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[BeOS] Firefox 2.0 Tracker Bug


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(Reporter: Niels.Reedijk, Assigned: Niels.Reedijk)



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This bug tracks the different bugs that need to be fixed before a BeOS release
of Firefox 2.0. It also is the bug for the BeOS related release notes.
Taking bug
Add bugs from bug 266252 (Firefox 1.5 tracker).
Adding a personal annoyance of mine. Something I'll have a look at.
Depends on: 152156
Depends on: 311651
I think we should keep 308194 as a dependent - this bug continues to occur in Firefox builds.  It's not evident at the moment, since the current tree sets "browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers" to "-1".   This could change, though, creating problems for us.

Since "fastback" caching is one of the major enhancements to Firefox, I think we should continue to keep this bug in our sites for the 2.0 version.
Agreed, it needs investigation, especially since there might be a chance the default value changes in future.
Depends on: 308194
Depends on: 314951
Depends on: 315576
Depends on: 315863
Adding fullscreen bug, bug 316494 
Depends on: 316494
Depends on: 331879
Depends on: 331725
Depends on: 330340
Neilx, are you still tracking these bugs and/or preparing for Firefox 2.0?  
Depends on: 339843
Depends on: 339031
Depends on: 342639
Blocks: 312636
Depends on: 312660
Depends on: 313326
Depends on: 314687
Depends on: 338454
Depends on: 315208
Depends on: 229603
Depends on: 314518
Depends on: 315726
Depends on: 314110
Depends on: 314792
Depends on: 310708
Depends on: 310845
Depends on: 312547
Depends on: 283225
Depends on: 316305
Depends on: 335076
Depends on: 347825
adding important crasher-bug to tracker
or it was here already? If so, why we didn't fix it yet?
Critical bug-patches must be first to land.
(In reply to comment #9)
> or it was here already? If so, why we didn't fix it yet?
> Critical bug-patches must be first to land.

I tried to apply the patches in order of their landing in the trunk in order to prevent conflicts. They are getting more and more difficult to apply though, so I've given up on doing this. Instead I'll focus on important patches. 

Please mention important bugs in comments or on the weblog so they will definately get in.
two more bugs to fix  in branch
Depends on: 342408, 343569
No longer depends on: 152156
No longer depends on: 217723
No longer depends on: 235350
No longer depends on: 264649
No longer depends on: 291318
No longer depends on: 312547
No longer depends on: 316494
No longer depends on: 347825
This mozconfig is used to build the 'official' Firefox 2.0 RC3.
BeOS is gone.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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