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Add MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT annotations to things that can


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The idea is that things annotated MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT must have the caller holding on-stack strong refs to all refcounted arguments, including "this".  We added a static analysis for this in bug 1380423, but now we should actually use this annotation.

This is a tracking bug for this work.  I'll file some dependencies in a few minutes.
Depends on: 1415234
bz asked for something like this for testing on IRC, so I threw together a patch.

MozReview-Commit-ID: 2YKncUdrT5p
I've looked into something like this, based on adapting the GC rooting static analysis, but the way the GC rooting analysis is set up, you'd have to change the types of all of the raw pointer arguments to a type that explicitly roots, which seemed impractical.
Priority: -- → P2
Nika, do you mind landing that opt-out in a separate bug?  I think it will make it a _lot_ simpler to incrementally annotate things with MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT...
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Flags: needinfo?(nika)
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