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[B2G][User Story] BT PBAP 1.2 Profile


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[B2G][User Story] BT PBAP 1.0 Profile

Users should be able to exchange Phone Book Objects between devices e.g. between a car kit and a mobile phone to allow the car kit to display the name of the incoming caller, allow the car kit to download the phone book so the user can initiate a call from the car display.
See Also: → 911559
Duplicate of this bug: 975960
Hello Bluetooth team, 

is there any option to put more importance on this topic? 

Even as FFOS is currently used for mobile phones at lower budget, but this function is very useful for usage in cars with hands free equipment. The PBAP makes the Phone Book accessible without touching the cell phone, for outgoing calls and to identify incoming calls. The Phone Book Entry is then displayed next the callers ID. 
In some countries this is a security issue. Touching the phone while driving can be punished. 

Using FFOS on my regular cell phone six 8 month, I moved recently to FFOS 2.0. It works very well. The PBAP is the last function I'm really missing. 

Thanks in advance


Hi Carlo,

This is Ben from bluetooth team. Thanks for inquiry and sorry for the late reply.

We bluetooth team have been already aware of the needs for PBAP and put it into our feature-to-implement list. Our target is to support PBAP in a couple of FxOS releases once we complete our current work on bluetooth low energy (which allows applications to communicate with peripheral devices, e.g., smartwatch or sensors). We'll keep this bug posted once the FxOS version with PBAP support is firmed. 

Really appreciate your great support on FxOS.

See Also: → 1141953
Duplicate of this bug: 1141953
Refined requirements from bug 1141953 comment 0:

  Support Bluetooth PBAP profile
  * Phonebook downloading feature
  * Phonebook browsing feature
  * Call history download

  Supporting query SIM1 call history could be optional.
Duplicate of this bug: 1150398
Depends on: 1152694
Depends on: 1159179
Depends on: 1162902
Depends on: 1166587
Depends on: 1168266
Depends on: 1168298
Update title since we are implementing based on the latest PBAP 1.2 spec.
Summary: [B2G][User Story] BT PBAP 1.0 Profile → [B2G][User Story] BT PBAP 1.2 Profile
feature-b2g: --- → 2.2r+
Whiteboard: [red-tai] [ETA=8/31]
Duplicate of this bug: 911559
Blocks: 1176931
Depends on: 1196125
Depends on: 1199528
Depends on: 1200091
Depends on: 1203821
Depends on: 1221898
Quick update/summary as partner is querying status these 2 days.

Now except OBEX authentication, PBAP is done and land in 2.2R already, a reference design can also be found in

Yet partner is asking for ETA of rest pieces, so ni EPM Wesley for further check and comment.
Flags: needinfo?(whuang)
Depends on: 1225757
Duplicate of this bug: 910195
Duplicate of this bug: 1208717
feature-b2g: 2.2r+ → ---
Flags: needinfo?(whuang)
Whiteboard: [red-tai] [ETA=8/31] → [red-tai]
How is this going? Can we expect any working prototype soon?
I believe the PBAP functionality (on the gaia side) isn't prioritized at this moment.
It would be great if someone can pick this though.
It would be super nice to have this, as this is a major gap in the functionality of the phone right now. My old Nokia had this eons ago! 

Please push this, the users want it! :)
The missing piece is the GAIA implementation (bug 1225757). 
Be noted that there is a reference by Sean (Bug 1200091) so maybe it doesn't require the dev to start from scratch.
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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