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[meta] Debugger Column Breakpoints M1


(DevTools :: Debugger, enhancement, P3)

67 Branch


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(Reporter: Harald, Unassigned)


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(Keywords: dev-doc-complete, meta)

Meta bug for tracking Column Breakpoints M1 – introducing more specific column-based locations.

Frontend work happens in

Summary: [meta] Ship Column Breakpoints M1 → [meta] Debugger Column Breakpoints M1
Depends on: 1533489
Depends on: 1533547
Depends on: 1533549
Depends on: 1533571
Depends on: 1533725

I'd like to dig into breakpoint positions not being available in Tabs.js when the tab is selected and devtools is just opened...

Depends on: 1533813
Depends on: 1533816
Depends on: 1533817
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Depends on: 1534248
Depends on: 1534328
Depends on: 1534332
Depends on: 1534368
Depends on: 1535043
Depends on: 1535095
Depends on: 1535246
Depends on: 1532844
Depends on: 1536113
Depends on: 1536116
Depends on: 1536201
Depends on: 1537589
Depends on: 1537596
Depends on: 1537597
Depends on: 1537598
Depends on: 1537615
Depends on: 1537619
Depends on: 1537662
Depends on: 1537663
Depends on: 1537779
Depends on: 1537757
Depends on: 1537884
Depends on: 1537888
No longer depends on: 1537884
Depends on: 1538056
Priority: P1 → --
Depends on: 1544900
Blocks: 1548255
Alias: dbg-column-bps-m1
No longer blocks: 1548255
Blocks: 1548255
No longer depends on: 1538056

The following was added to the documentation on the page Setting a breakpoint:

Column breakpoints allow you to break at multiple points on the same line. In the previous example, you could have selected both the call to parse and the call to getItem, or even all three columns to break at each of the possible locations.

In cases where you set breakpoints on multiple columns, the currently active columns breakpoint will be highlighted in the Breakpoints side panel.

Also added a mention to the Firefox 67 Release notes

Priority: -- → P2
Priority: P2 → P3
No longer depends on: 1537615
No longer depends on: 1532844
No longer depends on: 1533547

closing as this project is now done!

Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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