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Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (ctrl+enter) (www. .com)


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It would be really nifty with some feature that allows for easy access to urls 
like,, etc.

One way of doing it is to have a special key compination with enter (IE has 
ctrl+enter on windows) that adds "www." before and ".com" after the entered url 
before requesting the url. So the user only enters "altavista" and presses (for 
example) ctrl+enter which makes mozilla load "". The downside 
of this is that it only allows easy getting of .com addresses.

Another aproch would be that if the user enters a oneword url (such 
as "altavista") mozilla DNS resolvs
1. altavista

then loads the first where DNS resolution dosn't fail. The difference from 
current behaviour in that that the DNS resolution is done for all of the above 
url at the same time which decreases the time before a valid url is found.
The country specific domains (.se and .no above) could be configurable along 
with search-order for .com, .org, .net etc
These could be the bottom-most items in the auto-complete menu. Suitably
styled/colored, of course, to show that they might not actually exist.
This already works.  Type cnn into the URL bar nd it resolves to 
just fine.  WORKSFORME.  Please reopen if I'm totally missing the point.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
You're missing the point. :-) the point of this RFE is to get out of the `all the 
world's a .com' mentality, by allowing users to go to OR OR (or the equivalent for your chosen country) OR OR 
OR ... etc. Reopening.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
OK, then this belongs to UI Design Feedback, XPApps (location of autocomplete I 
think) or maybe Networking?
-> networking for now
Component: Browser-General → Networking
Assignee: asadotzler → gagan
QA Contact: jelwell → tever
this feature (along with some very cool usage patterns) is already implemented
by rjc. cc'ing him for his comments on how to use it. 
Closed: 21 years ago21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
adding self to cc: list.
Well? I don't see anything. I type in `slashdot' (without the quotes), and how do 
I get from there to <> (as opposed to <http://slashdot/>, or 
<>)? ... rjc?
I did something a bit different than what you are looking for:  for any URL 
which you have bookmarked, you can assign it a "Custom Keyword" (look in the 
bookmark properties dialog) which you can type in as a shortcut.
rjc - That custom keyword is great...I can now type /. in the URL bar to get to 
Slashdot.  Very innovative, and very intuitive (why should companies like 
RealNames decide Internet Keywords for us when we can decide them ourselves?)

Still, I'm gonna reopen this for now because I'm not sure that the feature goes 
far enough, in that it doesn't really account for the DNS resolving that the 
reporter suggested.   Also, as an example, what if you know that Company X 
exists, but you don't know their webpage?  Obviously the bookmarking feature 
won't help since that requires you to know the URL offhand.  The DNS resolving 
that the reporter suggested, however, would help if their website was, say,, since eventually it would resolve to that.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
Mozilla actually will find if you just 
type 'YourCompanyNameHere' however it does take some time before you find it 
since mozilla first DNS resolvs YourCompanyNameHere then (when that has failed) then (after waiting again) My original proposal was that mozilla should DNS 
resolve all these at the same time and then go to the one where it finds a DNS 

However I like Matthew Thomas idea to have all these in the autocompleat menu 
more. That way you can select which one you want if both and exists. To make 
this really useful we should be able to configure which domains should exist in 
the dropdown since a swede would proboly like to have right after while a 
german would like to have instead.

When thinking about this there actually is no reason we conldn't do both "fast 
DNS autosearch" and autocompleat-dropdown. The "fast DNS autosearch" could also 
use the configured list of domains to search. But I'll guess that would be a 
seperate bug.
this, IMO, absolutly positivly MUST NOT be done.

the only sane way to resolve the described course of action is as follows:

entering 'foo' for a location
check aginst rjc's 'Custom Keywords'
resolve foo
resolve (if the OS's calls do not already)
print message informing user the host does not exsist

i think dumbing down mozilla to autoappend 'www.' and '.com' is a huge mistake.

first off, any website worth their salt does not require a 'www.', so that takes
care of that.

second, assuming '.com' is not only foolish now, its biased in more ways then i
can count, and what happens where there are more TLDs. It just becomes less and
less likely to be correct. Plus it encourages people to register the ".com"
version of everyones .net/.org/.se/.* page. if the users wants this bahavior,
they can add .com to their search path
This bug isn't asking for automatic concatenation of www and com , it's asking 
for a handy, non-intrusive key combo to do such a task (a la IE).
And what's more, it's also asking for a way of choosing ` OR 
OR (or the equivalent for your chosen country) OR OR OR ... etc'. So that when you type `slashdot' Mozilla *doesn't* 
blindly assume that you mean `', and when you type `whitehouse' 
you *don't* automatically get taken to

However, the point about the expanding TLD space is a valid one, and is perhaps 
(combined with rjc's keywords) enough to earn this a WONTFIX.
Opera has this option, where you can specify what TLDs you want it
to consider expanding AND in which order. May be that should be a fix?

This is what a search path is for. No need to bloat apps with this 

I second Matthew Thomas's WONTFIX.
I really don't se the harm the auto-complete-entry way of handeling this. On the
contrary if we supply an easy way for users to reach both,
and then companys are more likly to register where they should rather
then just regestring for .com

I don't however think that any browser can affect what adresses are getting
registered. People will register what adress is avalible and easy to remeber,
not what can be entered in the browser using only one word. Otherwise they would
advertise rather then as they do now.	
There are hundreds of TLDs, and more on the way (.eu cometh). Do you propose we 
try them all, one at a time? You suggest we supply "an easy way for users to 
reach both, and", but no "easy way" has been 
proposed. The closest anyone came was duplicating the operating systems 
resolving search path INSIDE mozilla, which is a joke. Think of what happens 
when you combine them for god sakes. We'd be doing lookups on when someone who works for '' types 
in 'mozilla'.
The way I propose is that while you enter a one word url in the url bar the 
auto-complete dropdown should contain, etc.

The user can configure order and what domains should appear in the dropdown 
(and which should be prefixed with www?). That way you can add your countries 
domain and have easy access to local country url's as well.

The default shipped with the browser could be just, and, in that order.

So this RFE is now not for any autosearch of any kind, (I'll file that as a 
seperate bug :) ).
one more thing:
rjc's keyword feature (although it rocks) dosn't help here. First of all this 
RFE was mostly to get easy access to sites you have never visited before. And 
second that feature is a bit too complicated for the average user.
Jonas: cant you not type FOUR EXTRA CHARACTERS instead of having to deal with a
dropdown? implementing a dropdown for com/net/org and adding a preferances is
rediculous. those are just as much work as typing in the full host, and would
add hundreds of lines of code. This also creates problems for 2+ worded hosts,
say when you want to go to when you type up through 'metalab',
you have an annoying dropdown cluttering your view thinking you must want If you use a hot key, it becomes even more rediculous
(alt+enter or whatever to bring up the dropdown, then down arrow twice to select
.edu... thats four keys, you may as well have typed in '.edu'... is it really
that hard?)

I have no qualms with completion when it can be a big win, like IE5's (type in
'bugz', and have it fill in '') but trying to guess TLD will
always be a lose (time), lose (code bloat), and lose (ui clutter).

I must insist this is not implemented. If any developers are still considering
it, please say so here or privatly email me so i can attempt to talk some reason
into you. =)
I am presuming here that mozilla will implement autocomplete the same way IE 
has: a dropdown below the url-bar that contains urls. If you ignore the 
dropdown it dosn't interfere as you type in any way (please try it out, it is a 
bit complecated to describe).

So what i'm suggesting here is just a few more entries at the bottom of this 
dropdown, no extra key combinations, no extra dropdowns, no extra intelligense. 

I'm sorry but I can't see any downsides with this besides some extra code.

But since we seem to disagree on this I propose that we leave this bug alone 
until autocomplete is up and running for the url-bar (if I've understood it 
correctly this is not far away?)
Assignee: gagan → nobody
Keywords: helpwanted
Target Milestone: --- → M20
this appears to have just been implemented, for better or for worse. Is there
another bug open that it was implemented off of?

theres only one technical problem with the implementation (bug 40082).
but i still maintain that assuming '.com' is incredibly biased, and only ends up
*FORCING* organizations that would otherwise be perfectly suited as .org to
register their .com, because people will become used to this feature, and when
netscape+mozilla is 75% market share, they will be losing visiters to the .com
version of their domain. Please remove this. Or make it an option in
preferences, 'Hostname guessing', which is ***OFF*** by default.
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Hey, this is a cool feature. If you have problems with the internet, you could
just type in "internet" and get to the right company.

