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Convert all code that causes SVG to end up with a Thebes backed gfxContext to Moz2D


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(Reporter: jwatt, Assigned: jwatt)


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To fix bug 703159 (convert SVG to Moz2D) we could maybe add forks all over the SVG code to handle both Thebes and Moz2D DrawTarget backed gfxContexts. That's not the tactic I've generally been pursuing though. It's not trivial to add a fork in many cases, and we actually want to redesign how the SVG code works for Moz2D, and it would leave that work undone. Instead I've been working on converting places that create a Thebes backed gfxContext for SVG to create a DrawTarget backed gfxContext with the intention of being able to go straight to a more radical Moz2D conversion after that's done (and with the added benefit that non-SVG code gets ported). This will allow us to more efficiently get to the end point that we're looking to get to.
Blocks: 987193
Blocks: 987194
Blocks: 703159
Depends on: 996378
Depends on: 991640
No longer depends on: 988824
Depends on: 998113
Depends on: 1018187
Depends on: 1018196
No longer blocks: 987194
Depends on: 987194
Depends on: 1019018
Depends on: 1019492
No longer depends on: 1019492
Depends on: 1025802
Depends on: 1034399
Depends on: 1034404
No longer depends on: 934183
All dependencies are now fixed.
Closed: 10 years ago
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