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[meta] [Bluetooth2] Bug fixing for Bluetooth APIv2 testing


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This is the meta bug for all bugs which are found during 1st round test of Bluetooth API v2.
These bugs are supposed to be addressed before 2/25.

scope and schedule:
Depends on: 1130947
Depends on: 1131910
Depends on: 1132315
Depends on: 1132330
No longer depends on: 1131910
Depends on: 1136549
Depends on: 1138267
Depends on: 1129801
No longer depends on: 1132315
Depends on: 1122177
Hi Teri,

Per offline discussion, please help to test our APIv2.
For gecko part, let's use gecko commit 3bfd6947732ef41b734fa2be5b3e975a430575f5 with attached two patches applied for testing.

Could you also provide your pvt build info(gaia commit also) here?

Flags: needinfo?(twen)
BTW, the corresponding hg change set of git commit 3bfd6947732ef41b734fa2be5b3e975a430575f5 is 436686833af0.(
Depends on: 1144531
Depends on: 1144532
Hi Jocelyn,

Completed running a basic set of BT tests below:

*** Build
Gaia-Rev        4868c56c0a3b7a1e51d55b24457e44a7709ea1ae
Build-ID        20150317153105
Version         39.0a1
Device-Name     flame
FW-Release      4.4.2
FW-Incremental  eng.cltbld.20150316.195035
FW-Date         Mon Mar 16 19:5

Filed 2 issues.
1. Bug 1144531 - [Bluetooth2] Can't change device name
2. Bug 1144532 - [Bluetooth2] Visible to all should turn off after 2 mins
Flags: needinfo?(twen)
Revise the bug title to track all bugs found during APIv2 test before formal API switching.
Summary: [meta] [Bluetooth2] Bug fixing for 1st round test of Bluetooth APIv2 → [meta] [Bluetooth2] Bug fixing for Bluetooth APIv2 testing
Depends on: 1157626
Depends on: 1157634
No longer depends on: 1148314
Depends on: 1157639
Depends on: 1157640
Depends on: 1157642
Depends on: 1159685
Depends on: 1162019
Depends on: 1162021
Depends on: 1162023
Depends on: 1164809
Blocks: 892172
Remove dependent bug 1122177 as it's POVB.
No longer depends on: 1122177
Blocks: 1167064
Depends on: 1168029
Depends on: 1168323
Depends on: 1168325
No longer depends on: 1168327
No longer depends on: 1168323
No longer depends on: 1168332
Resolved this meta bug since all dependent bug are resolved.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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