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[META] Globalize AMO


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This is a meta bug to track issues to improve the AMO experience for non-en-US users, developers and localizers.

Our previous feedback:

* (Nick Nguyen's to do list)

Existing bugs:

Bug 278748 - Support localizable add-on descriptions in install.rdf
Bug 285850 - show available extension locales
Bug 369070 - Integrate l10n Platform for Extensions
(anything else?)
Depends on: 635830
Depends on: 635833
Depends on: 635837
Depends on: 635840
Depends on: 635842
Depends on: 635848
Depends on: 635854
Depends on: 635855
Depends on: 635856
Depends on: 635859
Depends on: 635862
Depends on: 635865
Objective (from nnguyen's to do list)

* Make AMO feel like a local experience from anywhere in the world
* Give international editors the ability to customize content for their markets
* Allow users to change the content of AMO based on their own preferences.


So I've filed:

Bug 635830 - Add Locale Filter
Bug 635833 - Popular add-ons should be locale based (use/show per-locale download counts)
Bug 635837 - Improve search quality for queries including non-ascii characters
Bug 635840 - Allow localizers to translate emails/newsletters to developers
Bug 635842 - Allow users to report poor l10n issue of specific add-on
Bug 635848 - Allow localizers to localize add-on summary/description
Bug 635854 - Allow localizers to choose featured add-ons in their locale
Bug 635855 - Globalize the "share this add-on" widget
Bug 635856 - Make plug-ins page localizable
Bug 635859 - Revisit the contribution feature
Bug 635862 - Make AMO blog localizable
Bug 635865 - Make MDC links localizable

I'll file more bugs if noticed.
Thanks for filing all the bugs Kohei.

Wil and I will take a look and see where we can fit them in. Q2 is devoted to marketplace, but Q3 looks to be a good place to tackle a lot of them.

Anything in-product, such as the discovery pane, will have much higher priority though.
Depends on: 487364
No longer depends on: 635855
Keywords: meta
Blocks: 632886
Depends on: 674433
Any update? It's mid of Q3 now.
Thanks for filing this.  Due to resource constraints we are closing bugs which we won't realistically be able to fix.  If you have a patch that applies to this bug please reopen.

For more info see
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