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[meta] make matrix chat a first class citizen


(Chat Core :: Matrix, task)

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(Reporter: mkmelin, Unassigned)


(Depends on 6 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This is a the tracking bug for properly supporting the Matrix ( protocol.

Essentially every open bug in the Matrix component is necessary for "proper" support of Matrix.

Hmm, feel free to change the summary. Some support was added in bug 1199855, but I filed this to make it a first class citizen. ATM it's very unclear how to even set up a matrix account...

Depends on: 1427205
Summary: [meta] proper matrix support in chat → [meta] make matrix chat a first class citizen

Matrix is currently disabled since creating new accounts doesn't work. I get your point though, we can use this as a place to point someone to if they want to work on it.

I updated this with what I think are the basic necessities to get Matrix to work. I'm sure we'll run into other rough edges as someone fleshes this out.

Depends on: 1611444
Blocks: 1611444
No longer depends on: 1611444
No longer blocks: 1611444
Depends on: 1611444
Depends on: 1614025
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