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8 years ago
Filing this bug to cover changing to use the Azure APIs in SVG.

Note: the old Thebes/cairo APIs were stateful, but the Azure API is basically stateless, so there isn't a trivial mapping from old API to new API.

Bas says we should keep the cairo-based code paths around for now (protected by gfxContext->IsAzure() checks), so that we can optionally disable Azure if needed and still get correct output.


8 years ago
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All

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8 years ago
A good chunk of the Azure API that we'd be using lives in this file:
Setting this issue to depend on Azure, in order to establish a (formal) relationship between the two issues.
Depends on: azure


7 years ago
Blocks: 609361
Blocks: 311534
Blocks: 776197
Duplicate of this bug: 930710
Summary: Switch SVG Drawing to use Azure API → Switch SVG to use Moz2D
No longer depends on: 929691
Blocks: 676001
Depends on: 932091, 931769, 930516
Depends on: 932198, 931996, 931915
Depends on: 932761
Blocks: 932762
Depends on: 932771
Blocks: 933707
Depends on: 934183


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Blocks: 934276
Depends on: 934305
Depends on: 938388
Depends on: 937994
Depends on: 939534
Depends on: 950368
Depends on: 950371
Depends on: 950372
Depends on: 950647
Depends on: 971758
Depends on: 979853
Depends on: 979883
Depends on: 979905
Depends on: 987193
Depends on: 987194
Depends on: 988808
Depends on: 988818
Depends on: 988820
Depends on: 988824
Depends on: 987190
No longer depends on: 988824
Depends on: 1072339
Depends on: 1073012
No longer depends on: 1072339
Depends on: 1074294

Comment 4

5 years ago
Can we declare victory here?
(In reply to Florian Bender from comment #4)
> Can we declare victory here?
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We're still using gfxContext::PushGroup and related APIs. Once Moz2D has similar API we can have a last push to get rid of the rest of the gfxContext usage. I believe Bas was going to start work on that Moz2D API around the end of this year.
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