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Ability to sort bookmarks in each folder


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Currently when sorting in Manage Bookmark, it only affects the display in 
Manage Bookmark. There is no way of really sorting the bookmark besides 
arranging the bookmark by drag-n-drop in Manage Bookmark.

I'd like to be able to sort each folder individualy:
- Where I can right click on a folder and select sort bookmark in folder by 
name or by date or whatever. 
- That would mean that the sort only affects that particular folder.
- This sort should affect the bookmark menu, personal toolbar, bookmark sidebar 
panel and should be saved.
That would be really nice.
Marking NEW to get it off our radar.
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Summary: ability to sort bookmarks in each folder → [RFE] Ability to sort bookmarks in each folder
This should only be done if we get the ability to open individual bookmarks 
folders in their own windows. In the main bookmarks window, folders should always 
follow the sort pattern used by the root folder -- anything else would be 
extremely confusing.
This doesn't have need subfolders opened in a new window. It only need to have
effect when viewing in unsorted mode.
mpt: this bug is about the bookmarks menu, not the manage bookmarks window.

See also bug 70571.
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Not sure if this duplicates or extends the original description.

The bookmark sort options being discussed (Sort by Name, Sort by Date Created)
should appear in the context menu when you right-click on a folder on the
"Personal Toolbar"
Sorting in the actual datasource is the easiest way to ensure that a sort is 
applied across all UI that hold bookmarks, be that outliner, tree, menu, etc 
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → Future
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Assignee: ben → pchen
Not funny, Ben.  More like sickening.
mass reassign of pchen bookmark bugs to ben
Assignee: pchen → ben
Sort order could be a Property of a bookmark folder (sorted/unsorted).  This
would be better than a one-time sort because new links (added via drag+drop or
"file bookmark") would be sorted according to the folder's preference.
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Any update on this bug ?

Earlier, I was using IE to manage book marks and would export from IE, improt to
mozilla. I always had my bookmarks sorted that way, but since I now use mozilla
exclusively, I have lost the ability to sort my bookmarks.

Would really appreciate help in this area.

Summary: [RFE] Ability to sort bookmarks in each folder → Ability to sort bookmarks in each folder
I'm using Mozilla 1.2b.I have gone into the Bookmarks menu/Manage Bookmarks.
Here, I have the ability to request that bookmarks be sorted but the command
does nothing. Even after I have selected a set of bookmarks to sort - Nada effect.
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Currently (Moz 1.2) there is no way (that I can find) of sorting bookmarks which
live in folders created inside My Personal Toolbar folder. In IE, the analogous
"Links" bar/folder/subfolders where extremely easy to sort/manage -- you simply
clicked on the folder name to open it, then right-click and choose "Sort by
Name." Not being able to do this in Mozilla makes managing one's ever growing
bookmarks nearly impossible. I would like to see the ability to sort without
having to enter Manage Bookamrks.
-> me
Assignee: ben → varga
Just as an FYI, this bug exist in the latest build of Phoenix as well.
This is needed for bug 77411.
Keywords: helpwantednsbeta1
Target Milestone: Future → mozilla1.4beta
Depends on: 202845
Keywords: nsbeta1
Target Milestone: mozilla1.4beta → mozilla1.4final
Blocks: 205378
Fixed by 205378. Verified in both the 2003-05-23-09 Win32 and 2003-05-23-07
Macho trunk builds.
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I would agree that would be a neat thing
You mean in Firefox?
It's already fixed in the suite and is also available as an extension in Firefox.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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