I agree with Jeremy. This feature is biased ( vs. .gov is a very
good example. is a sex-site, IIRC.), and designed around current
practices, that are about to change (new generic TLDs). I suggest WONTFIX.
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I'm working on this...
Component: Networking → XP Apps
Just accepting didn't change Assigned To...
Assignee: nobody → sicking
And accepting again... :)
I'd like to reopen this bug because though the concept of guessing at the ".com" 
or ".org" was discussed and rejected, the control + enter idea was not.
Internet Explorer uses this functionality.  You type in "yahoo" and hit control 
+ enter and it turns it into "" and takes you there.  I 
encourage you to open up IE (if you have it) and give this a try.  This is the 
functionality that I propose - just for ".com".  I would expect it to be fairly 
easy to implement.

P.S.  I opened a second bug for this particular feature (57494), but it was 
marked a dup of this bug...

are you happy now?

We can't do that [Not reasonably and certainly not yet]. AND IE5 on Mac OS does 
NOT do that.

If after Jonas implements the drop down suggestion list he wants to add support 
for explicit choice of a single binding for control+enter, he can, but this 
will not be accepted unless it's EXTREMELY flexibile, also, control+enter is 
not yet bound in mail, partly because people complain about accidentally 
activating it (mostly because control+enter can't be properly caught xp). Until 
then I suggest you throw your idea into a FUTURE bin and leave this bug alone.

Jonas: thank you for offering to work on this bug.  I am sorry for this spam.
As I suspect this would be a 'stealth' feature, you could also provide a
preference that specified the suffix to be appended - useful if you're surfing
within a specific set of sites or locales.

I find Ctrl+Enter to be a particular clumsy key combination, and it's not one I
think I'd accidentally hit, so I don't really see the problem. (note that I'm
not suggesting a more easily discovered key combo ;)

Nobody addressed the "new gTLDs" problem so far. What sense does it make to have
a drop-down with 30 or so domains (.firm, .biz, .info, .web, .nom, .find etc.)?
You are faster typing them.
This whole feature is based on the fact that most domains end with ".com" today.
But this is subject to change. Please see <>,
especially <>.
Target Milestone: M20 → mozilla0.9
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Btw, IE's implementation of this feature has a strange bug: if I paste with Ctrl+V and then press 
enter without letting go of Ctrl first, I end up at

That's not a reason to not implement this feature, although I do happen to 
agree with mpt and ben bucksch in not liking the feature.
Lets not add this, the arguments against this have been made and I see no need
to repeat them, remember just because IE doesn't doesn't mean mozilla has to,
encouraging a .com mentality is just bad, adding customisable support for other
TLD's is just gonna be a usability nightmare. Imagine Mozilla being deployed
accross the US govt and they set the default TLD to be .gov and then one of the
less internet aware employees decides to get the internet at home and installs
Netscape 6.5 (we'll assume defaults to .com) and types 'whitehouse' to get the
latest whitehouse news, instead of going to they'd
goto depending on the person they'd either be pleased
or be totally appalled :)

So we should ge people used to using the proper domain names and not some lame
pushing to 0.9.1. Not that it seems to make many people terribly sad ;-)
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9 → mozilla0.9.1
seems like we should figure out the plan for this and
reset the target milestone if needed.

moving reamining feature work off the 0.9.1 train
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.1 → ---
Shouldn't this be set to [RFE] ?
changing to RFE
Summary: [FEATURE] easy access to urls like www.YourCompanyNameHere.(com|org|net) → [RFE] easy access to urls like www.YourCompanyNameHere.(com|org|net)
Depends on: 34943
I won't do this any time soon
Assignee: sicking → nobody
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So will the CTRL+Enter be implemented? If yes, when? If no, why hasn't this 
been marked WONTFIX?
please read the bug. The proposed solution dosn't include Ctrl+Enter at all, 
rather some new items in the autocompleate popup (at the bottom of it so that 
no one is disturbed)
Sicking: I did read the bug. I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to when
you say "proposed solution" - there's lots of comments with arguments for and
against both the dropdown solution and the ctrl+enter solution. But if this bug
is only about the dropdown solution and not ctrl+enter, then why do bugs about
ctrl+enter get marked as dups of this bug?

Personally I agree with Jeremy Dolan on the dropdown solution. It will require
lots of code, clutter up the ui, and it's anyway easier to type in the TLD
manually than having to find the right item in the dropdown. But I'm don't
really see what's wrong with making ctrl+enter add ".com". It's not like it will
make it harder to get to pages that doesn't end in .com, so what's so bad about
the idea?
sorry, lots of people have jumped into this bug and wanted it marked as WONTFIX 
becuase the don't like the ctrl+enter shortcut.

That is also the reason why this bug isn't about ctrl+enter, lots of people 
dislike that because it promotes the .com domain too much (I'm not sure I 
agree, but I could always hack in the shortcut in my copy of moz so I won't 
bother arguing).

I agree that you could always type in www. and .foo manually, but I've found 
IE's key-shortcut very convenient so I'd like to see a shortcut in mozilla too 
(not neccesarily a key-shortcut).

I don't agree with you that the dropdown solution clutters the UI, it adds some 
extra lines to a dropdown that appears anyway.

If you want to argue for the ctrl+enter thingy please file a bug (or reopen an 
existing) on in and make note about that it's not a dup of this in the 
> If you want to argue for the ctrl+enter thingy please file a bug (or reopen an 
> existing) on in and make note about that it's not a dup of this in the 
> whiteboard.

this bug is entirely right about such a suggestion (see summary "easy access to
urls like www.YourCompanyNameHere.(com|org|net)"). Just that we, IIRC, agreed
that Ctrl-Enter surfing to .com is not a good idea. So, if you file a new bug
about that, the possible actions would be marking it another dup of this one or
marking it WONTFIX based on the discussion here.
I'm not sure if *I* agreed it was a bad idea ;)

I'd say if Jonas Jørgensen (very nice name btw ;) ) want to argue about a ctrl-
enters be or not be in a bug he is perfectly entitled to IMHO.

Actually, it would be nice to have some other bug (WONTFIXed or not) to assign 
duplicates to so that people stop confusing this bug with ctrl-enter
> I agree that you could always type in www. and .foo manually, but I've found
> IE's key-shortcut very convenient so I'd like to see a shortcut in mozilla too
> (not neccesarily a key-shortcut).

What I like about IE's keyshortcut is that it saves time and keystrokes. It
would take several keystrokes to get down to the right item in the dropdown, so
typing .foo manually would be faster. So I don't see any reason to implement the
adding-things-to-dropdown feature, and if Ctrl+Enter is a bad idea, then why not
just mark this as WONTFIX and forget all about it?
I think this should be wontfixed unless there turns out to be a lot of support
for it in the newsgroups/
I've started a thread in netscape.public.mozilla.ui

> What I like about IE's keyshortcut is that it saves time and keystrokes. It
> would take several keystrokes to get down to the right item in the dropdown,
> so typing .foo manually would be faster. So I don't see any reason to
> implement the adding-things-to-dropdown feature,

The thing is that you could press uparrow to get to the last item in the list, 
nifty 'ey :)

>                                 and if Ctrl+Enter is a bad idea, then why not
> just mark this as WONTFIX and forget all about it?

Again: *This bug is _not_ about Ctrl+Enter*. If Ctrl+Enter is a bad idea then 
any RFE's filed for _that_ should be WONTFIXed, not this one.
> The thing is that you could press uparrow to get to the last item in the list, 
> nifty 'ey :)

Well pressing the up arrow would first take you to the default search engine,
then assuming that support for more than .com was added then you may have to
press a few times to get to the right one. I done an mpt style artists
impression on my news post to show what I think it'd look like.

Anyway, as this is turning into an argument for/against this lets direct
conversation to n.p.m.ui and then either resolve the bug wontfix if not many
people like the idea, or hope that someone decides to implement this feature if
the majority think it is a good idea and if views are split then we need some
sorta pref :)
Sicking: Now you say that this bug isn't about Ctrl+Enter, but when you filed
the bug, you wrote:

"One way of doing it is to have a special key compination with enter (IE has
ctrl+enter on windows) that adds "www." before and ".com" after the entered url
before requesting the url."

If this bug isn't about Ctrl+Enter anymore, I'm sorry about the spam. I must
have overlooked or misunderstood something.
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The way of getting out of "all the world's a .com" mentality is to not support
this auto-assumption at all. The W3C is against it. What do you do when more
TLDs are added? Add them to the list? If someone has an old build of Mozilla, it
may not have the common ones.

Adding this sort of UI puts us in the business of predicting "popular" TLDs, and
would (assuming the length of autocomplete is bounded) push more useful entries
out of autocomplete. I would oppose it. 

