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[meta] Static about:home / about:newtab at start-up


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, task)





(Reporter: mconley, Assigned: mconley)


(Depends on 9 open bugs, Blocks 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Having done a deep-dive performance audit on about:home / about:newtab, I believe we can make read and perceived start-up performance gains by having a static document that's loaded at start-up, and only dynamically generating about:home / about:newtab when absolutely necessary.

Now that the analysis is complete, we'd like to see if our plan of using a static about:home / about:newtab will in fact have a positive impact on real / perceived start-up time. If so, then we'd like to pursue actually shipping the change.

This metabug covers doing that prototyping and testing, and development if the prototype tests positively.

Depends on: 1614352
Depends on: 1614465
Depends on: 1513045
Depends on: 1184701
Depends on: 1614502
Depends on: 1616346
Depends on: 1616347

Marking as P2 to get it prioritized. Let us know if you'd like to P it differently depending on how you're organizing this work. Thanks!

:mconley - do you mind if we assign this bug to you so that it cleans up our triage/bug process for New Tab component?

Flags: needinfo?(mconley)
Priority: -- → P2

Sure this can be assigned to me, though as a meta, it'll probably be broken out over several people.

Assignee: nobody → mconley
Flags: needinfo?(mconley)
Blocks: 1602025
Blocks: 1527936

Mike - do you have a plan to invalidate/regenerate the cached document on locales change and/or on langpack update?

Depends on: 1621032
Depends on: 1619992
Depends on: 1622088
Depends on: 1622263
Blocks: bugzy-epic
Depends on: 1626040
Depends on: 1626428
Depends on: 1626721
Depends on: 1626995
Depends on: 1627022
Depends on: 1631595
Depends on: 1631957
Depends on: 1631958
Depends on: 1633051
Depends on: 1633898
Depends on: 1633903
Depends on: 1633913
Depends on: 1647486
No longer depends on: 1647486
Depends on: 1647757
Depends on: 1650790
Depends on: 1651502
Depends on: 1669733
Depends on: 1672517
Depends on: 1672748
Depends on: 1673109
Depends on: 1674317
Depends on: 1674827
Depends on: 1673716
Priority: P2 → --
Depends on: 1714595

This bug is registered in "Experimental Features", but the dependent bugs have not been updated for over a year.

Is there any plan for this bug to be fixed and leave the "Experimental Features"?

No longer depends on: 1633898
No longer depends on: 1631958
Severity: normal → --
Depends on: 1805460
Depends on: 1824799
Depends on: 1824094
Depends on: 1825661
Depends on: 1826103
Depends on: 1826360
Depends on: 1843138
Depends on: 1852115
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