meta bug to track resolved problem in 157673



17 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: ftang, Assigned: ftang)


Windows XP
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17 years ago

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17 years ago
move the following resolve issue here
9449   nor   P2   PC   RESO   FIXE   window titlebar
does not render non-English [unicode] tex...
36975 nor P2 PC RESO FIXE [IME 2000]-Moving caret in
Convert mode does not work
82748 nor P2 PC RESO FIXE JPN/Chinese account name and user
name are not imported c...
98144 nor -- All RESO FIXE Search date isn't system locale
107941 nor -- PC RESO DUPL Need to handle filenames in
Unicode on multilingual OS's
111728 nor -- Mac RESO FIXE TEC causes problems with Greek,
Cyrillic and some Latin c...
112741 nor P3 PC RESO DUPL When use DBCS to Profile name,
created folder is overwrit...
131063 nor P3 PC RESO FIXE Surrogate characters can not be
pasted into XP MS word as...
131889 nor -- PC RESO FIXE Edit as New menu inserts extra
http-equiv charset lines i...
132671 nor -- PC RESO FIXE Double-byte mails in
Sent/Trash/Draft/Unsent folder are n...
136322 maj -- All RESO FIXE Character coding menu doesn't
work in Source window (it b...
142476 maj -- PC RESO FIXE This page raises CPU use to 92-100%
150530 nor -- PC RESO FIXE Character Coding is wrong when
replying to multipart message
154412 nor -- All RESO FIXE "Local Folders" in the window
title is not localizable
157979 nor -- All RESO FIXE Need seperate header for printing
160544 nor -- All RESO FIXE Localizability for address book
UI, first name last name ...
163597 nor -- PC RESO FIXE Import AB fr Outlook (Express).:JA
name list (group) name...
57332 nor P3 PC VERI FIXE Quick typing erases a converting
58866 nor P2 PC VERI INVA Files are not opened, if the
path or file name contains s...
64119 nor -- PC VERI WORK Import from Eudora-J: Ja chars in
the mails of Out and Tr...
70507 nor P2 All VERI FIXE New Windows opened via
Javascript do not inherit their pa...
76097 maj P1 PC VERI FIXE Need to include external leading
for normal Line-height
81024 nor -- PC VERI FIXE Mouseover for http://www.צה.com
shows http://www.%E4%F6.c...
108029 maj P2 Mac VERI FIXE choose a better clipboard
encoding for 'text' format depe...
117385 cri P2 PC VERI FIXE Can't delete/rename a folder with
name containing 0x5b/0...
122584 nor P4 PC VERI FIXE editor problem with surrogate pair
128263 nor -- Mac VERI FIXE support surrogate character
rendering under Mac.
137657 nor P3 PC VERI FIXE html content serializer and
nsISaveAsCharset does not han...
137695 nor P3 Mac VERI FIXE Mac Japaense IME do not support
"Reconversion" (control+1)
143556 nor -- PC VERI FIXE JavaScript escape/unescape
doesn't work properly with sur...
144551 nor P1 All VERI FIXE inconsistent en-mac/en-unix in
different platform langenu...
149692 nor -- PC VERI FIXE Japanese font is
displayed ugly on linux RH7.2
152690 nor -- PC VERI FIXE Non-ascii chars are displaying as
QP in the display name ...
152814 blo -- PC VERI FIXE detecting BOM when loading script
155457 nor -- All VERI DUPL Popup dialog is displayed as
blank in PPEmbed and MFCEmbe...
155569 maj P1 All VERI FIXE null filename (+ extension) used
for downloading files wi...
155658 nor -- PC VERI WORK POP:Not show newly created
folder before close/reopen mai...
160001 nor -- Mac VERI FIXE atsui display code show text
161174 maj P1 PC VERI FIXE Hotmail Chinese attachment
filename is displayed as quest...

Comment 2

17 years ago
add 157673
Blocks: 157673


17 years ago
No longer blocks: 157673

Comment 3

17 years ago
I think you meant meta, not meat. :) Many of these bugs are non-PC. Should this
bug be All/All?
Summary: meat bug to track resolved problem in 157673 → meta bug to track resolved problem in 157673


17 years ago
Depends on: 110729

Comment 4

16 years ago
meta bug. mark it as assigned

Comment 5

16 years ago
move 36975 back to 157673
No longer blocks: 36975

Comment 6

16 years ago
add 8275,  98434, 99402, 108136, 118013, 128572, 133754, 160546, 171813, 179822,
180326, 180988, 181117

Comment 7

15 years ago
all dependencies have been resolved.

Last Resolved: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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