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[meta] Long press context menu actions


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Fennec Native is missing most of the long-press actions of other browsers.

See also Bug 664798 and Bug 643191-
* Add "Copy Image Location" for images
* Add "Copy Email Address" for mailto: links
* Add "Copy Phone Number" for tel: links
* Add "Copy Link Location" for other links

Primarily, this makes it impossible to share any links via copy/paste, the only work-around appears to be to open the page in another browser.
Product: Fennec → Fennec Native
Ever confirmed: true
There was bug 700283, which has become WONTFIX.

So I guess this bug might be WONTFIX too, or perhaps it can be decided which ones of the actions should be added?
Keywords: uiwanted
This bug encompasses only the bare-minimum functionality (and perhaps not even all of it)- there is NO way to replicate any of these actions other than to copy the link from the address bar, exit Fennec, start any other browser, paste in the link, then access whatever context menu you wanted to use from that browser.
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Priority: -- → P5
See also: bug #769374 - a feature request to add "Read Later" to Fennec's long press menu once #696921 (Reader Mode UI) is implemented.

The example workflow I give in #769374 is adding a bunch of links from a news site's headlines to an offline reading list in rapid succession, e.g., before hopping on the subway/train/plane/rocketship/whatever. It's a ux-natural-mapping / ux-efficiency thing.
Changed this bug to a meta bug for copy link instances in the long press context menu.

Bug 769886 is for "Copy Link Location".

For UX:
Are the remaining link types ("Copy email address", "Copy phone number", and "Copy image location") still desired?
Depends on: 769886
Keywords: meta
Summary: Add ability to copy links to the Fennec context menu (regression from XUL builds) → [meta] Add ability to copy links to the Fennec context menu (regression from XUL builds)
* "Copy Email Address" – Bug 775766
* "Copy Phone Number" – Bug 775770
* "Copy Image Location" – Bug 775773
Figured it was more useful to have a meta bug for all context menu long press interactions – changed title accordingly.
Summary: [meta] Add ability to copy links to the Fennec context menu (regression from XUL builds) → [meta] Long press context menu actions
Depends on: 767803
Depends on: 777724
Depends on: 824948
Depends on: 904463
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