No longer blocks: 68407
By default, I think the current value is out of date. At best, mozilla should be
using www.<string>.org, simply to demonstrate that the feature works for the
string "Mozilla", and abstract the feature to something else so it could be
configured by other people.

The larger problem is that we appear to do some kind of re-direct. It might not
be easy to get a list of strings to work, but hacking one value should be more

If we can't design something more extensible, it might be a good idea to turn it
off, then go into some re-design discussion about hostname -> fqdn expansion.
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Everybody seems to be against this. Adding things to the autocomplete dropdown 
takes up too much space, trying a lot of TLDs automatically is crazy, and 
making Ctrl+Enter add ".com" isn't good for getting out of the all-the-world-
etc-mentality. I used to like the Ctrl+Enter idea, but after reading all the 
arguments against it, I have changed my mind. Besides, bug 97123 is a much 
cooler idea for what Ctrl+Enter in the URL bar should do.

Closed: 21 years ago19 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
> Everybody seems to be against this.

That isn't true at all.  A number of 6.x users expressed disappointment that 
this convenient shortcut wasn't available.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
> this convenient shortcut

I assume you mean the Ctrl+Enter thing. If that is implemented, what about bug 
Having single word -> fqdn expansion is a neat feature, but less and less useful
as the number of TLD's grows, and as the world gets more complicated.

This would be a good optional feature, if someone made it less ".com" hard
coded. What we really need to do is come up with a more efficient keyword (user
typed string) -> URL navigational system...
what would be nice is a system that allows you to type in some part of the 
domain, and it would (after failing to resolve the domain) take you to a search 
url, with potential urls, (eg, .com|net|org|locale settings) and search results 
from the defined primary search engine.

IE/MSN do this quite well, with their system, (i'll attach a "screenshot").

This would allow for it to be updated without patching the browser too much :)
Attached file msn dns error search example (obsolete) —
this example "screenshot" can be found here:

It's quite a worthwhile solution, i think.
Then we're stuck in the ASP business permanently. I've said it before and i'll
say it again, there's just too many domains to make guessing, or even listing,
I count 95, but that's including .museum, which is still experimental, although
many addresses are live in it. Users are going to have to eventually learn what
a domain is. We shouldn't try to keep them stupid.

> A number of 6.x users expressed disappointment that this convenient shortcut
> wasn't available.

Why do users expect it to be available? Windows IE doesn't do it. Maybe 20
people know how to do it on Mac. The save and open in new window/tab binds are
much more useful, and are at least possible to do properly.
ignore the previous attachment, this one shows it better
Attachment #63355 - Attachment is obsolete: true
> what would be nice is a system that allows you to type in some part of the 
> domain, and it would (after failing to resolve the domain) take you to a search 
> url, with potential urls, (eg, .com|net|org|locale settings) and search results 
> from the defined primary search engine.

We already have that - It's called Internet Keywords.

> Windows IE doesn't do it.

What? Windows IE does do it. That's why they expect it.
> Windows IE does do it. That's why [some users] expect it.

And that's why we should ignore it, unless we want to be an MSIE clone with all
its defects.

maybe i'm dumb, but i couldn't get anything like i described to happen by 
typing in a keyword.
James Cox, enable inernet keywords in prefs UI, type two words ("? aword"
worksforme too) and press enter. Mozilla shuold query your internet keywords
provider, by default netscape (no prefs UI to change it available yet), and take
you directly to the result. If that considers domain names, a custom registry or
a search or whatever is up to your keyword provider.

If you want a search *page* with different options, just use the search feature
- enable autocomplete in prefs UI, enter search terms in url bar, press up to
mark "Search <your fav. search engine> for <your search terms>" and press enter.

The UI to both features is improvable (for example hotkeys, so you can trigger
Internet Keywords for a single words easily).

However, on constrast to the other solutions proposed here, internet keywords
and search do *not* encourage what I call the broken "domain surfing" - take
topic (like "ford" or "travel"), add .com (or your country domain) and load that.
not quite the same, but i see your point.

Thanks for enlightening me. :)
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Adding [a.k.a. Ctrl+Enter to add www. and .com] to summary to avoid dups.
Summary: [RFE] easy access to urls like www.YourCompanyNameHere.(com|org|net) → [RFE] easy access to urls like www.YourCompanyNameHere.(com|org|net) [a.k.a. Ctrl+Enter adds www. and .com]
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Basically my whole point in posting this bug was because Windows IE provides a 
convenient keyboard shortcut (CTRL-Enter) to automatically enter www. 
and .com.  I realize that not all URLs are www. and .com, but it's a handy 
keyboard shortcut nonetheless for the vast majority of domains out there.  I 
understand that Internet Keywords automatically searches for the correct URL 
when just a word "i.e. mozilla" is entered, but this takes time as the browser 
will try to resolve the word "mozilla" before finally going to  This does not seem like a difficult feature to implement, 
and it's far more useful than a drop down menu of choice.

Right now Ctrl+Enter is for opening in a tab. Why not Alt+Enter for
automatically adding a www. and .com?

I don't believe this is the same as "assuming all the world's a com." No one is
asking for Enter to automatically add a com. What we want are special
combinations for commonly used extensions.

For once we should see things from the point of view of the user instead of the
programmer. For Johnny the office worker and Mary the college student they don't
care at all whether the W3C discourages com domains or not. All they know is
most web sites they go to end in this 4-letter combination and "why isn't there
a convenient shortcut for entering this combination?"

Many office workers are forced by their work or their boss to type in URLs about
100 times a day and believe me, whether you like it or not, whether it goes
against your principles or not, most of the sites they have to visit end with com.

Having a shortcut like Alt+Enter makes things a whole lot easier. And it show
that Mozilla cares.
Internet Explorer does the whole CTRL-Enter thing...  It just makes it much 
more convenient for the end user.  
After reading this whiteboard, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

Control+Enter is a very common keyboard shortcut for many MS application.  I
think this is where the request stems from.  Some MS Office applications have
this feature embedded into it as well.  

-Outlook, Outlook Express, Outlook Web Access (IE only), CTRL+ENTER  will send a
message after composition.
-IE, we all know the functionality here.

And that is what I think would be the reason to add a similar function.  I've
seen the "CTRL+ENTER" tech tip on TechTv, seen it published in magazines, I've
even showed a large number of my customers how to use it, after they see me type
"windowsupdate <CTRL+ENTER>" and IE resolves to ""
which in turn redirects to "" and starts the

So, instead of telling users "go to (which they in
turn immediately type "" which produces an
error), I tell them to simply type in the one word, and use CTRL+ENTER (I know
there is a shortcut on the start bar, but just an example).

Ok, I know there are many things wrong with this example, like a missing CNAME
for www.windowsupdate.micro... that would resolve this, but as mentioned in this
whiteboard, MANY users are use to this functionality.

I catch myself doing it as well, though now I always get new tabs instead (which
is very nice also).

The bookmark keyword is great, but as mentioned, not the friendliest to average
users.  Also, I think the main concern would be a default setting.  That way
someone can walk over to any machine, fire up mozilla, and know that CTRL+ENTER
will work as they are use to.  A default suffix of .com (as users are use to in
IE) would be nice, but fully customizable to whatever (.net | .org |, as well as the rest of the "wrap" such as:
"https://www.<word>.<suffix>".  Key combinations would be up to whomever makes
those decisions, but CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, and ENTER should be in there somewhere.

Here is a realtime example of a good use for this:

User sees a business name somewhere (doc, email, web) with no link, maybe in a
sentence, listing, or whatever.  They know (or think) the business has a website
registered with .com domain.  To save time, keystrokes, and energy, they
double-click the name (selects word), CTRL+C (or whatever key combo to copy),
paste into url window, and hit CTRL+ENTER. 

In this case, they typed NOTHING, only copy, paste, CTRL+ENTER, and viola. Other
than mouse clicks, that is a totla of 3 keystrokes.

Or, taking the "whitehouse" example, let's say you could assign CTRL+ENTER to
wrap "http://www.<word>.com" and ALT+ENTER to "http://www.<word>.gov", and so

To save time, and prevent mozilla searching some list, you could hit CTRL+TAB
and a "wrap menu" would pop up with the various wrap results that you have
configured, continue to hold CTRL, press TAB to choose the result (if it isn't
the default listed one), and while holding CTRL, hit ENTER.  Sounds like a lot
of steps, but you've typed one word, and could have a small list of your most
used tdl's, with a possible number of keystrokes still less than 4.

