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[meta] WebGPU minimally-viable product in Gecko


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(Keywords: meta)

WebGPU specification is getting developed by W3C, work in progress can be seen here -

We need to get the implementation in Gecko to a state where we can run the content already ported to Chrome/Safari implementations, such as WebGPU CTS, Bablylon.js, Aquarium demo, and others.

Depends on: 1602131
Depends on: 1602133
Depends on: 1602880, 1602885
Depends on: 1602888
Depends on: 1602889
Depends on: 1603509
Depends on: 1609175
Depends on: 1609473
Depends on: 1610564
Depends on: 1611296
Depends on: 1614702
Depends on: 1614703

I guess, once implemented, this MVP will include some web-exposed APIs of the spec. which should be documented on MDN, right? If so, please set the dev-doc-needed flag.


Flags: needinfo?(dmalyshau)

Sebastian, this is about getting an implementation that could be useful to the users. Accomplishing this bug doesn't mean we'll expose the API by default. We'd rather do it once the API is finalized and implemented at version 1.
That is to say, we sure need docs, and having them on MDN would be great! I don't think it should be blocking this meta-bug though. Would it help if we create a meta-bug for implementing V1 version of the spec that is public-visible, and have the dev-doc-needed flag there instead?

Flags: needinfo?(dmalyshau) → needinfo?(sebastianzartner)

A meta-bug helps, yes. The dev-doc-needed flag may then either be added to that one or to one that enables the feature by default, i.e. lets it ride the trains.

Note that the feature could also be documented at until then, so curious authors can already get to know about it, try it out, and provide feedback.


Flags: needinfo?(sebastianzartner)
Blocks: webgpu-v1
Depends on: 1616741
Depends on: 1617086
Depends on: 1619013
Depends on: 1622261
Depends on: 1628400
Depends on: 1631651
Depends on: 1634696
Depends on: 1613117
Depends on: 1639344
Depends on: 1641370
Depends on: 1641703
Depends on: 1653161
Depends on: 1654244
Depends on: 1657180
Depends on: 1676916
Depends on: 1674262
Depends on: 1677183
Depends on: 1655357
Depends on: 1689503
Depends on: 1704526
Depends on: 1704911
Depends on: 1705531
Depends on: 1637972
Depends on: 1708780
Depends on: 1709951
Depends on: 1710678
Depends on: 1710679
Depends on: 1710680
Depends on: 1711587
Depends on: 1713162
Depends on: webgpu-cts
Depends on: 1730014
Depends on: 1730956
Depends on: 1741213
Depends on: 1742062
Summary: WebGPU minimally-viable product in Gecko (meta-bug) → [meta] WebGPU minimally-viable product in Gecko
Depends on: 1743666
Depends on: 1750576
Depends on: 1750866
Depends on: 1751064
Depends on: 1751718
Depends on: 1752155
Depends on: 1754556
No longer depends on: 1641703
No longer depends on: 1704526
No longer depends on: 1710678
Depends on: 1710678
No longer depends on: 1677183
No longer depends on: 1708780
No longer depends on: 1750576
No longer depends on: 1751064
No longer depends on: 1752155
Depends on: fuzzing-webgpu, 1752407
No longer depends on: 1752407
No longer depends on: 1754529

Waiting for this.

Depends on: 1765682
Depends on: 1754780
Depends on: 1746250
Depends on: 1781071
Severity: normal → S3
Depends on: 1808602
No longer depends on: webgpu-cts
Depends on: webgpu-workers
No longer depends on: 1808602
No longer depends on: 1781071
Depends on: 1810189
No longer depends on: fuzzing-webgpu
No longer depends on: webgpu-workers

Let's retire this. I think we've already implemented the original intent. V1 compliance is covered by bug 1616739 (webgpu-v1).

Closed: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
No longer depends on: 1810189, 1746250, 1674262
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