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tracking view source UI


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(Depends on 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: se-radar)

tracking view source UI items.
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 71173
No longer depends on: 71137
bug 71137 seems to be out of place here. typo?
Depends on: 71137
No longer depends on: 71173
Changing 71137 to 71173 -- that makes more sense.
Depends on: 71173
No longer depends on: 71137
Depends on: 80598
Depends on: 81202
Depends on: 85752
Depends on: 85908
Depends on: 55583
Depends on: 87514
Depends on: 87787
Whiteboard: se-radar
Depends on: 99676
mass moving open bugs pertaining to view source to as qa contact.

to find all bugspam pertaining to this, set your search string to
QA Contact: sairuh → pmac
Is this bug still being used?
Component: XP Apps → Tracking
This bug is not dependent upoon 81202. 81202 deals with viewing HTTP headers in
the Page Info pane. Based on the scant info here, this has nothing to do with
Page Info at all.
I use this bug every so often...
No longer depends on: 81202
Depends on: 169198
Depends on: 202659
Since this tracker doesn't have a list of bugs and their summary titles, I'll
take the liberty to do this myself.  Here are the unresolved ones:

Bug 8589 - make view source open in text/plain helper app
Bug 11520 - Ability to view stylesheet source.
Bug 15364 - Add line numbers to View Source
Bug 17612 - view-source link-browsing
Bug 47139 - Make page source tabbed, each tab representing a frame
Bug 57722 - view-source leaves out whitespace at end of document
Bug 60426 - Allow users to choose between generated and source html in view-source
Bug 63137 - View Source converts tags to lower case
Bug 74862 - Ability to save highlighted source in view-source
Bug 76250 - enable Page Info menu item in View Source
Bug 78619 - View-source: pages have a view source option if opened by hyperlink
Bug 79399 - stop spawning view-source: urls in a new window when we support view...
Bug 85908 - Add reload to View Page Source Window
Bug 87514 - Lots of menus/menu items disappear when a source window has focus
Bug 87787 - need a stop button for view source
Bug 99676 - ctrl-e in viewsource causes composer to load highlighted source
Bug 169198 - Add "Raw View" tab to View Source window

Bug 64100 was duped to bug 55583, which is already listed.  Removing dependency.
No longer depends on: 64100
Stewart: What's wrong with the "Show dependency tree" link on this page?
Sorry ... I'm just used to the list being actually on the tracker bug page.  Should've 
remembered this feature though.
Depends on: 214112
Replacing dups:
bug 87514 -> bug 21296
bug 214112 -> bug 17612
Depends on: 21296
No longer depends on: 87514, 214112
QA Contact: pmac → chofmann
Marking all tracking bugs which haven't been updated since 2014 as INCOMPLETE.
If this bug is still relevant, please reopen it and move it into a bugzilla component related to the work
being tracked. The Core: Tracking component will no longer be used.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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