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[meta] pop-up ads / unrequested windows


(Core :: DOM: Core & HTML, defect, P3)





(Reporter: jruderman, Unassigned)


(Depends on 10 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

general historical:
bug  29346 prevent repeating pop-up windows
bug  33448 disable 'new window' when close box clicked (no in onUnload)
bug  75371 *UI prefs to control pop-up (popup) windows and other Javascript
bug  92955 Disable from onload and onunload (rginda, mstlotz)
bug 111542 block pop-ups by default
bug 114993 limit number of pop-ups from each page
bug 161176 Lie to sites about whether succeeded

general newer:
bug 166442 *blacklist via context menu
bug 171964 blacklist via a checkbox that appears in all (unblocked) pop-up windows
bug 173016 blacklist code incorrectly allows unload pop-ups
bug 174985 Pop-up Manager should be on by default after the user is prompted
bug 174765 Backend support for Popup Blocking whitelists (like Phoenix)
bug 176624 Need UI for popup-blocking per-site whitelist
bug 175424 add option to redirect unrequested popups as TABs in the same window

ui for when a pop-up has been blocked:
bug 103406 [wontfix] UI "Ask Me" preference to allow popups & other JavaScript
bug 114994 Denied popup windows sidebar
bug 123286 Warning in js console when denying anything to page js
bug 142458 Visual indication when denying anything to page js
bug 148689 [RFE] Denied popups notification in the status area of the browser
(Unrequested window indicator)
bug 176564 manually open a single pop-up that was blocked, rather than "unblock
pop-ups from this site" (phoenix)

incorrectly letting through:
bug 126224 img onload (nytimes)
bug 144726 form.submit()
bug 152167 onmouseover
bug 150340 plugins don't obey the "Open unrequested windows" pref
bug 161516 works in onunload in tabbed window but not in normal window
bug 159036 pop-up blocking should use a whitelist of allowed times to open a
window rather than a blacklist

incorrectly blocking:
bug 101190 javascript: link while page is loading
bug 104470 [fixed] frame-targeted
bug 136195 [invalid?] settimeout

click-delay pref (added for nytimes, bug 126224):
bug 132031 [wontfix] ui for "click delay" pref
bug 143423 Bookmarklets can't open windows with dom.disable_open_click_delay
bug 160670 back out dom.disable_open_click_delay

bug 102481 Outlook Web Access, Reply button (clicking reply closes message but
does not open reply window)
bug 123186 (blank white page)
bug 152970 (blank black page)
Adding alias "popups"
Alias: popups
Another evang bug:
bug 163639 videos (tiny blank window)
Depends on: 163639
Why is this bug PC/OS specific?
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
No longer depends on: 161176
Depends on: 181035
I imagine this is the right place to post the comment that we should *never*
remove a feature unless it is causing major problems. We didn't even remove
quick launch when it was causing "dataloss", and in my case, crashes.

In Gecko/20030114, the Open Unrequested Windows was removed. That should at
least be confirmed. 

My suggestion: Enable blocking even if it is insufficient by
default. (from a user perspective caused without user action
(link clicking) were blocked.)

Spam filters do not claim 100% accuracy.. but then we can have a dialog that
when the first popup is blocked per that profile says, "Mozilla has just stopped
a potential advertisement. It may contain content you want to see, or it may be
an advertisement. Would you like Mozilla to attempt to block popup windows in
the future?"

Block  Don't Block More Info (leads to a page that explains all this)

Whether we then allow them to toggle this limited support is then irrelevant.
The user will understand that we will "try".

But in no way should we remove functionality.
This is extremely disconcerting. Please disregard comment 4. I was using
Phoenix, which has the setting in a different place. The popup blocking support
"open unrequested windows" is still there. Please accept my apologies.
Depends on: 192485
Depends on: 65224
Depends on: 187255
Depends on: 195030
I don't want to see any pop-up ads
Assignee: jruderman → chofmann
Flags: blocking1.6a+
Flags: blocking1.5+
Flags: blocking1.4.2-
Flags: blocking1.4.1+
Greg: Please don't make such changes; blocking approvals are reserved for the
drivers group.

(this should undo those changes)
Assignee: chofmann → jruderman
Flags: blocking1.6a+
Flags: blocking1.5+
Flags: blocking1.4.2-
Flags: blocking1.4.1+
Depends on: 222763
Depends on: 226962
Depends on: 227411
Depends on: 197919
Depends on: 238457
Depends on: 239404
Depends on: 240246
Depends on: 223174
Depends on: pop-up-arms-race
No longer depends on: 126224, 144726, 150340, 159036, 161516, 187255, 240246
Depends on: 252326
Depends on: 253780
Bug 253831 tracks bugs that let sites get past our pop-up blocker.  This bug now
depends on bug 253831 instead of depending on each of those bugs.
No longer depends on: 252326, 253780
Ugh. I've been using this bug as a container for all known exploits; I care very
little about the sites that implement them. The two tasks are related but not
identical. I suppose I'll just maintain my own list of bookmarks instead of
relying on this bug.

PS my experience with bug 253831 (up through the 14th comment) is that it's just
a holding cell for non-issues reported by users whose installations that have
been compromised by third-party software. I find that bug fairly useless.
Dan, ignore the comments in that bug and just use its dependency list :)
Depends on: 261344
Blocks: 261344
No longer depends on: 261344
No longer blocks: 261344
Depends on: 261344
Depends on: 134005
Assignee: jruderman → nobody
Depends on: 265942
Depends on: 204328
Depends on: 253487
Quite a few that have escaped being listed until now:

Big 118517 - Popup Blocking: Second Java Window won't launch, can't play chess
Bug 189237 - Popup blocking affects new windows opened by flash
Bug 204285 - file:// URLs cannot have popups unblocked
Bug 227338 - popup blocking can be evaded by forcing popups on clicked links
Bug 247753 - Closing Browser does not block popups
Bug 269489 - Can't unblock popups for some web sites.
Bug 270450 - Initial popup not blocked
Bug 273851 - popup blocking doesn't trap onfocus event
Bug 285679 - Popup blocker failed to block popup.

and most certainly others
Depends on: 327310
Depends on: 337645
Depends on: 341994
Depends on: 369152
Bug 369306 should block this.
If you find one that should be added, then add it!
Depends on: 369306
Depends on: 212163
Depends on: 565104
Depends on: 389672
Depends on: 678994
Depends on: 684627
Depends on: 675574
Depends on: 463491
Depends on: 748198
Depends on: CVE-2014-1511
Depends on: 1126164
Depends on: 1004916
Depends on: 1217014
Component: Tracking → DOM
Depends on: 1380305
Priority: -- → P2
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
Priority: P2 → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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