One last good example, is here where I work for the State of TX.  There are
many, many agencies that many users here visit for different reasons.  If there
was some customizable way to have a key combination wrap
"http://www.<word>" they could visit all the frequent agency sites
they need with a simple ALT+ENTER or whatever after the agency name.  Note: the
suffix search order is different for our agency (,
so dns suffix search order isn't the best choice to rely on).

Personaly, I would of course want to wrap "http://www.<word>.org" for the many
open source sites I frequent.

Anyway, basically, some customizable functionality for key combinations to wrap
around a word would be nice.  I am currently using the bookmark keywords, but
that only works for bookmarked sites.

Not to ramble, or go off topic, but maybe a general "keyboard shortcut"
preference would be nice?  Other keys such as "backspace" in IE will go "BACK",
and I would love to assign "h,j,k,l" to movement keys as in vi or konqueror.

arrow keys and mouse are bad...very bad.

p.s. sorry for long post
Ideally, the modifier combination should be customizable.

For example:
Ctrl+Enter ->
Ctrl+Shift+Enter ->
Ctrl+Alt+Enter ->
Alt+Shift ->

For many keyboard-freaks like myself, this could be great time saver.

Alt+Shift -> - why Why not .de or .ee? I can agree
with .com, .org, .net, but not with the

Didn't I say "customizable"?
Well, if I wasn't clear enough, I meant letting *users* customize whatever extensions they want.

And "For example" was nothing more than... an example.
Actually, I would personally configure which is much more useful for surfing 
Israeli web sites.

I like the customizable idea, but let's get this feature implemented already.  
It's long overdue.
This bug is horribly morphed, but try this summary on for size for searchability.
Summary: [RFE] easy access to urls like www.YourCompanyNameHere.(com|org|net) [a.k.a. Ctrl+Enter adds www. and .com] → [RFE] Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (cntl-enter)
Any news re: this enhancement?  I'm steadily converting all my office users to
mozilla...and they all like it.  But the number 1 thing they ask about is why
"Cntl+Enter" doesn't work.  I agree that we need to move away from the .com TLD
as all-important...but the reality of the situation is that most users (at least
that I've talked to) frequent .com sites the most.

Forgetting all that...the very least we could do is add customizable keyboard
shortcuts, like prognathous suggested above.

So...when (and will) this happen?


fixing typo in summary
Summary: [RFE] Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (cntl-enter) → [RFE] Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (ctrl-enter)
Now with tabbed browsing, if you press Ctrl+Enter, a new tab will be opened
with the the www. and .com filled.
For example:
Press Ctrl+L: to get to the URL bar
Press yahoo
Press Ctrl+ENTER: a new tab will be openned and end up in
oliver, wasn't that always the case?
Comment #95
Hi Christian,
confirmed working with "Crtl+Enter" option disabled/enabled in the 
preference window. Mozilla 1.0 WinXP.
How cool is this! :-)
What people thinks about not trying to resolve the string entered by the user?
For example:
if you type "yahoo" and press Ctrl+Enter, Mozilla try to connect/resolve to:
1. yahoo

I think that if the user already pressed Ctrl+Enter, he is indicating that
Mozilla should autocomplete the URL.
If the user wants to connect to "yahoo", he must just press ENTER and not 

I know what I'm asking is an IE feature, but I thinks it really help the user
to type less.
Oliver: But Ctrl+Enter is currently used for opening the URL in a new window or tab.
Comment #98
Jonas, that is only an option. You can configure it in the preference window.
What I talking here is not to DNS resolve what the user has typed if he press
the keys Ctrl+Enter, regardles of the option of opening a new tab window.
> Jonas, that is only an option.

No. Get the latest build and you will find that if "Open tabs instead of windows
for Control+Enter in the Location bar" is enabled, Ctrl+Enter in the location
bar will load the URL in a new tab; if it is disabled, it will load the URL in a
new window.
Comment #100
Hi Jonas, I understand. I'm only using Mozilla 1.0.1RC1.
The focus on my comment is about the DNS lookups and Crtl+Enter. 
What people think about only resolve the autocompleted URL? 
Please check Comment #97 . Thanks
Ctrl+Enter is already taken, for opening new windows/tabs. This is in
conformance with Ctrl+Click on link. The other modifiers when clicking a link
should also work for pressing enter.

Ctrl+Enter already works for URL autocompletion.
I'm talking about the DNS lookup issue of autocompletion.
My original comment #97 explain better.
This is about DNS lookup, not about Tabs or new windows.
right, but Ctrl+Enter can not be used for DNS resolving. It is already taken.
You must choose another key combination. Ctrl+Enter is already taken. 
Ctrl+Enter already does:
- autocompletion/DNS lookup
- open new tab

Just try this(please):
1. type "yahoo"
2. Press Ctrl+Enter
3. you will see 2 DNS lookup/connect
3.1 one for yahoo -> it fails
3.2 one for -> it works
4. the page is loaded.
>3. you will see 2 DNS lookup/connect
>3.1 one for yahoo -> it fails
>3.2 one for -> it works

Yes, we don't want CTRL-Enter to resolve "yahoo" at all.  We want IE like
behavior when CTRL-Enter is pressed.
Oliver: sure, of course, that's as expected
hyeh: err, can you clarify who "we" is?
Comment #106
Comment #107
Cool, this will be a really usefull feature when implemented.
I posted the first comment today because of the first post of this bug#, 
I got confused with the first "altavista" option listed.
So, the Ctrl+Enter will do everything it does today 
but not the first DNS lookup.

The .net, .org option should be still related to this bug 
or it should be another bug# for that?

P.D.: I didn't mention "we". If I did, I probably was refering to me, 
myself and I, alias, we. :-)
Once again, I'll ask if this bug will see a solution anytime in the near future?

I wholeheartedly agree with comments #83 and #84.  I still think that something 
like this would be helpful to the many thousands (if not millions) of Windows 
IE users out there who might (just might) switch over to Moz if they like it.

This is a commonly used feature in Windows IE, and I think Moz should have 
something like it.
let me repeat this once again. Ctrl+Enter can not be used for this feature. it
already has another one. (open new window/tab. as it happens, this also does the
appending of www. and .com, as does just pressing enter in the location bar, if
the DNS lookup fails).

I vote for WONTFIX. pressing enter already does this. ctrl+enter IS NOT available.
a) Other shortcut keys are available. You don't nix a feature because the 
specific keys suggested are taken.

b) Time for "yahoo" to resolve to and load - 6 seconds. Time 
for "" to load - 1 second. That is why people are suggesting a 
shortcut for automatically adding the www. and .com...Not because "yahoo" 
won't ever load, but because it takes an additional 5 seconds.

That said, the messages posted above go through all of this discussion 
already. If we could move forward with some of the previous suggestions 
(customizable prefixes/suffixes for customizable shortcuts) I think everyone 
would be happy.
Christian Biesinger wrote (#110):
> let me repeat this once again. Ctrl+Enter can not be used for this feature. 
> it already has another one.

So change it.
The current Ctrl+enter binding is too recent to let it block this much 
requested feature.

It is senseless to force users away from this, while everyone wants it.
Just a matter if priorities and demand.

Correction: "a matter *of* priorities and demand".
>> let me repeat this once again. Ctrl+Enter can not be used for this feature. 
>> it already has another one.
> So change it.
> The current Ctrl+enter binding is too recent to let it block this much 
> requested feature.

Ctrl+click has always opened links in a new window. Not doing the same for the
URL bar would be inconsistent.

Using Ctrl+Enter is not an option.
Comment #110
Comment #114
Ok, to finishing up all recent comments.
If you do:
1. type "yahoo" 
2. press ENTER 

is the same as doing this:
1. type "yahoo"
2. press Ctrl+ENTER

Mozilla(1.0.1 and 1.1) does not have and will never have the Ctrl+Enter 
feature as in IE.

I opened this bug #164309 requesting the feature.

Please close this bug because Mozilla already does the URL autocompletion
and change the subject to: 
"[RFE] Domain Guessing when a hostname is not found."

Thanks for the comments and you all you in bug #164309
Comment #115
Correction: "Thanks for all the comments and see you all in bug #164309"
*** Bug 164309 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Hi Jonas, 
in this bug you give two different aproach.
The current behaivior in Mozilla is your 2nd aproach as listed
in the first post.
What should we do with the first aproach?

Here, you have this 2 options:
1st. .com, .org, .net auto-completion
2nd. try the string the user typed to see if it resolved.

Bug #164309 is totally diferent from this one because I don't
want .net, .org completion. I just want .com.

In bug #164309, I say this:
1st: only use .com
2nd: do not resolve what the user has typed.

If these bugs are different, please don't close it as duplicate.

re #111 (Dave):

A lot of people have commented lately, so I'd like to refresh a point I think is
sometimes lost:

What is important here is the order of resolution methods. The resolution
methods exist to do user-typed-string to URL conversion.

