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[meta] Remove preprocessor conditionals from CSS files


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(Keywords: meta)

For more contexts, see bug 1659444.

Query that currently captures all of these: .

There are broadly the following cases:

  1. %if 0, especially for license headers. These can just be converted to normal comments. This is now covered by bug 1747459.
  2. CSS that can move from "shared" files to OS-specific files
  3. CSS using MENUBAR_CAN_AUTOHIDE, which can probably switch to using an attribute on the root (moving the ifdef into browser.xhtml, where it's already used anyway)
  4. CSS that is platform-specific and can switch to using an attribute, media query, or other mechanism
  5. CSS that is inside the UA stylesheets. There we can use something like:

to hide the preprocessor markup from a linter.

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Component: General → WebRTC
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: WebRTC → General
Product: Core → Firefox
See Also: → 1747459
Depends on: 1747459
See Also: 1747459
Depends on: 1699068
Depends on: 1752830
Depends on: 1752832
Depends on: 1752833
Depends on: 1752837
Keywords: meta
Summary: Remove preprocessor conditionals from CSS files → [meta] Remove preprocessor conditionals from CSS files
Depends on: 1755670
Depends on: 1755688
Depends on: 1756655
Depends on: 1756656
Depends on: 1756676
Depends on: 1757639
Depends on: 1757642
Depends on: 1758944

This has no more dependencies and there are no more %ifs in our CSS files

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 1762913
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