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[meta] Good Netkeeping Seal of Approval (GNKSA newsreader standard)


(MailNews Core :: Backend, defect, P5)


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: phil, Unassigned)


(Depends on 7 open bugs, Blocks 2 open bugs, )


(Keywords: meta)

This is a meta bug to track the places where mozilla needs to improve to meet
the Good Netkeeping Seal of Approval
Depends on: 3744, 3745, 3746, 3747, 3764, 4567
Depends on: 9202
No longer depends on: 3747
Added GNSKA url
Blocks: 17124
No longer blocks: 17124
Depends on: 17124
Depends on: 23394
Phil found a way to weasel out of owning this bug.  Reassigning.
Assignee: phil → selmer
Blocks: 34549
One moment, fixing dependencies ... (Bugzilla won't let me do this in one step)
No longer blocks: 34549
... there we go. Much better.
Depends on: 34549
Depends on: 6276
Depends on: 20966
Depends on: 35158
Depends on: 35118
Is the score identical for both 4.5 and Seamonkey??

Is anyone willing to help fix some of these dependent bugs?
Steve, I'm sure, it's not identical, but I guess, the evaluation will look
similar - some problems fixed, but some new problems :-(.

Maybe, it would be good to do a "preview evaluation" by ourseves (i.e. look over
the requirements to see, if we fail in new places), if we care. Maybe I'll do it
some time, when I'm in the right mood.

I'm working on 35158 (fixed in my tree) and 9202 (mostly fixed in my tree) and
indirectly on 6276.
> Maybe, it would be good to do a "preview evaluation" by ourseves

I just noticed, John did the 4.5 evaluation. He would propably the right guy to
do it, then.
I'll do a full evaluation latter, but for now...

Followup-To and Reply-To no longer shown by default.

Followup-To: poster -- is addressed to the "newsgroup" poster.

When I changed that to the newsgroup I was using for testing,

and posted the message, the content-type said plain/text but

the body was HTML (this despite my having to answer a dialog

asking if I wanted HTML).  More latter

Depends on: 36441
Ok, finished enough for the moment.  I haven't submitted it, but
I've put it up at: <> for
the moment.

Some points -- there isn't a command for Reply Via Email, so I've
failed it on 8a and 8b.   I didn't test it for server load, it was so slow
I doubt if I could have got it to even attempt a second action before it
completed the last.
Depends on: 17796
Nomination for mozilla 1.0.
Keywords: mozilla1.0
Depends on: 71121
Keywords: correctness
Did someone just change this to "fixed"?  If so why?
> Did someone just change this to "fixed"?  If so why?

No, a depending bug (#71121) was changed to 'fixed'. You can turn of e-mail 
notification of related (depending/blocking) bugs onthe BugZilla e-mail 
preferences page.
Depends on: 27768
John Moreno's evaluation is no longer available on, AFAICT.
I assume you mean my  unfinished evaluation of m15 at, 
<>, I changed the directory 
name and didn't provide any links.  Sorry about that, I've fixed it.

But it's way out of date, and according to the docs my computer is no 
longer supported (not too surprising given the speed when I did the 
evaluation).  And at least some of the failures in that version have been 
fixed in later versions.
Depends on: 35338
Depends on: 76449
Depends on: 66150
Depends on: 11045
Depends on: 45137
Depends on: 95623
Should bug #95623 take the place of #17796 in this bug's dependency list? 17796 
is listed as blocking only because it could be used to fulfill the GNKSA 
section 2 requirements. The subject of 17796 (dual menubuttons for replying, 
forwarding etc.) is not itself a GNKSA issue.
Depends on: 73403
This bug is not OS dependend. Please someone set OS=ALL

Adding bug 37088 (Trailing whitespace when folding QP encoded headers) to
dependency, this one is for GNKSA requirement 5 b) (Preserves entire original
Subject), adding additional white space destroys the original Subject.

Depends on: 37088
OS: Windows NT → All
Hardware: PC → All
Scott, over to you for safe keeping :-)
Assignee: selmer → putterman
Hows about adding the 'meta' keyword and setting target milestone to Mozilla 1.0 ?
Also, should this be nsDogFood or nsCatFood ?
unfortunately, the chance that this will get in before 1.0 is next to 0. Today
is feature deadline, I think.
Keywords: meta
Requirement 13a): Cancel -- Adding bug 150036.

Depends on: 150036
Alias: gnksa
Depends on: 169614
Removing dupes:
Bug 4567 is a dupe of bug 73403 which is already in the list.
Bug 17124 is a dupe of bug 13767 which is fixed (so I don't add it).
Bug 34549 is a dupe of bug 6276 which is already in the list.

Should we also remove other resolved bugs?

No longer depends on: 4567, 17124, 34549
I discussed with Jonas that it would be better to have the dependencies for this
bug an bug 76449 (Must-fix GNKSA bugs) non-overlapping. This will enhance the
overview. Changing summary etc. to make this clear. Of course, bug 76449 blocks
this here.

Removing bugs listed in bug 76449:
Bug 3744, bug 3745, bug 3746, bug 17796, bug 35338, bug 66150, bug 95623, bug 169614

No longer depends on: 3744, 3745, 3746, 17796, 35338, 66150, 95623, 169614
Summary: GNKSA tracking bug → GNKSA tracking bug (except for must-fix GNKSA bugs)
Whiteboard: Only add dependencies which do not fit into bug 76449.
Summary: GNKSA tracking bug (except for must-fix GNKSA bugs) → GNKSA tracking bug
Whiteboard: Only add dependencies which do not fit into bug 76449. → Only add dependencies which do not fit into bug 76449
reassigning to sspitzer
Assignee: putterman → sspitzer
Depends on: 102848
QA Contact: lchiang → nobody
Product: MailNews → Core
sorry for the spam.  making bugzilla reflect reality as I'm not working on these bugs.  filter on FOOBARCHEESE to remove these in bulk.
Assignee: sspitzer → nobody
QA Contact: nobody → backend
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Depends on: 192562

Does GNSKA still exist?

Flags: needinfo?(ben.bucksch)
Severity: normal → S3
Depends on: 169614, 35338
Flags: needinfo?(ben.bucksch)
Summary: GNKSA tracking bug → [meta] Good Netkeeping Seal of Approval (GNKSA newsreader standard)
Whiteboard: Only add dependencies which do not fit into bug 76449
Priority: P3 → P5
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