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Implement (Tinderbox) leak tracking for reftest


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Bug 456274 comment 3:
From  Serge Gautherie   2008-09-21 13:45:11 PDT

Could be (a little) harder as ("all") output does to their individual log files,
but it would be worse doing it (as I check them locally), as it does/can have leaks !

reftest + crashtest:
(I haven't run them yet, so I can't say, though I would think it couldn't hurt to monitor them too.)

Bug 456274 comment 4:
From  Ted Mielczarek (:luser)   2008-09-22 03:45:21 PDT

Probably worth filing separate bugs for implementing leak tracking in TUnit and reftest.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Future
Blocks: 458844
CC Clint, as we briefly spoke about it at "Mozilla Camp Europe 2008".
Blocks: 462955
Blocks: 454851, 464816
No longer blocks: 464816
Blocks: 454854
Blocks: 449240
Blocks: 464909
Blocks: 465376
Blocks: 464067
Blocks: 466376
Waldo>	sdwilsh: we'd need generic leak-log parsing code for that, too; easy to whip up from existing stuff in, but not done

sgautherie>	I would think we need a python script to parse all the log files ... looks +/- trivial, with mochitest example, but I don't know enough python yet...

ted>	also, if someone rewrote the xpcshell unit test harness in python, i would not shed a tear
Blocks: 469062
Blocks: 456274
Depends on: 469518
Depends on: 469523
Blocks: 470235
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Blocks: 470241
Blocks: 470244
Blocks: 470455
No longer blocks: 469062
No longer blocks: 470455
No longer blocks: 464067
No longer blocks: 453146
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No longer blocks: 470235
No longer blocks: 470241
No longer blocks: 470239
No longer blocks: 470244
No longer blocks: 464909
No longer blocks: 462955
No longer blocks: 454854
No longer blocks: 454851
No longer blocks: 466376
No longer blocks: 458844
No longer blocks: 465376
No longer blocks: 449240
No longer blocks: 464816
No longer blocks: 464114
No longer blocks: 324121
Depends on: 512154
Mass move of bugs from Release Engineering:Future -> Release Engineering. See for more details.
Component: Release Engineering: Future → Release Engineering
Priority: -- → P3
Component: Release Engineering → Reftest
Product: → Testing
QA Contact: release → reftest
Version: other → unspecified
Ping - is there any plan to work on this soon/ever?
Morphing to reftest since TUnit doesn't exist these days.
Summary: Implement (Tinderbox) leak tracking in TUnit and reftest → Implement (Tinderbox) leak tracking for reftest
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