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[1.2 branch] parser bugs due to bug 167493


(Core :: HTML: Parser, defect, P1, blocker)

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This is a meta-bug whose dependencies will be problems caused by the incorrect
backout described in bug 167493 comment 21.  Some of these bugs have been
reported as Windows-only, but I've also been able to reproduce them on a gcc
3.2.1 Linux build with -O2.
Blocks: 182348, 182441, 182498
Severity: normal → blocker
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.2final
Blocks: 182302
Blocks: 182292
I've corrected the backout on the 1.2 branch (although I admit I only tested the
change on the trunk, but I did the backout by backing out the backout with cvs
up -j<X> -j<Y> and then backing out the original checkin the same way).  It
remains to be seen what (if anything) we'll do with the 1.2 release.
Blocks: 182442
Blocks: 182154
Blocks: 182155
Blocks: 182315
We may have to do something with the 1.2 branch anyway.  Some of the checkins 
to the 1.2 branch disappeared from the 1.2 release - see bug 182506.
Blocks: 182418
Blocks: 181729
Blocks: 182449
Blocks: 182466
Blocks: 182477
Blocks: 182482
Blocks: 182511
Blocks: 182515
I think I've gone through all the Browser bugs filed between the 1.2 release and
now (mostly by just skimming bug summaries), and added all the relevant
dependencies.  However, bug 182317 and bug 182433 are probably also dependencies
of this bug, but I didn't add them since I'm not sure.
Blocks: 182317
Blocks: 182268
No longer blocks: 182466
Blocks: 182541
Blocks: 182433
Blocks: 182253
Note I've added this bug as a dependency:

bug 182253, "document.write() eats initial characters in 1.2"

It explains why so many sites with DHTML menus are being hit by the
current bug. The sites are using document.write() to create them -
Blocks: 182282
Blocks: 182542
Blocks: 182601
Blocks: 182608
Blocks: 182605
Blocks: 182626
Blocks: 182639
No longer blocks: 182542
Blocks: 182691
I removed links to 1.2 from the releases page and the home page, and announced
the release of 1.2.1 when we have a correct tag and new builds. Since this
happened on a 4 day holiday weekend the new release may not happen till
Yes I did see it happen in that relase but somebody beated me to the punch.
Are you giong to remove it form the
page or you going to keep it there for people to download and test this problem.
IF you can e-mail me wiht that info that will be great I will like to see still
on there for the people who want to take risks like me.
We're not talking about a security exploit or even major dataloss here. I see no
need to re-write history. The 1.2 release will stay where it is. 

This bug is likely to see some traffic. I'm taking this oportunity to ask all of
you folks that read about this bug at mozillazine or slashdot or wherever to not
comment. Unless you're actually working on this problem your comments will only
get in the way. Thanks.
Blocks: 182790
Blocks: 182793
Blocks: 182760
Blocks: 182802
Blocks: 182914
Nominating bug 182460 for 1.2.1
Keywords: meta
Should all depencies by resolved as Fixed since 1.2.1 is out?
No longer blocks: 182802
I have marked all but one of the dependencencies of this bug as fixed, since I
tested that they were fixed by the patch that was the change between 1.2 and
1.2.1 when I added them to the dependency tree.  (I tested the bugs others added
as well.)  The one I left out was bug 182433, since the site is unreachable for me.

Marking this bug fixed as well, since it is fixed in the release of mozilla 1.2.1.
Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
There is a <div id="SLIDE">&nbsp;</div> on the page INTRO.htm
The a.m. JavaScript works fine for MSIE > 4.01, Navigator4 (special case),
Mozilla > 0.99 but NOT Mozilla 1.2 NOR 1.2.1 !!
Attached file practical example
Completing the previous comment, you may view the site
(2nd page) with Mozilla 1.0.1 and 1.2.1
R.N.Gimmel: It's a different bug if you see this with 1.2.1
Blocks: 183179
*** Bug 184236 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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