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run linux64 tests on ubuntu 16.04


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it would be nice to upgrade our operating system from something 4+ years old.

now that we have an image to test with (from bug 1281179), we can start greening up tests.

Here is a try run with linux64 opt/debug jobs running fully in linux16.04:

a lot of failures occur, I suspect a few key fixes and some manifest cleanup and we could be live.

 I suspect we just need to update the manifests to have the expected status for ubuntu 12.04 be applied to ubuntu 16.04, for example:

 A lot of failures, most of these do not look like known failures, I expect we need to adjust default fonts, anti-aliasing, or something with screen resolution or pixels.

 3 tests fail, I assume these have to do with where pixels are on the screen- either way we can fix these with a little bit of time

 looks like 2 tests are perma fail here

 looks like 2 tests are perma fail here as well

  1 issue on opt, possibly more on debug

  1 issue on both opt/debug, maybe a second issue on debug

finally - jittest, mochitest-gl-
  these appear to have issues
Depends on: 1290192
Depends on: 1291657
Blocks: 1217931
No longer blocks: 1217931
Blocks: 1223198
Depends on: 1309086
Depends on: 1309110
Blocks: 1217931
Depends on: 1319782
Depends on: 1319792
Depends on: 1319796
Depends on: 1319801
Depends on: 1319804
Depends on: 1319807
Depends on: 1319863
Blocks: 1269984
Depends on: 1326400
Blocks: 1293474
Depends on: 1332902
Depends on: 1333019
Depends on: 1334461
Depends on: 1334471
No longer blocks: 1293474
Blocks: 1302296
I believe we can move over:

sadly not:
reftest-stylo (28 tests fail right now)
mochitest-devtools (3+ tests, sort of sloppy with leaks or other automation woes)
mochitest-chrome (1 test....)
mochitest-plain (3 tests, but a mess on asan with automation errors)
mochitest-browser-chrome (2 consistent failures, a big mess as well)

here is a try push for reference:

assuming we move the 4 over, I would like to switch tests.yml to default to 1604 and have to specify using 1204
Depends on: 1352868
Depends on: 1352869
Depends on: 1352870
here is the list of failures that are perma fail in the try push:
editor/libeditor/tests/test_dragdrop.html (opt 8)
layout/forms/test/test_bug348236.html (opt 8)
dom/events/test/test_bug946632.html (debug 3)
devtools/client/inspector/rules/test/browser_rules_edit-display-grid-property.js (x64 debug dt10)
toolkit/content/tests/widgets/test_popupanchor.xul (x64 debug c3)
the above failures are based on the try runs for the mochitest-plain, mochitest-devtools, and mochitest-chrome bugs 1319782, 1319804, 1319807 respectively.
editor/libeditor/tests/test_dragdrop.html (opt 8) - bug 1335880
devtools/client/inspector/rules/test/browser_rules_edit-display-grid-property.js (x64 debug dt10) - bug 1356214
toolkit/content/tests/widgets/test_popupanchor.xul (x64 debug c3) - bug 1335894

Can you get bugs on file for:
layout/forms/test/test_bug348236.html (opt 8)
dom/events/test/test_bug946632.html (debug 3)
Flags: needinfo?(kshriram18)
Depends on: 1360559
No longer depends on: 1360559
layout/forms/test/test_bug348236.html (opt 8) - bug 1360559
dom/events/test/test_bug946632.html (debug 3) - bug 1360568
Flags: needinfo?(kshriram18)
Depends on: 1360582
all done
Closed: 7 years ago
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