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2002 Q4 intl wish list


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(Depends on 5 open bugs)


(Keywords: intl, meta)

this bug is to track all the bug that IQA and i18ngrp hope to fix by 2002 Q4
QA Contact: chofmann → ftang
here is the origional mail send me without any code name
 Hi Frank,

I put together a list from my team what they feel are important things to fix
for the next release, I hope that you can incorporate this into your list.


# 14578 - Im URL should be in region pack;
# 17227- MACOSX - non-ascii file name is garbled in the path when sending file

# 70395- non-ascii Address Book name is not displayed corrctly after migration;
# 73258- Folders with JPN are not imported correctly
# 32216 - Malformed mail tag, wrong date
# 49230 - Standalone message window doesn't inherit the charset;
# 147823- Can not post to a newsgroup with non-ascii name;
# 126453- Chinese newsgroups (servers with CH name) are not readable;
# 77972-  Non-ascii name in the Reply-to filed is garbled in the Account wizard;
# 132671- DB name in the Sent folder isn't imported correctly;
# 152690 - non-ascii chars are displayed as QP in the Collected AB in case of
sent later
Rui Xu

1. Full Unicode support on Winodws. (typical bug [101606] This is for tracking
unicode related bugs)
2. TSF IME support on WinXP. (typical bug [88831] Support new IME API "Text
Services Framework" from Office XP and Windows XP)
3. Some CJKT fonts displayed ugly on some platforms. (known bug [149692]
Japanese font is displayed ugly on linux RH7.2)
4. Non-ascii character support with Javascript. (known bug [155670] Can not
enter non-ascii characters in room on non-native language OS)
5. Bad performance and high memory consumption with non-ascii home pages or
sites. (known bugs [142476] This page raises CPU use to 92-100%, [128572] CPU
usage jumps to 100% when loading a page with wrong charset, [129387] Korean font
: 90% CPU in nsFontGTKNormal::GetWidth())
Bugzilla bug
98434 IME does not work correctly at the last characters in the text field
98395 Need the separate character coding menu in the different frame
154228 Crash when typing huge international data in input field
155457 Popup dialog is displayed as blank in PPEmbed and MFCEmbed builds
152814 Included Unicode JavaScript files don't work
Bugscape bug,
15080 j2re1.4.0_01 is specified to install to C drive
12965 NS 6.1 not working with Java and the Plugin finder
Yuying Long
1. Chinese font display problem in Composer and Mail toolbar, this will affect
in our localized SC build.
bug 154919
2. Line height problems in CJK pages:
bug 76097, bug 137817
3. JavaScript without meta tag charset pop-up window display problem
bug 70507
4. Overlapping Chinese (SC & TC) text display in Mac.:
bug 143557
5. Page source display problem:
bug 136322
Item1: Problems with import:
145293: Import: Should support for non-ascii display names and email addresses
64119: Import from Eudora-J: Ja chars in the mails of Out and Trash folder are
not displayed correctly
95613: Attachment in Eudora-J mail is not imported correctly.
132671: Double-byte mails in Sent folder are not imported correctly
82748: JPN/Chinese account name and user name are not imported correctly when
importing settings from OE
Item 2:
66868Location of profile is incorrect shown when the path contains non-ascii chars
Item 3:
107941Need to handle filenames in Unicode on multilingual OS's
Item 4:
96642: Mail Compose 'To' field is not resizable
Item 5:
73258: Profile migration: JPN mail folder for Copies/Folders doesn't migrate

Jeesun Cho
News account setup:
141852 - News:User input for Account name is ignored
141872 - Can't cancel subscribing to a newsgroup if via URL
Address Book mail list:
143355 - AddressBook:Can't drag and drop card (address) to mail list
SMTP setup:
144643 - SMTP login prompt for mail account which doesn't exist
Mail folders:
144684 - Can't copy a msg to newly created sub folder without rest...
155658 - POP:Not show newly created folder before close/reopen mai
Instant Messenger:
14413 - If Room name has non-ascii chars, chat invitation not sent

Kasumi Ketron
112741 When use DBCS to Profile name, created folder is overwritten onto
existing folder having DBCS to folder name.
112031 Can't create user profile folder when use DBCS as user name
to depend list
It should be 112741 instead of 122741
Depends on: 112741
No longer depends on: 122741
Keywords: intl, meta
Yung-Fong Tang wrote:
> 1. Full Unicode support on Winodws. (typical bug [101606] This is for tracking
unicode related bugs)

Thank you for your feedback, But this tracking bug seems track a lot of bugs. Is
that possilbe that you can tell us the top 5 bugs track by bug 101606 that you
think we should fix ? 

