Fix the sites" would require every website to add reset CSS for every element.
Would this not be better taken care of in the browser's internal CSS?

Otherwise, Firefox is simply not compatible with any GTK3 dark theme.
What would be the choice in this situation by the way considering integration of the websites?

Because even if not breaking usage, it can looks strange on clear websites too for example, look at the joined screenshot for Bugzilla.
Maybe shouldn't it use the OS colours in those cases?

Those are just part of the possibles input forms, and not even "harmonized" as text input fields are using white background.
Yes it seems like a mistake to use system colors for web input forms. While the surrounding browser window and all is styled with the system theme (which makes sense), the website itself hasn't much to do with it and differently colored widgets will just look very out of place for many - and if the websites are all supposed to override it anyway to avoid this, then it has no point either..
It looks good on youtube, duck duck go, facebook, and Bugzilla. I would mark this as resolved/fixed.
Please mark this as fixed
It does not reproduce for me on Nightly or Developer edition.
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Nope, NOT fixed and still broken on searchbar.
To reproduce:

1. Launch a recent Gnome 3 (I'm using 30.20.3)
2. Launch gnome-tweak-tool, go to "Appearance" and set "Global Dark Theme" to "On"
3. Install firefox nightly and launch
4. Enable developer theme
5. Open "Inspect", set the developer theme to the dark verison
6. Open
7. Click into the search bar at the top and type something into it without pressing enter

Expected behavior:
the typed text is readable in black text

Actual behavior:
Text is invisible unless selected, since white on white.
Hm, it seems my nightly update on this machine is stuck more than a week ago. I'll try to get the update to work and report back whether it works when I managed to get back on the latest dev version
(In reply to andrei from comment #6)
> Please mark this as fixed
> It does not reproduce for me on Nightly or Developer edition.

It was disabled completely for a while and then put behind about:config?filter=widget.allow-gtk-dark-theme in bug 1272332, specifically:

Even with that enabled, make sure you're also running with system colours enabled in your preferences to reproduce the full effect on YouTube as otherwise only form elements will be affected.
Yea I managed to update now, and the latest nightly just seems to refuse to use the GTK+ dark theme entirely (which e.g. makes the title bar stand out weirdly since it is a bright white). While I guess it is a way of working around this issue for now, it seems more like a hack rather than a proper fix..
Sorry.... I was forcing a white theme and it works well with that. With the dark theme I have the same issue. Sorry for my previous comment :(
Another example, from bugzilla no less:
Another example in firefox 57 with a black background color for the input box and a really dark color for text,
Another example: The default New Tab page in Firefox 57:

If this isn't proof that the problem is the browser and not the site(s), I don't know what is.
Ironically, posting a review on also has white text on white BG.
Duplicate of this bug: 1465051
Duplicate of this bug: 1556943
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