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[meta] Remove/move/clean up traditional menu entries, especially several low usage items


(Firefox :: Menus, defect)

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(Reporter: faaborg, Unassigned)


(Depends on 9 open bugs, )


(Keywords: meta)

This is a meta bug for tracking the removal of several low usage menu items currently present in the traditional menu bar.

This mockup generally covers all eventual changes:

We won't be able to do all of those initially (for instance removing "work offline has proven to be difficult, and we need to create a new customization UI to replace some of the View menu).

bug 607224 covers all of the yellow items which should only appear if an accessibility mode is active.  Most of the remaining red items will be individual bugs blocking this meta bug.
Depends on: 607227
Depends on: 607230
Depends on: 607232
Depends on: 607234
Depends on: 607236
With the exception of bug 607224, let me know when discussion in each of these bugs comes to enough of a consensus that we're certain that we want to fix it. I can pick them up as they go.
Depends on: 611568
More accurate title (this was always intended to be about both removal, relocation and refinement), and updated to live mockup from
Summary: [meta] Remove several low usage traditional menu commands → [meta] Remove/move/clean up traditional menu entries, especially several low usage items
Adding bug 588687 (relocate report web site features to the site identity panel), which is in the mockup as well.
Depends on: 588687
Depends on: 631805
What version is being targeted for this cleanup UI work?  FF4 is out the door..
Depends on: 714281
Depends on: 714594
No longer depends on: 626854
No longer depends on: 597308
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