Rui then wrote:
Suggest to fix the major issues on Windows 1st, since Windows users are most

1. Bug 9449  window titlebar does not render non-English [unicode] text properly
    related bug 97671

2. Bug 58866 Files are not opened, if the path or file name contains some
high-ascii or double-byte characters
    related bug 100243, 100344, 100364, 100396, 101573

3. Bug 104305 P option doesn't work with double-byte char profile names
    related bug 128380


[end of rui's reply]
take out 101606 and put in 9449, 58866, 104305
Depends on: 9449, 58866, 104305
No longer depends on: 101606
70395 is not "non-ascii Address Book name is not displayed corrctly after
migration;" that is 70396. remove 70395 and add 70396
Depends on: 70396
No longer depends on: 70395
The following bugs should be fixed ASAP.

Quick typing erases a converting text

Shift_JIS conversion problem on MacOS9, OS/2

Using --splash breaks IME input

"Find in History" doesn't work with Japanese characters

Character Coding is wrong when replying to multipart message

Depends on: 57332, 108136, 118478, 128634, 150530
from nhotta:
157010  International mail/addressbook migration support (meta bug)
108029 choose a better clipboard encoding for 'text' format depend on the page
8275 Need routine to perform Unicode composition and decomposition
95481 upgrade file system code to use Unicode when HFS+ exists

 two additions
140472 No escape for non ASCII host name
129726 option to send URL as UTF-8
Depends on: 8275, 95481, 108029, 129726, 140472, 157010
from mcarlson:
 Hi Frank,

This is our wish list (okay we have a top 7 list, not a top 5 list): No fix yet.
inconsistent en-mac/en-unix in different platform langenus.xpi files
Pref dialog size should go en-win/mac/unix.jar
"Local Folders" in the window title is not localizable
Mail Compose 'To' field is not resizable 
Depends on: 99402, 144551, 154412
add rchen's feedback
 Can I have one more? I just filed this bug:
Depends on: 157806
No longer depends on: 157010
Depends on: 128263
Depends on: 122584
Depends on: 143556
Depends on: 131063
Depends on: 137657
Depends on: 137695
Depends on: ruby
Depends on: 118013
Depends on: 158856
Depends on: 158859
Depends on: 36975
Depends on: 81024
Depends on: 160001
Depends on: tec-osx
No longer depends on: 141852
No longer depends on: 141872
No longer depends on: 143355
Depends on: 160236
Blocks: 160801
Depends on: 161174
Depends on: 155569
Depends on: 110943
No longer depends on: 129387
Depends on: 98144
Depends on: 127713
Depends on: 162407
Depends on: 163140
Depends on: 117385
Depends on: 163597
Depends on: 157979
Depends on: 110729
Depends on: 131889
Depends on: 168381
Depends on: 149931
Depends on: 169065
Depends on: 143514
Depends on: 160546
Depends on: 160544
Depends on: 160603
Depends on: 162718
Depends on: 133754
Depends on: 23436
move resolved bugs to bug 180372
No longer depends on: 160801
Depends on: 180372
No longer depends on: 180372
No longer depends on: 110729
Depends on: 179822
Depends on: 179998, 180007
Depends on: 167218, 174197
No longer depends on: 144684
No longer depends on: 144643
Depends on: 125106
Depends on: 153401
Depends on: 185529
Depends on: 185590
Depends on: 185753
Depends on: 164784
Depends on: 188263
Depends on: 188429
Depends on: 92660
Depends on: 36975
remove 8275,  98434, 99402, 108136, 118013, 128572, 133754, 160546, 171813,
179822, 180326, 180988, 181117
what a hack. I have not touch mozilla code for 2 years. I didn't read these bugs
for 2 years. And they are still there. Just close them as won't fix to clean up.
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Mass Bug Re-Open of bugs Frank Tang Closed with no good reason. Spam is his
fault not my own
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
Mass Re-assinging Frank Tangs old bugs that he closed won't fix and had to be
re-open. Spam is his fault not my own
Assignee: ftang → nobody
I think it is safe to close this bug as invalid, the user does not plan to use
it anymore.
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