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[Meta] Javascript strict warnings and errors (Thunderbird)


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There will be a lot of that bugs...
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Summary: [Meta] Javascript strict warnings and errors → [Meta] Javascript strict warnings and errors (Thunderbird)
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I believe we don't need an explicit assignee for this bug.
Assignee: hskupin → nobody
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|make mozmill| is gone since December 2019.

We now have mochitest for TB.

I picked up Javascript errors and warnings from the mochitest local run of FULL DEBUG version of TB.
The lines are plenty and I believe there are real errors, which I am going to file one by one hopefully in my spare time, but I hope someone will take a look at the listing and file a bugzilla entriy or two on their own.
The errors are simply too many for one individual to figure out.

The number at the beginning of each line is the frequency of occurrences.

There are some duplicates (I tried to make sure that we do not miss bugs/warnings.)

Also, there is a frivolous false positive.:
2 "/REF-COMM-CENTRAL/comm-central/mozilla/toolkit/devtools/deprecated-sync-thenables.js",

But the list should be a good start for bug hunting and already, I found a possible repeatable smoking gun to solve either bug 944194 or bug 1559267.

I am doing this to make sure my local patches won't break TB in undesirable way, but I am afraid that we need to clean up the current state in the first place. :-(

Depends on: 1634464
Depends on: 1105713

The following bugzilla may not be strictly speaking
a Javascript error/warning, but it certainly mentions head.js. So I added the dependency to it.
Bug 1105713 Fix warnings "Chrome file doesn't exist head.js" in tests
(Or should I create TB Meta entry for mochitest to assemble mochitest errors/warnings. |make mozmill| is gone and some bugzilla entries reported
under it are gone for now?)

I feel I should open a new META Thunderbird mochitest warnings/errors.
(This bugzilla is only for JavaScript-related ones and 15 years old.)

What do people think?

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(In reply to ISHIKAWA, Chiaki from comment #4)

I feel I should open a new META Thunderbird mochitest warnings/errors.
(This bugzilla is only for JavaScript-related ones and 15 years old.)

Take this with a grain of salt because I don't deal with these issues ...

I suspect, yes, create a new meta in the General component. But note we have the test infra component which doesn't have many bugs. If that component truly is only for infra, and not actual tests, then I guess it makes sense that it it does not have many bugs.

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Geoff is our Test module owner, I'll defer to him.

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It's not really a bug in the tests or the infrastructure if the warnings are coming from real code. So I'd say General is the better component.

It'd be nice to see some of this stuff fixed, but only if it's actually getting fixed. Otherwise it's just more noise.

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