Looking at any particular domain as an example, and using it's load times is a
useful, but ultimately limited methodology for deciding what to do.

The problem that most people seem to have w/ type then [enter] is that the
string is sen to DNS, then domain guessing is called. Domain guessing seems to
include several behaviors, so it is sort of a black box.

Some people don't want to wait for a DNS query and failure, they just want the
browser to auto-complete the string w/ domain guessing, and fire an HTTP request
for the "/" (top level) of the web site.

In my mind, the current implementation of domain guessing is really weak, so I
am trying to get it off by default (it completes hostnames in URLs) until it is
fixed/improved. If you want to use the current implementation via some
UI...well, definitely read the bugs before you buy into it.
Hi there, lets talk here again.

I think this bug should be closed because:
comment #110
comment #114
Ctrl+Enter cannot be used and will not be used for URL autocompletion in Mozilla.
A WONTFIX will work for me also.

Now, all my votes go to bug #164323
This bug still gets my vote.  I believe this to be a major usability problem. 
Waiting for the browser to resolve 'website' before it attempts to resolve
'' is a complete waste of time, as is the extra typing required
to manually type 'www.' and '.com'.  If CTRL-Enter (the Windows IE keyboard
shortcut for this behavior) cannot be used, then perhaps we should allow a user
configurable keyboard shortcut.
Workaround: Add a bookmark to
<> and give it a
one-letter keyword (e.g. "l"). Now you can type "l netscape" to go to, "l microsoft" for, etc. This will work for
most domain names (namely those that come up as the number 1 result when
googling for their name). And it also works for names such as!
Attached patch dns-completion-ctrl-enter.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch replace the Ctrl+Enter behaivior in the URL bar. Now, the URL is
dns auto-completed.
Hi all,
I have been talking with Mozilla developers in #mozillazine and they helped
my create this patch(see credits on the patch). Also, it seems that the 
Ctrl+Enter feature for opening a new window, will be deprecated.

The patch dns-completion-ctrl-enter.patch is for auto-completion the URL. 
It makes Mozilla works just like IE. I tested it in Mozilla 1.0.1RC1 on WinXP.

Comments on this bug description.
Feature #1 requested: "ctrl+enter add www. and .com to the URL"
This is already done by the patch dns-completion-ctrl-enter.patch 

Feature #2 requested: "DNS guesing with many/custom domains"
This is already done by Mozilla. Mozilla adds www. and .com as a fallback
when he can't resolve a hostname. Also, this www. and .com are taken
from the preferences file.
If someone want to add more domain guesing, like .net, .org, etc. the
place for adding this is here:

Closing this bug:
If this patch is accepted, and given that feature#1 and feature#2 are already
implemented, I think this bug can be closed.
If in feature#2, the other domain options will be used(like .net, .org), then
this bug can be left opened.
Also, if the option to configure the domains for feature#2 is given to the
user, for example for countrys URL like .us, I think a new bug should be filled.

Be looking for bug #164323, because if bug #164323 is aproved, then this 
bug #37867 can be easy aproved.
Depends on: 164323
(I still think that bug #164323 should've never been filed and this one be used
so... my comments about the patch (technical issues):
remove that long comment with the links, the bug#, etc. if you want your name in
the file, add it to the contributors part at the beginning of the file
you should also adjust the comment above that mentions which modifier causes
which action
rename gURIFixup to URIFixup or so, because it is no global variable. however,
it probably should be one, in which case you can leave the name as-is.

I do not think that it should be checked in. I like the current behaviour.
well, I made my position clear earlier... I don't quite remember what came out
of the discussion with aaronl, keyboard component owner. cc'ing him. aaron, is
this patch a good thing, or should it rather not be used?
Changes made as requested in comment #125
Attachment #96551 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Comment #125
The bug #164323 was created because there is a RFE issue open, the Ctrl+Enter.
When bug #164323 is aproved, then we can come back here and add all the 
features described here. Also, the bug #164323 shows the dependency of
Ctrl+Enter in many bugs.

In this bug, my position is to operate Ctrl+Enter like IE.
But, I will also be happy if this bug and bug #164323 are closed.
I just want to have an answer, so we the users, can know exactly what
and what not Mozilla can do(in the Ctrl+Enter issue).

If Mozilla does not have an URL bar like IE(Opera also has it), I will
be just as happy as you. But please close this bug if thats the case,
it make all things clear.

thanks for the comments. I'm new in Mozilla patches, so I did't know 
how to comment here.

We now have the patches, so there is no technical restrain in making
a decision.
comments on patch dns-completion-ctrl-enter-2.patch 

This patch do:
When the Ctrl+Enter key is pressed, the current URL is autocompleted
if needed.
This version shows the autocompleted URL in the URL bar before
the DNS lookup start. Now it works exactly like in IE.

Comments and credit removed:
*  posted in: bug #37867
*  added by:
*  made only thanks to the help of biesi and sirLuxarot from
irc://moznet#mozillazine :-)
*  23-aug-2002
*  links (mozilla 1.0):
comment #127
I checked again Opera and it does not use Ctrl+Enter, but it use
autocompletion like Mozilla.

Also, this should be my last email on this bug, because I rest my case.
The patch is there and I am already using it :-)

The ball is not more in my side, so thanks to all and sorry about this
saturday SPAM messages :-)
>When bug #164323 is aproved,

bugs are not approved. patches are.

Note that your patch does not quite make the urlbar behave as in msie - there's
still shift+enter, which works. (I'd vote for keeping it)

also, there's no need whatsoever to mention which bug a patch was posted in. Not
in this case at least. cvs blame or cvs log can be used.

oh yeah, you still did not fix the comment above that lines. I mean this one:
1086     // Command      | Control     | New Window/Tab
1087     // Shift+Cmd    | Shift+Ctrl  | New Window/Tab behind current one
1088     // Option       | Shift       | Save URL (show Filepicker)

oh yeah, your current code makes both Control and Meta (that's Command on Mac)
work for completing the URL. I do not know if that matches MSIE for mac, but you
should probably check.

also, there's no need to declare the variables at the beginning of the block.
javascript is not C.

and I still think you should make URIFixup global.
>>When bug #164323 is aproved,
>bugs are not approved. patches are.
I mean, since that bug includes a RFC decision, I was refering to the
RFE decision to be aproved.

I only modified the Ctrl+Enter stuff in the patch to make a minimal
patch. So, all existing stuff like Shift+Enter or Alt+Enter is still
there. To be presice, now the Ctrl+Enter feature in Mozilla is like 
the Ctrl+Enter feature in IE.

I removed all my big comments, the rest was there before my patch.

I left the variables definition together for better commenting it, 
also I like C++ :-). If there is some comvention in Mozilla, I can
just change that, no problem.

URIFixup global should be nice, but I wanted to make the smallest 
patch as posible.
I know that that comment was there before your patch, but your patch makes it

your patch still contains:
+      // Posted in bug #37867

making URIFixup global does not make the patch more complicated, just insert
this line near the top of the file:
const gURIFixup =
More comments cleanup and variable optimization as sugested in comment #132. I
still don't use a global gURIFixup beause is defined as global in other place.
Read the comment about it.
Attachment #96566 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Patch: dns-completion-ctrl-enter-3.patch
Corrected the comments and optimized variable utilization. Also, folowed the
language convencion used already in that function.
I could not define gURIFixup as global because it is defined in:

Please let me know if another changes are needed.
*** Bug 164323 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Since bug #164323 blocks (you can't use autocompletion if Ctrl+Enter 
is already taken for open new window) bug #37867 and bug #37867 is still open,
this bug #164494 can be the solution.
It makes both partys happy, but more work should be done in preference window.
hm... maybe...

anyway, the patch itself looks OK now afaict. but you really need to get
module-owner approval for it.

oh wait, there's one thing:
     // Shift+Cmd    | Shift+Ctrl  | New Window/Tab behind current one
this is no longer true with your patch, so please remove that line.

I'm still of the opinion that it should not be used.... oh well, not my decision.
Ok, this patch is a really good one.
It does not change the current behavior of Ctrl+Enter but lets users edit
their prefs to get the autocompletion feature.
It should be used with bug #164494 too.
I think this patch makes both sides happy. :-)
Attachment #96572 - Attachment is obsolete: true
comment #137
Hi Christian,
you are right, I forget that Ctrl+Shift+Enter part.

Now, patch dns-completion-ctrl-enter-4.patch is a 1:1 copy
of the current behavior, plus it has an option for using
the autocompletion feature with or without opening a new window
based on prefs.

