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Import passwords from popular password managers


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User Story

* Chrome on Linux (workaround for bug 1513718) (DONE)
* 1Password
* LastPass

Others to consider:
* Dashlane
* Bitwarden (DONE)
* NordPass
* RememBear
* Legacy Firefox column names (hostname/formSubmitURL)
* Keepass (DONE)

Disabled in Fx80 outside Nightly via ``


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third party password managers make it easy to transition off of Firefox's password manager, we should make it at least possible to migrate back
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From sfoster

Keepass exports entries to a .csv, with headings:"Group","Title","Username","Password","URL","Notes"

1Password allows users to export passwords on a per vault basis in CSV and TXT formats. In the export dialog, you can select which fields are including, or choose to export every field. There is also a checkbox to include field labels in a header row. They also have documentation for exporting passwords.

The "common" fields are:

  • Notes
  • Password
  • Title
  • Type
  • URL
  • Username

Here's an example of an exported 1Password CSV with all fields included. There are two example entries included.

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We should probably look at Dashlane and Lastpass too.

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shorlander said we have an open icon which might be appropriate:

We are working on export now (bug 249801) and will get to this soon.

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Depends on D80897

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Prangya, do you have the ranking of password managers by user count yet?

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I think we still need someone to provide an example LastPass export. Dashlane, NordPass, & RememBear examples would also be great.

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User Story: (updated)

According to this old screenshot and a BitWarden test, LastPass columns are:

Here are all the URL/username/password header names supported by BitWarden.

Is there any reason to keep this opened? Import from CSV/TSV landed in Nightly

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I answered my own question above by adding dependencies :)

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Moving to P3 as this is not happening in the next release cycle.

Priority: P2 → P3

The bug assignee didn't login in Bugzilla in the last 7 months, so the assignee is being reset.

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