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[meta] Support and Require Python 3 in our Testing Infrastructure


(Testing :: General, enhancement, P3)

Version 3


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(Depends on 24 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

Meta bug to track converting our test harnesses and related infrastructure to Python 3.

Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: -- → P3

Hi Andrew!
What is the work that is needed to be done to fix the issue? Can you give me a brief overview of the work that is needed to be done
Is it related to the bug#1465785(Convert the JS tests suites to Python 3)?

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No, this is unrelated.

It's a metabug to convert our test harness code from Python 2 -> Python 3. Mostly it's stuff that lives under /testing. However all our test harnesses use the build system to some degree. So we've been holding off on starting anything until that is fixed.

There are two tasks that are generally helpful at this point:

  1. Get more Python unittests running under Python 3
  2. Get more mach commands running under Python 3

I'll file a bug for you and CC you on it.

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Thanks! Please do CC me on the bug. I'll look into it
Which are the python unittests and mach command that you talking about and their working directories

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I already needinfo'ed you on the bug I filed :). Let's keep further communication there and in chat as it has little relevance to this bug.

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Okay! thanks.

Mass-removing myself from cc; search for 12b9dfe4-ece3-40dc-8d23-60e179f64ac1 or any reasonable part thereof, to mass-delete these notifications (and sorry!)

Depends on: 1658679
Depends on: 1557307
Depends on: 1638981
Depends on: 1638956
Depends on: 1638973
Depends on: 1665436
Depends on: 1638992
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