To use the IE like feature, you need to add this two lines to your prefs.js:
user_pref("browser.fixup.ctrl_enter.autocompletion_only", true);
user_pref("browser.fixup.ctrl_enter.autocompletion_newwindow", false);
or to the all.js file like this:
pref("browser.fixup.ctrl_enter.autocompletion_only", true);
pref("browser.fixup.ctrl_enter.autocompletion_newwindow", false);

If you want nothing to change, just apply this patch and nothing will
change. When this prefs lines does not exists, then the old behavior is used.

If this patch is aproved, it will helps bug #164494 to come true.

Final note:
If you apply this patch, you will be happy.
If I apply this patch, I will be happy.

Bug in Ctrl+Shift+Enter found:
I also found that in the already existing code, if you press Shift+Ctrl,
there is a bug that does not refresh the old URL in the window where
you pressed Shift+Enter.
To reproduce:
1. type, press Enter
2. press Ctrl+L
3. type bluesnews, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter
4. a new tab/window is opened and you see bluesnews where should
   appear(in the window where you pressed Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
5. that is not my code :-) but will try to fix it later.
+        if (openTab && getBrowser().localName == "tabbrowser") {
+          // Open link in new tab
+          var t = getBrowser().addTab(url);
+          // Focus new tab unless shift is pressed
+          if (!shiftPressed)
+            getBrowser().selectedTab = t;
+        }

We have a BrowserOpenTab() - perhaps make it take 2 optional arguments - a
string for the url and a boolean for wether to focus the tab or not?
This patch dns-completion-ctrl-enter-5.patch, is for fixing the sugestion
make in comment #140.
Also, left only 1 comment about bug #37867 in the source.
Tested in Mozilla 1.0.1RC1 on WinXP
Attachment #96615 - Attachment is obsolete: true
All my previous patches was for Mozilla 1.1 and not for Mozilla 1.0.1RC1.
I have tested it on Mozilla 1.0.1RC1 but the diff was against 1.1.
Sorry about that :-(
This patch has a corrected typo in a comment and thats the only difference with

Also, I changed the name of the patch for better description of the 
filename itself.
Another patch for Mozilla 1.0.1RC2 is comming.
Attachment #96635 - Attachment is obsolete: true
This patch is against Mozilla 1.0.1RC2
I tested it on Mozilla 1.0.1RC2 on WinXP.
Oliver, don't waste your time with making patches for 1.0 branch for a new
feature. They will certainly not get approval.
Wow, 1.1 just released! :-)
This patch is against 1.1 official and also changes the line:

to correct the use of the new function BrowserOpenTab(url, giveFocus);

1.0 patches are deprecated as Christian sugested.
Attachment #96640 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #96641 - Attachment is obsolete: true
No longer depends on: 164323
Calling for vote. If you want this bug to be fixed, please vote for it.
I'm just curious to see how many in the CC list wants this bug solved. :-)
+    var t = getBrowser().addTab(url);

how about a better variable name?

+    // Read from the prefs section "// URI fixup prefs"

// .. "// looks funky

+          // XXX this doesn't seem to work
why not?

cc: jag since this touches tabbrowser code
+    var t = getBrowser().addTab(url);
>how about a better variable name?
biesi's code. But can change it

+    // Read from the prefs section "// URI fixup prefs"

>// .. "// looks funky
:-), yea. thats the entire line in all.js

+          // XXX this doesn't seem to work
>why not?
biesi's code.

cc: jag since this touches tabbrowser code
Bug #37867 Comment #147
Variable name and comment changed.
Attachment #96805 - Attachment is obsolete: true
doron: If I had known why, I had fixed it :) I checked it in because I hoped
that it works on windows (it didn't on linux, and obviously not on windows either).

IMHO, that piece of code can and should be removed, as it does not work anyway.
But add a comment like
// here we should check whether to open the window in the background, but
opening windows in the background is not possible (yet)
Removing unused code and puting new comments, as sugested in:
Bug #37867 Comment #150
Attachment #96871 - Attachment is obsolete: true
About the prefs options:
1. I found two prefs, browser.fixup.* and browser.urlbar.*
   Which one should I use for the new preferences in the patch?

2. If I want to put all the browser.fixup.* inside the browser.urlbar.*,
   is ok to talk here or should I create a new bug?
I don't mind this RFE, but please let's not reuse ctrl+enter for this. The prefs
you're adding to let the app know what to do for ctrl+enter will never be
exposed in UI, so people will have to go into their prefs file and edit that,
and give up the existing ctrl+enter functionality if they do. The number of
people that will benefit from this change in its current form is very small, I
suggest you keep looking for a better way.
Um. Who is volunteering to check that all these combinations of prefs keep
working? Because unless this gets regular QA, on multiple platforms, with
multiple configurations, on a regular basis, there's not much point us adding a
gazillion new prefs. We already have thousands, literally.

We should be doing this kind of DNS guessing game _anyway_, for any URL, if DNS
resolution fails, as a kind gesture to our users. It could be part of the DNS
failure error page, if we don't want to do in magically.

Not to belittle the work going on here, but how many users will really know to
hit Ctrl-Enter (or is it Ctrl-Shift-Enter? I've read the patch, and I don't
remember, how are users going to know?) to do this? What is the point?
Whiteboard: WONTFIX?
As reporter of this bug I would like to see this closed. The bug has morphed
into something other then what I originally filed it as, namely a way to easily
get to urls like|com|net|se. However now it is a bug for using
ctrl+enter to automagically search for urls.

So I suggest that this bug is closed as WONTFIX, and then if somebody cares
enough a new bug can be opened for some alternative easy way to reach the above
Whiteboard: WONTFIX?
> Not to belittle the work going on here, but how many users will really know to
> hit Ctrl-Enter (or is it Ctrl-Shift-Enter? I've read the patch, and I don't
> remember, how are users going to know?) to do this? What is the point?

Most people switching over from IE will know it.  CTRL-Enter is IE's keyboard
shortcut for filling in 'www.' and '.com' automatically.

#151, I submitted this bug as well, and it was marked as a dupe of yours.  I am
totally in favor of leaving this open until it is resolved.
Comment #153 Comment #154
The preferences have been added as a way for living in both worlds:
Ctrl+Enter for new-window and Ctrl+Enter for dns autocompletion(IE like).
I agree that it will be hard to find this prefs, but it was the last resort,
because is seems that Ctrl+Enter for new-window is here to stay.
Will try to figure out a new way to implement this.

Comment #155
I agree with Jonas. This bug now ask for these features:
1. DNS autocompletion with Ctrl+Enter
2. DNS guesing when a lookup fails
3. DNS quesing customization for many TLD, i.e. the TLD of your country
4. and maybe more
One solution could be opening 3 small specifig BUGs or enhancement requests.
Another will be saying: "Ctrl+Enter is for new-window, end of discusion"

Comment #156
As hyeh says, some people has filled bugs about only the IE like feature
of Ctrl+Enter and all has been marked as dup of this one. 
In IE, you press Ctrl+Enter and the www. and .com are
added to what you typed. It helps you type less and it is addictive.

My current position is to close this bug but also say that Ctrl+Enter can
no be used for IE like Ctrl+Enter.
If there is a RFE saying that Ctrl+Enter will be used only for new-window,
then I think all the IE like Ctrl+Enter bugs will stop appearing.

What I personally will do is patch every Mozilla point release for myself.
I'm already addicted in typing only the domain name. I no longer type 
those www. and .com caracters anymore. :-)
(Ctrl+T, "netscape", Ctrl+Enter: how easy is that?)
Ctrl+T, "netscape", Enter.

Why do we need the user to hit Ctrl ?

This should just all be handled from the DNS error page which pops up when you
type in an invalid URI. We should show the page, then from that page look at
what the user could have meant, including searching his default search engine.
(and if we find a match doing DNS lookups, we could offer the user to go to that
page, maybe with a checkbox to make this automatic in future.)

For the love of QA, though, no hidden prefs. And for the love of UI, no visible
prefs. Mozilla is positively crawling with prefs already.
> Ctrl+T, "netscape", Enter.
> Why do we need the user to hit Ctrl ?

It is all about speed and saving time. This has been discused before.
Some people says a lookup of "netscape" is ok, another says that
"why lookup netscape if I want"

Anyway, we need to know if Ctrl+Enter can be used. If it can't be used,
then, this is a closed bug.
Ctrl+enter can't be used for this, we're not going to have hidden or visible
prefs to let the user choose what ctrl+enter should do, and though this
functionality is "neat", I don't think it's worth the extra code and extra code

The problem I see with adding a list (e.g. 3 to 5) of possible expansions of
YourCompanyNameHere to the autocomplete menu (comment 1) is that that menu is
now going to be so big that I'm afraid it'll become less useful due to too much
"stuff" in there that you have to scan before you find what you want. mpt, what
do you think?
I still think that this "feature" (if you can even call it that) is absolutely
necessary for many people who just might switch over to Moz from IE (and that's
what we all want, right?).

