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Inbox view randomly changes from threaded to un-threaded after dragging messages to other folder


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, defect)

Thunderbird 91


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Steps to reproduce:

When messages are shown as threaded, sometimes when you drag a message from the inbox to another folder the threaded view reverts back to being unthreaded.

Actual results:

Inbox view changes from threaded to un-threaded

Expected results:

Inbox folder view should stay as threaded

Blocks: tb91found


Does it reproduce using Help > Troubleshoot Mode?

Flags: needinfo?(andy.vines)

Yes it still does it in TroubleShoot Mode?

You can move 4-5 messages OK and then randomly the problem occurs.

Flags: needinfo?(andy.vines)

Can't reproduce.

Summary: Message Threads disable when moving a message from Inbox → Inbox view randomly changes from threaded to un-threaded after dragging messages to other folder

Just noticed this morning that this also happens randomly if I click the archive button, the message view goes blank for a second or two and then the threaded view will be reset to not threaded.

Current version I am using is 92.0b5

Version 91.1.0, regular mode, regular mode with all extensions off, and troubleshooting mode. MacOS Mojave

I'm seeing something that's probably related. Thunderbird will at times fall out of threaded mode, that is View > Sort By > Threaded checked will change to View > Sort By > Unthreaded checked, and the list of messages won't be threaded. It happens sometimes (but not all the time) when I delete a message (which is moving a message to Trash, so sort of matches the original report), and other times I'll switch to Thunderbird from some other app and it will be unthreaded, so I won't know when it happened. I have enough conversation threads in my Inbox that it's very obvious when it happens, it didn't happen in the previous version I was running (78.13.0), and I immediately started noticing it upon updating to 91.0.0. I don't have a foolproof way to reproduce it, but it happens 3-4 times per day so there's something going on.

This is still happening in 91.4.1.

I am now on 96.0b3 and it still randomly happens.

Moving a message and deleting a message can both trigger it to happen.

Same problem (TB 91.4.1 64 bit, de).
Deleting a message - the view with the list of messages turns white for a moment, returning as unthreaded view (and "sort by"-option is switched to unthreaded).
This happens a few times per day. I'd say most of the time in the morning after starting TB and deleting the first message and during the day perhaps 1...3 times.

Unfortunately, the problem is not that easily reproducible.
I copied a message into my inbox, clicked on "Delete" -> problem triggered.
The same message copied again, click on 'Delete' -> no problem.
I closed TB, opened TB, same procedure -> no problem.
Perhaps when moving or deleting messages, TB is doing a cleanup task every few hours.

I too have now noticed that all of the messages briefly disappear (message view goes to blank white panel) when it happens.

I'm still seeing this as well. I can't reproduce it at will, but it seems like when I've been away from my computer for a few hours with Thunderbird running, it almost always does it the first time I delete a message when I return to it. While that doesn't make it easy to reproduce, maybe it's a clue as to what's happening.

Same problem TB 91.6.1, 64 bit, US English, regular mode
I've been using TB since it was Netscape in the 1990s and I donate $ to aid with development. I'm experiencing this bug, also, and am more than disappointed there's no priority set for it. Like others, I can't reproduce at will either, but I've observed the same behaviors. Decided to create a Bugzilla account so I could add to the list. I update TB by downloading the full exe file and then executing it on Win 10 (Start > Run > Browse [grab the file] > OK). Prior to I was using 78.14.0 and I waited until the proper was available before updating. Hope this helps move the ball forward.

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