I'm surprised every day by people who know about the Ctrl+Enter shortcut in IE.

Now, I realize that having that specific key combination may present multiple
problems in Moz, but I still must insist that this be implemented at least in
SOME way.
> mpt, what do you think?

More Cluttersome Than Useful.
And thus this RFE comes to an end. Perhaps someone can put this in the
kitchensink extension.
Closed: 19 years ago18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Well, is nice to have a clousure in this bug.
Is sad the patch didn't make it, but I'm happy because we have a final answer.

For all of you who wanted this bug marked as FIXED, here are the instructions
on how to apply the patch to get the IE like Ctrl+Enter:
Thanks for that made my day.  I'm thrilled to be able to use
Ctrl+enter like IE now.  And I still think you guys will be sorry you didn't
throw this little bit of code in.
I'm sorry that this patch did not make it into the trunk as well.  I love the
CTRL-Enter keyboard shortcut.

Oliver, thanks a lot for the patch.  It makes my Mozilla experience much more
Anyone interested in filing a bug to do all this automatically, in the DNS error
    For me (Mozilla 1.1 on Win2K SP3) I had to change the prefs.js lines from
pref to user_pref (to match the rest of the file).  If I didn't do this it would
work until I closed and reopened mozilla, at which point it would just open the
address (without the http://www. + .com) in a new window.  I assume it
regenerated the prefs.js, omitting non user_pref entries.  Just wanted to let
people know in case anyone else has this problem.  I emailed this to Oliver so
hopefully he will update his page.
Re: Comment #169 From Ian 'Hixie' Hickson (away until August)  2002-09-05 19:58
> Anyone interested in filing a bug to do all this automatically, in the DNS
> error page?

What way? By

a) offering a link to the guessed domain
b) trying to redirect to the guess

I dunno, that needs thinking about.
Re: Comment #172 From Ian 'Hixie' Hickson (away until August) 2002-09-06 13:38
> I dunno, that needs thinking about.

E.g., a bug "Automatic domain guessing with the DNS error page"?
Yeah. Someone needs to come up with a proposal of exactly how it should work
though. (Just immediately finding a match and going there is not always a good
idea, because the user might want to know there was a DNS problem.)
How about generating a web page on the fly with something like:

You entered "mozilla".

Would you like to 

[ ] go to
[ ] Search <insert selected search engine> for "mozilla"?

Yup, could do.

I'd just like to point out that in today's build, if I type "damowmow" in a new
tab and press enter, it goes to "". So maybe this is all
already done and we don't need to do anything at all.
*** Bug 169900 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
I posted bug 169900 specifically requesting ctrl-enter (or similar)
functionality, which is, I suppose, a duplicate of this bug (sorry, but I did
try to search for it first).

I respect the reasons given here for 'WONTFIX', however I still think it would
be a good feature, particularly if it was customisable (eg. Alt-Enter does ftp,
ctrl-enter does www, whatever, just like mouse wheel is customisable).

The automatic DNS resolution mentioned several times in the comments here would
also be a good enough solution, but it doesn't work for me (using 1.2a on winXP
via a proxy, dunno if that makes a difference) - what version is this in? The
dates seem to indicate it should be in 1.2a.

I also like the automatically generated webpage idea - maybe it could list all
successfully resolved addresses, and a final option to search with the users
favourite search engine.

sorry for the long post.
This patch is against Mozilla 1.2a
It adds variable naming convention as sugested in the Mozilla variable
naming convention page.
Attachment #97036 - Attachment is obsolete: true
*** Bug 173161 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Trying to prevent duplicates by changing summary.
Summary: [RFE] Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (ctrl-enter) → [RFE] Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (ctrl+enter) (www. .com)
To sum it up, this bug is WONTFIXed because CTRL+Enter already serves another 
Fair enough, I see no reason why we should clone IE's shortcuts, but finding a 
reasonable solution to this domain guessing issue is something that should not 
be so easily dismissed.

From checking the "Mozilla Keyboard Assignment Map"*, it is easy to see that 
there are many other alternative shortcuts: ctrl/cmd+alt+Enter is free on all 
platforms, and so are ctrl/cmd+F11, alt+F1 and many others.

Now, before I open a new RFE suggesting a different keyboard shortcut for the 
very same functionality requested here, is there anyone who believes there's 
another reason why this much requested feature should not be introduced into 

Is waiting 3~6 seconds for the current domain guessing mechanism really better 
than an *instant* URL completion?


*"Mozilla Keyboard Assignment Map"

Also see "Mozilla Keyboard Planning FAQ and Cross Reference" for more 
guidelines regarding keyboard shortcuts.
Summary: [RFE] Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (ctrl+enter) (www. .com) → Domain Guessing via keyboard shortcut (ctrl+enter) (www. .com)
I am reopening this bug because I agree with post #182.  Just because CTRL-enter
is taken, this much requested feature could possible take another keyboard
shortcut.  I am proposing CTRL-ALT-Enter, but any other keyboard combination
will do as well.  Keep in mind that this is a highly requested feature.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
> I am reopening this bug because I agree with post #182

I don't.

> Just because CTRL-enter is taken

That's not the only reason. Read back.

And no, prefs are not the solution.
Closed: 18 years ago18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
*** Bug 174698 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
> That's not the only reason. Read back.

For those who don't want to read this discussion all over again, Ben is 
probably referring to comment #28 and the bias of this bug toward the .com TLD.

This is really not such a big deal; I already suggested a perfect solution in 
comment #87 (customizable modifiers for *any* TLD).
We could offer three or four options and even leave them all blank by default, 
this would mean zero bias, which in turn means that almost everyone is happy :-
) ...except one or two:

> And no, prefs are not the solution.

Yes, I read your comments (and Ian Hickson's) but I must say I'm not convinced.
Users don't mind if QA has to check more combinations, they care about their 
own browser experience, and IE's ctrl-enter completion beats Mozilla's domain 
guessing hands down. It is magnitudes faster.

This bug is targeted at the more advanced users; those who actually search for 
the lesser known shortcuts and prefs.
Obviously less demanding users either don't know that prefs exist or if they 
do, they don't care if there are more of them.
FYI: I was referring to UI prefs. Personally, I don't mind a hidden pref,
disabled by default, which lets you configure a single string to add when
pressing a certain (single) key combo. Assuming that the implementation or
people don't block the usage of that key combo for other purposes later.
strike that "single"

BTW: Did you try using bookmark keywords to come close to this? I just tried it:
You can configure keywords "a" for "", "s" for
"" and "d" for "". Then, you just have to enter
"a netscape[RETURN]", "s mozilla[RETURN]" or "d heise[RETURN]" to get to your
site. Isn't that close enough?
>Then, you just have to enter
>"a netscape[RETURN]", "s mozilla[RETURN]" or "d heise[RETURN]" to get to your
>site. Isn't that close enough?

That's not the same thing.  If the user forgets to type "s" in this case, he/she
has to backspace back to the beginning of the address bar and to enter it.

At last count, there have been 19 duplicate requests for implementing this. 
It's a highly requested feature, a patch exist, and until it's resolved, I'm
happy that it's not going away.
No he doesn't. Just hit HOME, s, SPACE, ENTER...
Another nice method that works is to add bookmarks for the sites you visit
often. Then you can just select that bookmark instead of typing the domain name! :)
This has been resolved as wontfix, but it seems that there is something to be
said for user-customisable modifier behaviour in general (as distinct from the
ctrl-enter .com-only IE-like behaviour discussed here). To separate that general
idea out from the unwieldily case-specific mess that this bug has become, I have
filed this as a new RFE - bug 175238 . Please read/comment/resolve as appropriate.
> Just hit HOME, s, SPACE, ENTER...

Do you really think this is easier than hitting CTRL-enter?
Ok everyone, stop wasting your time with this bug.

Nick Jenkins' new RFE (bug 175238) is a clear start.
He specifically asks NOT to implement the controversial ideas suggested here 
(ctrl-enter binding and a default for .com TLD).

I already changed my vote, and you should too.
Updated to Mozilla 1.2b. Check: 
for instructions on how to install the patch.
Attachment #100110 - Attachment is obsolete: true
For anybody that doesn't already know...  The developers of Phoenix have not
only decided to implement CTRL-Enter for www. .com, they have gone a step
further and have added keyboard shortcuts for .org, and .net as well.

Hopefully resolving bug 175238 will add even more functionality to Mozilla.
Updating to Mozilla 1.2
check for instructions on how to
apply this patch.
Attachment #103546 - Attachment is obsolete: true
fixed component and qa, tever should not be on this.
Component: XP Apps → URL Bar
QA Contact: tever → claudius
Updating to Mozilla 1.2.1
check for instructions on how to
apply this patch.
Attachment #107640 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Oliver, couldn't you start a mozdev project for this so you wouldn't need to use
Comment #200:
Don't know if I should start a 1 file project in
I will keep in geocities for now, since that site is already listed in
Also, the 1.2.1 is the last patch I'll post here because I don't want to SPAM
all the people in the CC list ;-)
The 1.3a navigator.js file is already up in:
For people that really need the Ctrl+Enter stuff and don't want to patch
anything, I strongly recommend Phoenix 0.5, it supports Ctrl+Enter(.com),
Shift+Enter(.net) and Ctrl+Shift+Enter(.org)
This used to Work in old Netscape.  In fact I first used the facility on
Netscape 4 if my memory is correct.  The default behaviour doesn't work very
well.  I think we should accept there are a few usability features that IE has
which are better and one of those is CTRL+ENTER.

PLEEEEASE GIVE ME WWWW.xxxx.COM autocompletion.

*** Bug 195542 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
I don't care if this bug is marked as Resolved Wont Fix or not. It is just a
flat out bad user experience (especially for users coming from the #1 internet

The arguments of 'this key combination are already taken' don't hold any water.
Opening a new window with Ctrl+Enter from the location bar is not intuitive and
is completely redundant with the already nearly universal key command Ctrl+N. If
this bug doesn't get fixed, at least we should REMOVE the CTRL+ENTER
functionality from the location bar altogether - it's just counter-intuitive to
type something in, (maybe accidentally) hit Ctrl+Enter and have a new window pop

Pheonix has a beautiful solution to this (as I know has been mentioned). Being
biased to .com, .net and .org is not *that* bad (international users will likely

Here's what I think is the best solution:
- Drop new window opening with Ctrl+Enter (it's redundant with another very
common binding, Ctrl+Enter)
- Bind TLD completion to Ctrl+Enter, defaulting to .com (or whatever the TLD is
for the language used for Mozilla - don't know if that's possible). 
- Let the TLD completion be a preference accessed from the Preferences menu
(*real world* users don't hunt through .js files).

It makes for a better user-experience. Something Mozilla has quite a larger need
for than other browsers.
I have to say that I'm forced to agree with comment #204....
>is completely redundant with the already nearly universal key command Ctrl+N

it is not. enter an url and hit ctrl+enter, and see what happens.
this is very intuitive, as the same happens when you press ctrl+enter while a
link is highlighted. on the other hand, ctrl+enter to add www. and .com is not
at all intuitive.
> enter an url and hit ctrl+enter, and see what happens. this is very intuitive

I don't see how that's intuitive at all. Plus, the same thing is accomplished
with established methods: Ctrl+N and your cursor is automatically in the
location bar so enter the url. *That's* intuitive! Nearly every piece of
software on the planet uses Ctrl+N for a new whatever be it window or document.

BTW, the Ctrl+Enter on a highlighted link doesn't open a new window for me, it
opens a new tab (maybe it's some long forgotten preference I set). But, that's
hardly an argument anyway because nearly the only time a user would be
'highlighting' a link (which is quite unwieldy with a mouse) is when they use
Read Ahead for links - and I'm sure we all know the percentage of "real world"
users that use Read Ahead to find links: next to none (because most of the users
on the internet are used to using a mouse for interaction).

I think that this a often-enough submitted feature to warrant more review (maybe
with user-experience people this time) and not just to be written off as "key
assignment taken - won't fix". The actions of the current Ctrl+Enter key binding
are accomplished with the same number of user-expected commands whereas the
"patch" (more like a hack to make this thing do what I want) developed for this
is much more difficult to implement.

Just make the best user experience... I specifically know that people have used
Mozilla (coming from IE) and decided against Mozilla simply because Ctrl+Enter
did not "work". My vote's still on for this bug!! I hope more join.
It's always the same.

1. The component owner apparently has decided that this bug will *not* be fixed
for Mozilla. The two reasons coming to my mind are:

- ctrl-enter is already used for something else, in the same context
- this auto-completion is limited to a single TLD, making it useless for any
other (e.g. ccTLDs and any other gTLD)

"Because IE has it" isn't an argument, because IE isn't the standard even if it
dominates the market. If you want IE's behaviour, you want... IE.

2. If you are dissatisfactory with the component owner's decision, you can
complain to himself, and, if you believe he won't listen, you can contact and complain. If they believe you have any valid argument,
they will discuss this with the component owner, or, eventually, even ignore the
component owner's opinion. This is rare, and I don't think it actually ever

3. If all else fails, complain to your Mozilla vendor, like Netscape, Beonex,
Debian, RedHat or Mandrake. Mozilla as available from does not claim
the responsibility to provide an end-user browsing experience.

4. DO NOT spam this bug. To "spam" a bug means to add useless, off-topic,
whining or otherwise non-helping comments. It doesn't help. BugZilla isn't meant
for these kinds of discussions, because

A) it is meant for development discussions

B) the Usenet is *much* better suited for discussions (many reasons: 1. it's
threaded, not flat; 2. its clients are more convenient than this simple
commenting interface; 3. many more)

5. Thanks for listening. I know from experience that this will keep coming up
anyway, but maybe the noise will decrease.

I'm forced to agree with comments 204-207.  I was using Netscape up to version
4+, but then like the rest of the world I was seduced away by IE.  Over the
years features like this (granted-not life or death issues here but...) have
become "commonplace" in each software genre.  CRTL-N opens a new window, etc -
not CTRL-ENTER!!  Then why have Mozilla do both?  I'm using build 2003-03-06-08
and I can open a new window via CTRL-N or CTRL-ENTER (via address bar).  Now my
question is:  If we can bind basically the same feature to two different sets of
"hot keys", then why not just assign the "CTRL-ENTER" feature to it's already
industry standard counterpart? - the www.***.com!

Most people are oblivious to "hot keys" (or bound keys - whatever you want to
call them) in the first place.  Most people who actually go out of their way to
download and actually use any version of Mozilla over Netscape (let alone the IE
people...) in the first place are more "picky" about the little nuances of a
particular software genre.  If CTRL-5-Z-SHIFT opened Mozilla's preferences - Who
really cares?  There's not really a lot of software companies out there that
would actually use a key combination even close to that!  However, CTRL-ENTER
has been made industry standard by many competitors incuding Mozilla's cousin
Phoenix.  There are a lot of "REAL" browser issues that IE has really srewed up
over the years (as we all know...) - but just because they have some blacks
marks on their reputation dosen't mean that Mozilla should ignore everything
that even resembles IE.  

Sometimes a feature is just common sense.  Problem is, if you go against common
sense, you always pay for it later...

Just a thought.....
Totally agree with comment #208

Owner: Please add this Status Whiteboard:
"Ctrl+Enter can not be deleted because it is a Mozilla RFE, Mozilla will not use
Ctrl+Enter like in IE because it already is assigned in Mozilla RFE, Mozilla
will not change Ctrl+Enter just because of IE or IE users, www. and .com are
configurable via about:config, If you want Ctrl+enter: try the patch, use
phoenix, contact a Mozilla developer(not via this bug comments, maybe in irc

It is a long status whiteboard but I think it is a summary of the most important
issues discussed here. Also, it helps new commers to this closed bug and helps
new comments to be posted.

Owner: Please add this URL to the bug:

I personally stoped pursuing any change in this bug and loss all hopes. Now, I
use my javascript patch or use Phoenix(which got it right). I suggest all of you
to do the same.
I think this is working now. Can someone describe what the current status of
this bug is (Mozilla 1.6)?
This bug isn't and won't be fixed. An unofficial solution is available at - note that this hasn't been updated
in a while and may not work.

If you're hoping to get similar functionality in Mozilla one day, head over to
Bug 175238.

Keywords: helpwanted
Whiteboard: See comment #212 for links to a solution and to a new RFE
Sorry for the SPAM, the site was
updated to support Mozilla 1.6. Support for Mozilla 1.5 is not available yet.
I found the source of my confusion.

This is a feature of Firebird.
verifying as WONTFIX (since i'm the reporter)
*** Bug 238361 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
*** Bug 240685 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Product: Core → SeaMonkey
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